July 17, 2006, - 12:14 pm

ICEfeld: New Immigraton Sitcom Begins Tonight

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s the immigration comedy whose pilot cost at least a $200,000 (including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) man-hours wasted over a week). The star of the show is being paid $30,001-$50,000 of your tax money, plus perks (just for a one-time cameo appearance). All paid for by you, the taxpayer. Read about it here and here.
The laugh tracks don’t help. Not very funny, is it? The joke’s on you, my dear U.S. taxpayer readers.


ICE’s John Clark, Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess, Detention & Removal Honcho/Self Promoter John Torres a/k/a “Costanza,” and New $30-$50K ICE Detention & Removal Baseball Officer Tommy LaSorda

(ICEfeld by Assistant Homeland Security Secretary for PhotoShop David Lunde)

Must viewing if you are in Kansas City and busy NOT apprehending illegal aliens. Must, must viewing if you’re the nation’s acting director of ICE DRO (Detention & Removal Ops), in charge of detaining and removing illegal aliens from the country–but too busy promoting yourself and extramarital in-house concubines to tax-paid jobs for which they are not qualified.
If you’re an illegal alien, this is the week you’re “home” (away from home) free. Hmmm . . . Maybe they should change the name of ICE to Kramerica Industries. We hear Dr. Van Nostrand is available, as is Art Van DeLay. And they could do as good of a job, perhaps better.
Coming tonight to a Kansas City near you. More later. Stay tuned.

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