September 5, 2006, - 12:19 pm

Miller’s Fertilized Response Says it All: Brewer Openly Supports Alien Amnesty

As readers of this site know, we support capitalism. But we support capitalism with limits. That means we don’t support companies that benefit from America and Americans, but worship the almighty dollar so much that they have no loyalty to the welfare of this country. Miller Beer is one of those companies.
Many readers of this site contacted Miller Brewing Company, upon Friday’s announcement that the company , this past Labor Day Weekend.
Unfortunately, instead of admitting the company made a mistake, Miller is sending out two VERY different responses (you’d think if they were going to cover their asses there, they could at least get their stories straight and stick to one version), one claiming that it did not sponsor the event–it did!–and the other with a message in which Miller isn’t backing down from its pro-illegal alien position. In the second e-mail, the brewer is quite clear that it wants to expand its Latino drinking base at all costs (even though many Hispanic Americans oppose illegal immigration). Miller is even comparing its founder with illegal aliens!

Buh-Bye, Miller Girls

(Artwork by David Lunde)

Here’s the response reader Jeff got (he was apparently complaint number 12416571):

From: Milleronline
Subject: 12416571
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 12:03:36 -0400
Thanks for contacting us.
We did not sponsor this march, and we did not authorize the use of our
trademarks in association with the event. We certainly do not support
illegal immigration, but we do support sensible reform of immigration law.
We appreciate your interest.

You can probably guess what they mean by “sensible” reform of immigration law, and it has nothing to do with the House version of legislation.

Miller Time is Over

(Artwork by David Lunde)

Here’s the response another reader got (he was apparently complaint number 12417987):

From: Milleronline
Date: 2006/09/03 Sun PM 05:44:18 EDT
Subject: 12417987
Thanks for contacting us.
Miller Brewing Company does not support illegal immigration or any other unlawful act. We do support a public policy discussion that will lead to a clear path to legal naturalization for people who meet the requirements for U.S. citizenship. We also oppose any legislation that would unfairly and unjustly seek to constrain immigration.

[DS Translation: That means Miller supports Amnesty for illegal aliens and opposes the House’s get-tough immigration legislation.]

Miller was founded 151 years ago by a German immigrant, Frederick Miller.

[DS: Question–Was Frederick Miller an illegal alien? Was he brought over the border by a coyote? Did he have a criminal record? Was he a Muslim who learned Spanish to fool authorities? Did he have fake documents? Did he rip off Medicaid and Social Security?]

And today, we are part of an international company with employees from around the world. We support the free movement of people, labor, goods and services in the global economy with appropriate protections for the rights of individuals and families, the security of nations, and the diversity that contributes to a rich and productive society.
Miller is active in helping immigrants learn how to become legally
naturalized citizens of the U.S., through programs like the Miller Lite Immigration Forum in Texas and support for a recent immigration convention in Chicago.

[DS: No, it was a pro-illegal alien rally, NOT an “immigration convention.” Quit lying, Miller! If one becomes a citizen through the Miller Lite program, does that mean that person is a Citizen Lite? Perhaps.]

We have a long history of proudly supporting many national and local Latino organizations throughout the U.S.

[DS: Like La Raza? Does this mean Miller pledges allegiance to the United States of Aztlan?]

We appreciate your interest.

Visit Miller Boycott and Boycott Miller. And Say Good-Bye to the Miller Girls.
If they play the field the same way as their company does, you can bet they get around.

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9 Responses

Miller is active in destroying this country.
Adios, Miller. There are MANY AMERICANS (who outnumber illegal aliens) who feel strongly about what is happening to this country and your efforts to abet it.
Bye, bye.

Thee_Bruno on September 5, 2006 at 1:06 pm

Thanks Debbie for doing this story and the previous related one. And I really mean that! And thanks to everyone who took the time to contact Miller! I really believe we CAN make things happen.
My question to Miller and all the other mammon-worshippers including President Bush and those who support his amnesty plan remains the same:
Where are our kids going to get those first-time entry-level jobs that we got when we were kids just starting out with employment? If Miller, Wal-Mart, and all the others have their way, those jobs will be filled by illegal aliens. Our kids (who are here legally) are going to need those kinds of jobs too! Where are they going to get them?
The great draw-back of a pure form of capitalism of this type seems to be the inability to balance making as much money as you legally can without destroying other people’s lives to do it. And what’s worse here is that the money they are making from the illegal aliens is NOT legal to begin with.

