July 12, 2005, - 10:35 am

Religion of Peace Update: More “Kindness” to Women

By Debbie Schlussel
Here is the latest in a recent string of murders, attempted murders and beatings of women by the Religion of Peace (RoP) in the Detroit area:
* Hassan Rezk, age 20, of Dearborn, was charged with the shooting death of a woman at a Detroit gas station. He, of course, lied and claimed “he had been in the back of the station and found her [dead] when he returned.” Rezk was also charged with having a firearm during a felony.
Two notable silences regarding this story:
1) There was NOTHING about this murder in the Islamist-leaning Detroit Spews (Detroit News). The link is from the somewhat more balanced Detroit Free Press. You will recall my column documenting the Detroit Spews’ fabricating “reporter” David Shepardson, who covers the War on Terror here (and just makes stories up). Instead, this appeared in The Detroit Spews: “Coming tomorrow: Dearborn’s Arab-American Museum draws thousands.”
2) With this–just the latest episode of RoP violence–Muslim leaders remain strangely silent (no lip-service denunciations like the ones they robotically gave in response to the 7/7 bombings). Most notable is “former” PFLP terrorist and FBI award revokee Imad Hamad, Midwest head of the ADC (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee), who remains strangely silent. Perhaps his buddy, Detroit ICE Special Agent in Charge Brian “Abu” Moskowitz (who regularly visits this blog), can give him a few PR tips about enhancing his career.
Two other recent Detroit area murders of women (as well as attempted murders of two female children) by RoP are detailed here. A Detroit-area RoP honor beating is detailed here.
Reportedly the woman killed by Rezk was Black. There have been a string of attacks and murders of Blacks by Muslim gas station workers and owners, detailed by me, here. Then, there is also the recent attack by a mob of 20 Muslim Arabs on a Black high school student in Hamtramck (home of RoP’s “peaceful” Call to Prayer).

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