December 28, 2009, - 5:19 pm

Was It Really a “Failed” Attack?

By Debbie Schlussel

Maybe people should stop calling Islamic Terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attack on Northwest Flight 253 a “failed attack,” or an “unsuccessful attack.”

Abdulmutallab may not have taken any lives, but Al-Qaeda (which has come forward to claim credit) and Abdulmutallab seem to have been pretty successful to me.  I think this picture shows just how successful.

Al-Qaeda’s “Failed,” “Unsuccessful” Attack Was Pretty Damned Successful

Instead of profiling people–especially Muslim and Arab people–Americans all over the country missed their flights, missed out on cruises, and had to wait in line for hours, arriving at the airport hours ahead of  flights and throwing out lip gloss, toothpaste, and orange juice. 

So was it really a “failed” attack?  Not really. 

It was actually pretty damn successful.

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67 Responses

I always find it ironic when muslims claim to have so much in common with Christians because of Jesus. Muslims deny that he was the Son of God, crucified, and raised from the dead. That is a denial of the very foundation of Christianity. They also believe MoHa, who raped, murdered, and had slaves, was the most perfect person to have ever lived. Christians know that Jesus was and do not recognize MoHa as any kind of holy or righteous prophet.

We do not believe our religion needed to be “updated” with a “final, correct” version and a new holy book full of threats. against us and those of other (or no) religion. Once you deny Jesus’s Godliness, you deny any commonality with Christians. islamic ideology is a mix of other beliefs, including paganism, that MoHa was exposed to, living at the crossroads of a trade route. He added such elements as fasting and no pork to attract the Jews, but they wanted no part of him. The site in Mecca and the crescent come from the worship of the moon god, which the Judeo-Christian faith does not recognize.

It is 2010, and a good percentage of us now know about the ideology you support, but claim not to be a member of. Much of this knowledge is due to brave souls like Debbie Schussel, Robert Spencer, Hugh Fitzgerald, Steve Emerson, Geert Wilders, Bat Y’oer, Oriana Fallici, Mark Steyn, and Samuel Huntington, all of whom are in our home libraries. Although many Westerners who do not read and learn are still fooled, a large number of us have done extensive research (including on our “Christian” president) and are no longer gullible. We wish you would research Christianity, as well, and come join us.

jen on July 5, 2010 at 10:51 pm

As a Jew I deny Jesus’s Godliness. Nevertheless, aside from this one point, show me a good Jew and I’ll show you a good Christian. Obviously there remain tons of commonalities even without acknowledging Jesus’s Godliness.

Eliezer on October 2, 2010 at 9:21 am

Jesus was not ‘God,’ I think that Christians view Him as the Son of God though he referred to Himself as the Son of Man. Otherwise He was a Jew who was called Rabbi by His followers and those that came to listen to Him in the synagogues and elsewhere when the synagogue could not accomodate the crowd. His parents, followers, teachers were all Jews and He observed and fulfilled ‘the Law.’

James Black on November 9, 2011 at 9:39 am

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