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YouTube Child Abuse: Creepy Parents Parade Their Kids as Beyonce, Lady Gaga

By Debbie Schlussel

As a kid, my parents enrolled me in tap and jazz dance classes.  It was tasteful, graceful, and cute, and we performed like miniature Rockettes in a recital to songs like a jazzy version of “The Saints Come Marching In.”  The only girl in my dance classes who ended up as a sleazy dancer later in life was Elizabeth Berkeley, star of “Showgirls.”


Beyonce, Lady Gaga: Their Sleaze Now Performed by 6-Year-Olds

But, today, many more of these girls will end up like her. . . or worse.  The woman who taught me tap and jazz, Miss Barbara a/k/a Barbara Fink, isn’t teaching much of that anymore.  All around the country, little girls are taking hip-hop dancing classes, instead.  Instead of learning complicated tap steps and how to move gracefully, they are learning how to shake their butts and slap them, in addition to many other vulgar, sexually suggestive moves more suited to strippers, er . . . “exotic dancers.”  It’s disgusting and looks like a try out for a sleazy rap video starring JonBenet Ramsey. Little kids gyrating is sick. But, hey, if their idol, Miley Cyrus, can do it to a stripper pole on Nickelodeon . . . .  Yup, sadly, slutty moves are the dance step de rigeur for far too many of today’s young kids.

And unfortunately, with the, um, “magic” of the internet and YouTube, there’s a whole mini-industry of videos starring toddlers and young kids under ten, parading around as Beyonce and Lady Gaga in sleazy outfits fit for the local strip joint . . . to the direction and approval of their unscrupulous parents.  Some of the kids are from Brazil and other parts of Latin America.  But plenty of ’em are from right here in the good ole’ U.S.  There’s something a little warped about seeing a kid still in diapers slapping her ass and gyrating around.  The parents who videotape that and think it’s “soooo cute” are beyond warped.  You gotta ask when does crib pole installation begin? The internet is littered with so many such kiddie slut music videos imitating these two pop stars, the crib/pole combo thing may not be that far-fetched.

When an eight-year-old sings Gaga’s lyrics, like “I want you bad,” like Laura Fontana–a Brazilian girl whose parents have whored her out for a whole YouTube career of child-molestation bait performances–does, it’s creepy.  Another Latina tyke-ette, Arianna’s parents taught her to slap her butt for the world’s most over-rated song and video, Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies.” When she and many other young girls all over YouTube are singing Beyonce’s lyrics, “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it,” you hope these kids don’t know what the “it” the “you like” is referring to or why they are slapping their butts and gyrating around, stripper style.

Don’t blame Beyonce Knowles, you might say. Um, yes, I do. Her “House of Dereon” clothing label, referred to in the song, has some very disgusting ads in which young girls and toddlers are dressed as hos and she-pimps. And she and her Barackian husband, rapper and hip-hop record company executive, Jay-Z, have made gazillions constantly promoting their sleazy hip-hop lifestyle to an ever younger demographic.

Here are a few of the sickening and very disturbing videos.  Attention, child molesters, why go to jail for possessing child porn, when you can just watch this, and it’s totally legal? In fact, the first video is at the World of Dance in Pomona, California, and it’s sponsored by Paul Mitchell . . . the official haircare provider of future strippers in development.

Watch more of these disturbing videos of little kids slapping their butts and gyrating to “All the Single Ladies” . . .


Beyonce’s Kids Clothing Line

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