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1939 All Over Again: Poland Sends Jew to Germany in Dubai HAMAS Case

By Debbie Schlussel

It’s trite but true.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  And so it goes with the Poles, who are now turning over an Israeli Jew to Germany, because he’s allegedly remotely involved in the January assassination of HAMAS terrorist and Iran arms dealer Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh a/k/a Abu Abed.  The Muslim population of Poland, as small as it is, is growing . . . like it is everywhere else.  And the Poles are now on the side of the New Nazis.

Some Things Never Change: Islamic Terrorist with Israeli Hostages, Munich, Germany 1972:


Polish with Israeli Hostage They’re Turning Over to Germany as Sop to Islamic Terrorists, Warsaw, Poland, 2010:


Some things never change, despite the fact that Poland makes billions of dollars off Jewish and Israeli tourism and has shamelessly built quite an industry off the Holocaust it helped perpetrate.  Yet another reason to add to why my Polish Holocaust survivor grandfather, Isaac, didn’t want us to ever spend a penny in Poland (and I never will).

As many readers know, I am of 100% Polish Jewish descent.  Both sides of my family are from what was known as Galicia, a region consisting mostly of Poland, where many Jews–like some of my family–were poor farmers.  But none of them ever identified as Poles.  That’s because anti-Semitism in Poland was always rampant, and my grandparents and great-grandparents were never treated as fellow Poles . . . because they were Jewish.  Most of both sides of my family were wiped out by the Nazis because they were happily turned in by their eager Jew-hating Polish neighbors.  There’s a reason “Deutschfolk”–Poles of German descent–were so welcome and comfortable in Poland and helped usher in the Nazi era.

Yes, there were some good people–righteous gentiles–who risked their lives to try to save some members of my family and other Jews from the Nazis.  But they were the rare ones.  Most were all too happy to turn my family  and others in, simply because they hated Jews.  When my grandfather, Isaac, returned home, one day, to find the house empty after the Nazis hauled his parents and siblings to the death camps, he fled to neighbors who owed his parents money.

My great-grandfather was mayor of the town and owned a hardware store.  He was generous and extended poor Polish farmer neighbors extensive credit on tools and other items.  So, when my grandfather sought refuge, he chose one of the many to whom his father had been generous, and was hidden in their barn and grain silos.  On his second night there, he was thirsty and when it was dark out, he went to the house to ask for water.  Before he opened the door, he heard the neighbors who were hiding him say that the Nazis were giving out bottles of whiskey for each Jew turned in.  They wanted the whiskey and planned to turn my grandfather in for a bottle.  My grandfather fled and, fortunately, he ultimately survived the Holocaust and several concentration camp “stays.”

But now the Poles are repeating their old ways.  A Polish court, yesterday, approved extraditing Uri Brodsky to Germany, just like my grandparents were “extradited” to Bergen Belsen (concentration camp), Germany.  Brodsky is suspected of helping obtain a fake German passport used in the Abu Abed Dubai assassination. It’s interesting to note that while Germany willingly and happily released Hezbollah terrorist and murderer Mohammad Ali Hamadi (who torture-murdered Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem) to freedom (a story I broke on this site), they seek an Israeli who is wanted in connection with his passport, which may remotely be connected to the Abu Abed assassination.  Yup, Germany frees terrorist mastermind murderers, and they seek Israelis who freed the world from one of them.  Who needs the Munich Massacre, when you have 2010?

The bottom line, though, is that Poland–if it had a conscience–would not do to Uri Brodsky what it did to the Jews in the late ’30s and early ’40s and turn him in to the Germans.  But, yet again, Poland shows us that it merits its Rodney Dangerfield “no respect” status.  It has no guts as a country. Israel asked Poland not to extradite Brodsky, and Poland ignored Israel’s requests.

And while it’s immoral to turn over Israelis to a German kangaroo court for the “crime” of helping rid the world of a mass murderer, it’s also economically stupid.  Like I said, Poland makes billions off of Jewish tourism and commerce from its faux-shtetl biz.  It not only makes mucho direct Holocash from tours of Auschwitz and annual Jewish “March of the Living” events there, but it has reconstructed some of the storefronts of the Jewish towns it destroyed (because they were Jewish), to entice Israeli and other Jewish tourists to spend money on cafes, restaurants, and trinkets of a Jewish community that once was, but was totally destroyed with Polish cooperation.

Israel did the world a service by removing Abu Abed from this earth.  That Poland would now participate in the absurd German and world outrage over this shows me the country is no different than it was decades ago when my grandfather’s life was the Polish exchange rate for a bottle of whiskey.

