August 23, 2006, - 11:58 am

Muslims Drop Failed Lawsuit v. U.S. Taxpayers Over Lebanon, Soak Taxpayers Thrice

Remember the America, filed just a month ago by the Islamofascist American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)?
The group tried to soak U.S. taxpayers in court on behalf of Hezbollah supporting “Americans” in Lebanon . . . after they already soaked U.S. taxpayers to evacuate those Hezbollah-loving “Americans” from Lebanon. And just two weeks ago, ADC was .
Yesterday, the absurd lawsuit was dropped, to–surprise! surprise!–hardly a peep compared to the media fanfare surrounding the filing of this prime example of lawsuit abuse.
But regardless of the withdrawal of this suit, U.S. taxpayers have been soaked ad absurdum over the whole Lebanon thing, started by terrorist group Hezbollah.

Islamofascist Lawyer Nabih Ayad: Soldier in the Litigation Jihad

Sources from Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)–a Homeland Security division–told that many, many non-U.S. citizens who were relatives of these Hezbo-supporting “Americans” in Lebanon were granted “parole”–ie., an instant admission golden ticket into the U.S. In other words, terror-supporting non-Americans got into our country out of the goodness of our dumb hearts. And some of them may even be terrorists themselves. CIS sources tell us that the background checks–if done at all–were rushed.
And then U.S. taxpayers paid to fly these terror-sympathizers into the U.S.–many for the first time ever to set foot on our shores. And probably for the last time to ever be seen again–likely to disappear into the great American abyss free of Immigration and Customs Enforcement hassles.
Sources from the Federal Air Marshals Service also inform that they had at least 12 Federal Air Marshals on each flight going out of Cyprus–out of fear by the U.S. Government that these ungrateful Hezbo supporters would try to hijack the planes on the way here.
For all of that, we got sued by the ADC and and lawyer for terrorists, –with his weird twin diamond earrings and facial hair. And sued by his alleged kickback buddies at the ADC. (Accused Al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Abdul-Fattah Al-Shishani, a former Ayad client, told us about the alleged kickbacks scheme over dinner.)
Thankfully, these leaders dropped the BS lawsuit. But they already cost U.S. taxpayers far too much by filing it in the first place.
Only in America–soon to be Islamerica. Give an inch, they’ll take . . . your country.

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The Islamofascists seem happy to do more than a few things: buy up vast quantities of cell phones, abuse our courts, and harrass the host of this blog for keep tabs on them. Without her able assistance, we wouldn’t know even the two things I just mentioned. And just try looking up the word “Muslim” in connection with recent terrorist incidents in this country. The MSM will engage in Jihad Denial Syndrome but Debbie Schlussel knows better. Courtesy of the American taxpayers, the folks who wish us harm are already here in our midst.

NormanF on August 23, 2006 at 5:40 pm

Look at ADC’s latest news release. It says “ADC Achieves Goal with Lawsuit”. Achieves goal…. my ass!!
According to those barbarians, “In the lawsuit ADC requested a ceasefire to hostilities, the ceasefire has now been in place for over a week. ADC believes the goal of the lawsuit has been achieved.”
The (DISHONORABLE) ADC President Mary Rose Oakar said, “With a ceasefire in place, ADC has been successful in pushing the issue of the cessation of hostilities. The US citizens who wished to leave Lebanon and were trapped have been given the opportunity to safely leave. Therefore, ADC is announcing that it is withdrawing the lawsuit.”
If they were going to withdraw it anyway, why did those raghead retards have to file a lawsuit in the first place? Is there no way of suing them for wasting tax payers’ money?

anonymous twit on August 28, 2006 at 9:34 pm

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