June 28, 2006, - 2:14 pm

OUTRAGE: ICE Air, the Private Jet Airline for Illegal Aliens

You’ve heard of “Soul Plane,” the dreadful movie (starring Snoop Dogg) about the maiden flight of an all Black airline.
Now, meet “ICE Air,” the maiden flight of Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s (ICE’s) airline of private jets for Muslim illegal aliens–paid for with almost $200K of your tax $$$.
Our friends at Ummah News (“Ummah” is Arabic for nation or community, and usually refers to the Islamic nation or community) posted this OUTRAGEOUS story about ICE Air:

In April 2005, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials flew Jama to Somalia, the East African country he fled in 1991 when civil war broke out. ICE hired a private company to drop off Jama in the country, which had no central government to accept him.

Forget “Soul Plane”:

Muslim Illegal Alien Keyse Jama’s Ride on ICE Air is a Better Comedy

At least two men accompanied Jama as he entered the airport in a region of Somalia called Puntland. But Jama had no passport and was denied entry. So he was flown back to the United States and put in jail in Minneapolis-St. Paul. . . .
ICE denied most of MPR’s [Minnesota Public Radio’s] Freedom of Information request seeking details of Jama’s round-trip excursion, saying: “We are not able to locate complete records that are responsive to your request.”
MPR said ICE provided a one-line statement that reads: “It appears the flight that was scheduled to return Mr. Jama back to Somalia cost $197,680.”
It is not clear whether that figure includes the agents who accompanied Jama on the flight or any other costs.
ICE spokesman Tim Counts did not supply the cost breakdown to MPR. He said fuel was a major cost. Other costs included the flight crew, landing rights, ICE agents to escort Jama and at least one medical person on board.
There was also another deportee on the flight, a war criminal sent to Africa. Jama’s immigration troubles began in 1999 when he was convicted of assaulting a man with a knife in Waseca, Minn., and sentenced to a year in prison. . . .
After Jama was returned to the Minnesota, his lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Jack Tunheim to allow him out on a conditional release while he awaited deportation. ICE appealed. Ultimately, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Tunheim’s order and Jama was released last July.
After checking in twice a week with ICE for about six months, Jama fled to Canada, where he has applied for asylum, said one of his former lawyers.

Read the AP and Minnesota Public Radio stories on ICE Air–an incredible waste of your tax-dollars.
And visit Ummah News often, to keep up on our “friends” in the “Religion of Peace.”

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I broke down the figures for the flight here:
$ 76,640 for the private plane,
$ 3,870 for security,
$ 410 for salted nuts,
$ 8,615 for entertainment,
and $ 108,145 for Keyse PaJama’s supply of ‘khat’ during the flight.

Thee_Bruno on June 28, 2006 at 4:23 pm

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