Phoenix on September 5, 2006 at 4:06 pm

who drinks miller ? everytime i see it there is away dust on the bottle in the stores

PNAMARBLE on September 5, 2006 at 5:21 pm

First of all, latinos patronize their own beer manufacturers from Mehico, such as; Corona, and Dos Equis. That’s because latinos don’t like European whites or our culture (but those Wetbacks just LOVE the Greenback). You see, unlike the greedy scumbag executives in these corporations, latinos stick together and patronize one another. These execs couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Americans except the short term buck and the high pay and stock options. But WE can certainly exercise our freedom to boycott the bastards.
Secondly, I think it’s hilarious that Miller is trying to get more illegal aliens drunk on their beer so that the Wetbacks can continue to drive drunk, without licenses, and without insurance, leaving the Gringo holding the bag if they’re the victims of these illegal scum. Read your local papaers…walk into traffic court…see how many of these illegals are caught flagrantly disobeying yet MORE of our laws (AND, those are just the ones who bother to show up).

Thee_Bruno on September 5, 2006 at 5:24 pm

I have a suggestion on how to put even more pressure on Miller to get them to stop supporting the border jumping scumbags. The #2 NASCAR stock car is sponsored by Miller Brewing. The public relations arm of Miller Brewing and the Miller Lite #2 car is Tom Roberts Public Relations. This PR firm has an easy to use contact page on its site. It only takes 3 minutes to fire off a message to voice your displeasure over Miller’s support of illegals.
Here’s the link to send a message to Miller’s NASCAR PR firm that NASCAR Nation doesn’t support illegals or the companies/race teams that do –
Like I said, this is a extremely easy way for us to vent our frustrations. Also, this adds to the outcry on a different front.

Lucky Dawg News on September 5, 2006 at 6:15 pm

Debbie I watched the View for you and CBS News, too:
Rosie: She was good. But non-stop references to lesbians, gay marriage and her own crotch. Should do well.
Elizabeth: Made the mistake of using the term “deadweight” twice. Sounded like a Freudian slip.
Joy: Crossed the line with imitation of Japanese guy saying “crocodile hunter”. Mildly entertaining.
Barbara: Pretended not to notice when Rosie said last years set was grandma style. Grudgingly gave show reigns to Rosie.
Katie: Seemed out of her element. The honeymoon may not last long.

shleppy on September 5, 2006 at 8:32 pm

How many Wetbacks are fans of NASCAR?
Answer: NONE!
Since Miller is a big sponsor of NASCAR, I think we should all send a message to Miller. Tell them that we won’t drink one drop of their fermented piss until they pull their support for illegal immigration.
It just goes to show you that these sponsors don’t give a shit about America…it’s all about the Greenback!
Fuck Miller and their America-hating executives who pull down tens of millions of dollars in salaries, perks, benefits, golf club memberships, stock options, and golden parachutes!

Thee_Bruno on September 5, 2006 at 9:13 pm

Bruno, down boy!
There may be a method to their madness. They are a multi-national corp., not American owned.
*Miller has a more vested interest in the Latino Market than any American Concerns!*
*Miller Brewing Co. will be sold for $5.6 billion to South African Breweries Milwaukee Journal Sentinel May 30, 2002 | TOM DAYKIN Posted on *05/30/2002 12:25:22 AM PDT
Miller will be sold for $5.6 billion
Deal with South African Breweries keeps corporate headquarters here
Miller Brewing Co. is being sold to South African Breweries PLC for $5.6 billion, a deal to be announced Thursday that gives the Milwaukee-based brewer a new owner, a new name and a sharper focus on selling beer.
The combined company will be renamed SABMiller PLC after the sale is final, which is expected to occur by July.
South African Breweries has grown rapidly beyond its African base by acquiring breweries in Eastern Europe, Asia and *CENTRAL AMERICA* over the past five years. As a result, South African Breweries is the world’s largest brewer in developing markets.
However, South African Breweries, the world’s fourth-largest brewer, has a share of less than 0.1% in the United States, a country that drinks more beer than any other nation.
Miller’s U.S. market share at the end of 2001 was 19.6%, according to trade publication Beer Marketer’s Insights.
A LIGHTER Side to Miller:
You always knew the suck-point, just couldn’t quite describe it! ‘Scientificly’ anyway.

Grateful1 on September 6, 2006 at 4:36 am

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