August 10, 2007, - 11:49 am

Yet Another Passenger Bypasses Airport Security, Not Found

“Confused” or “Malicious”? You tell me.
Today, yet another indication that making every single person–whether Muslim or blue-haired WASPy granny from Pasadena–wade through airport security (and throw out their half used toothpast tubes) ain’t workin’:

A man allegedly circumvented security Friday at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, causing headaches for screeners and passengers.
The Transportation Security Administration said the man went around security on Concourse C of the airport.

“It’s too soon to say whether there was malicious intent or whether it was someone who was confused,” TSA spokesman John Allen told The Associated Press. [DS: They never found him. So, they will wait to see if a plane gets blown up to decide whethere he was “malicious” or “confused”?! Just wondering. And, yes, no-one knows that you have to go through airport security screening. It’s a new concept. So, for sure, he was “confused.” Absurd.]
It was not immediately clear where the man went after allegedly skipping the security checkpoint.
The incident caused problems for passengers on some flights. The TSA said seven planes were searched afterward. The man was not found, and the airport later was cleared.
Passengers on another 15 planes that took off after the breach will have to go through screening again when they reach their destinations, the TSA said.
The TSA released no details on how the man bypassed security. Videotapes were under review, and TSA officials were working with local law enforcement.

Again, I ask: “Confused” or “Malicious”? If he was testing the system, he surely succeeded in finding a new gaping hole.

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