August 28, 2006, - 10:09 am

Thanks, Chertoff: Mr. Burns–Again!–Spouts Off For Illegal Alien Amnesty

By Debbie Schlussel
More proof that going to Harvard doesn’t make you a genius. This guy got two degrees from Harvard Hates America. And he still can’t get it right.
On Thursday, Homeland Security’s failed chieftain, Michael Chertoff a/k/a “Mr. Burns,” once again spouted his support for amnesty for illegal aliens a/k/a a “guest worker program.”
At the Harlingen, Texas border, he said that the Border Patrol will not be able to sutain progress in arresting aliens at the border unless Congress passes “broad” immigration reforms. You know what that means. “Broad” means stupid. As in, amnesty.


Chertoff & Look-Alike John Waters:

One is a Director in the World of Make Believe Movies;

The Other is a Director in the World of Make Believe Homeland Security.

According to USA Today, Chertoff said

DHS needs to focus on ‘the drug dealers, the criminals, even the terrorists’ trying to sneak across the southern border. It can only do that, he said, if the majority of migrants crossing to find work are allowed to do so through a ‘guest worker’ program.

Attention, 2-time Harvard grad Chertoff, how exactly will you stop terrorists–who usually have no previous criminal record of any sort–from crossing the border, if you open the border to them as “guest workers”?
None of the Nineteen 9/11 hijackers had criminal records. None would have been turned away from a guest worker program. None. None. None.
In fact, the database that DHS uses for background checks for those seekign citizenship–the same database they will use for a guest worker program–does not even access all the terrorist databases. It has access to only low-level databases, and will miss even many of those on various lists of terrorists.
And there have been many reports that Muslims are coming into the country through Mexico, where they’ve learned to speak Spanish and pose as Mexicans and other Latinos.
It figures a two-time Ivy Leaguer has no competence when it comes to the real world and good old common sense. They don’t teach you those things at Harvard Hates America. If you didn’t have them coming in, you don’t have then coming out.
And Chertoff is Exhibit A for that.

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2 Responses

They can’t even monitor, maintain control of, the broken student visa program. How are they going to monitor, maintain control of, a guest worker program?
I thought these people took an oath to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic.

Thee_Bruno on August 28, 2006 at 10:48 am

I wonder why no one ever talks about Nosferatu’s (Chertoff, which in Russian, means ‘of the devil!’) executive position in the ADL?
Or the 1992 FBI raid on ADL offices in LA and SanFran that revealed that the ADL had over 10,000 files on US citizens that they garnered from DMV records, SanFranPD files and even FBI files?
Or why did the SF DA drop the criminal case against the ADL a few months after the FBI raid?
Most interestingly, in 2002, FBI Director Robert Mueller was the keynote speaker at an ADL conference and spoke of the ‘long history’ of cooperation between the ADL and the FBI!
Mueller said he was ‘looking forward’ to the ADL training his agents in ‘hate crime’ investigations! (It was the ADL who authored this draconian, 1st Amendment-abusing nonsense aimed mostly at militia groups, Christians, Patriot groups and others who don’t bow to nwo newspeak.)
Sounds like the ADL has the ‘goods’ on the FBI, which explains why Mueller now licks the boot of his new masters, but Mueller was always a arsekisser anyway. If you want to climb that high in the fednazi bureaucracy, you must first bow to Baal to show your loyalty.
This may also explain how and why Nosferatu was so quickly put into his new position as policestate master at the ridiculously named ‘Homeland Security’ which is actually nothing more than a new, mammoth, internal spy agency.
It’s also no coincidence that Nosferatu co-authored the unConstitutional policestate apparatus known as ‘the patriot act.’ (Notice how these fascists use friendly-sounding names like ‘patrot’ and ‘homeland’ to allay the fears of the clueless sheeple?)
Come to think of it, Nosferatu also looks amazingly like Lenin, another fascist dreamer!

joemccarthy on August 29, 2006 at 8:48 pm

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