July 30, 2007, - 3:13 pm

Me on Larry Elder Radio Show

I’ll be on the nationally syndicated, “Larry Elder Show”, Tonight at about 8:45 p.m. Eastern Time. Larry, “The Sage From South Central,” can be heard on both XM and Sirius Satellite and on these radio stations across America.
Larry and I will discuss the case of –the Muslim alien resident of Brooklyn who sent me the death threat about which I’ve written recently, and who was supposed to be sentenced on July 12, but didn’t show up. (Robert Mustaq John is trying to become a U.S. citizen.) He’s scheduled to be sentenced, Tomorrow Morning . . . if he bothers to show up, this time.

Recently, Larry and I discussed the of hate crimes versus the FBI’s and U.S. Department of Justice’s nonchalance, lack of concern, and easy treatment of Muslim hate crime perpetrators against non-Muslims. We also discussed my 2003 New York Post column (an ) that elicited Mr. John’s death threat against me, the subject of which was a planned FBI award to “former” Islamic terrorist (which was revoked after my column).
I am very fortunate that I have a voice that is heard and good, patriotic friends like Larry Elder who help amplify it. But there are plenty of other non-Muslims like me, whose cases are treated with indifference and scorn by the FBI and USDOJ and never prosecuted. That is the real tragedy in this, almost 6 years after 9/11.
Thank you, Larry Elder. (Thanks also to all of Larry’s many listeners who sent me well-wishes and words of support. Your notes to me are very much appreciated.)
AND THANK YOU to all of you wonderful friends and readers who wrote letters to Federal Magistrate Joan Azrack, urging a harsh sentence for Robert Mustaq John. I really appreciate your help!

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