April 20, 2006, - 7:43 am

Some Merit: World’s Most Unsexiest Men

By Debbie Schlussel
Have to agree with some of the choices in the Boston Phoenix list of “The World’s 100 Most Unsexiest Men,” the top ten of which are reported by Netscape:
* Roger Ebert: Supports Islamic Terrorist Ibrahim Parlak.
* Dr. Phil: Tries to couch “Who’s the Daddy?”-style shows as high-brow fare. Makes us appreciate the honesty of Jerry Springer who admits his show is low-rent.


Michael Moore: #1 Unsexiest on OUR List

* Alan Colmes: Must we explain?
* Osama Bin Laden: Obvious.
Other choices with which we agree:
38. Larry David
39. Michael Moore
40. Al Franken: “Too arrogant.” Well said (and from the liberal Boston Pheonix, too!)
60. Joe Lieberman
62. Bill Maher
94. Ralph Nader
95. Dennis Kucinich: “Something about those progressives.”
100.Brad Pitt

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