Any Jew–or Christian who is against Islamic terrorism–with any self-respect should say no to Polish tourism.  Uri Brodsky saw where that takes  you:  right back to the same old Germany.

I won’t be saying Dzien dobry (Hello) or Jak sie masz (How do you do), anytime soon.  And neither should you.

Do widzenia, Poland.  Buh-bye.

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161 Responses

“Tell you tribal mates to leave Poland”.
It will be Poland’s loss of course. The loss of Jews in Poland along with other countries in Europe, represented an enormous brain drain. Israel has achieved more in science and technology in 62 years than Poland has in its entire history. You are inferior and you know it. The presence of Jews and their achievements only illumimakes your own inadequecy. That is why you want them gone. You got that, dumb pollack.

Laura on July 10, 2010 at 11:48 am

    That word should read “illuminates”.

    Laura on July 10, 2010 at 11:50 am

It will be Poland’s loss of course. The loss of Jews in Poland along with other countries in Europe, represented an enormous brain drain. Israel has achieved more in science and technology in 62 years than Poland has in its entire history. You are inferior and you know it. The presence of Jews and their achievements only illuminates your own inadequecy. That is why you want them gone. You got that, dumb pollack.

Laura on July 10, 2010 at 11:53 am

    “The pollacks collaborated with the nazis in the genocide of the Jews. The pollacks have been among the world’s worst anti-Semites. The presence of Jews and their achievements only illumimakes your own inadequecy. You are inferior and you know it. You got that, dumb pollack.”
    Laura on July 10, 2010 at 11:34 am to July 10, 2010 at 11:53 am

    You go girl! You tell him! Lie through your teeth and blame it all on the “pollacks” and let them know where they stand, those inferior bastards! Divide and conquer. Spoken like a true NAZI! OK, next you spread the rumour about the Jews killing and sacrificing babies. That one always gets them. Now go practice your goosestep for the next parade.

    Better yet, do just a little reaserch before you go spouting off you ignorant prejudiced twit.

    theShadow on July 11, 2010 at 12:52 am

It’s very sad and tragic what Mr Ulicki says. It is completely uncomprehending for me. I can’t understand it. I dare to say that Sir, you are greatly misrepresenting Poles. You are using name Fighting Poland for which both Poles and Jews paid with his blood. Just go to newest museum of Warsaw Uprising and learn something. You are very very deeply mistaken my Friend. Please differentiate between actions of people and not nations or races. And please, please change Your attitude to Jewish people.

Tom on July 10, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Israel cost Poland billions of dollars a year for the lost contracts to the Arab World and unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by putting pressure on US via lobby.
There is small amount of the Israeli travel to Poland and very often part of the cost is paid by the polish Tax payers. Uri Brodsky is a criminal and has to go to jail in Germany and United Arab Emirates.
Why rich from extortion money from US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria can not pay their share for the upkeep of the museums in Majdanek and Auschwitz II-Birkenau?
It happens sometimes, that somewhere between Majdanek and Treblinka, young Israelis spend their time on striptease ordered via the hotel telephone. It happens sometimes, that the hotel service has to collect human excrement from hotel beds and washbasins. It happens sometimes, that hotels have to give money back to other tourists, who cannot sleep because Israeli kids decided to play football in hotel corridor. In the middle of the night
If you can not teach Israeli students proper behaviour. Stop coming to our country Poland and eat your bagels home.

Lech Bajan on July 10, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    If anyone doubts Debbie’s thesis, just take a look at the Poles who wrote in (e.g., Lech Bajan).

    skzion on July 10, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Very well said Lech!

    NJ on July 18, 2010 at 9:26 pm

BTW, Lech, do you care to prove any of your claims (assuming that I understand them from your dreadful English)? I agree, though, that the few Jews remaining in Poland should leave (I’d say, for the US).

skzion on July 10, 2010 at 2:42 pm

@Lech Bajan – please, give yourself a break from conspiration theories, there is no hidden vicious agenda behind things you try to describe

@DS – please, give yourself a break from conspiration theories, there is no hidden vicious agenda behind things you try to describe

New thing to learn about:
“European Arrest Warrant”
Germany issued EAW after Uri Brodsky, and EVERY country in European Union was obliged to respect it.
Polish court only checks if EAW was properly issued, nothing else.
It happened in Poland, it could very well happend in anywhere else within in EU with the same result.

Imagine that Sweden, because of EAW, extradicted swedish (their own!) citizen to Poland because he was suspected of ordering the theft of gate sign in Auchwitz camp.

Israel shoud have send official requests to Germany from the start, not just only media request to Poland..

It is interesting that you state openly about Israel responibility for Abu Abed end… Did I miss official confession of Israeli officials on that matter?

@skzion – I doubt that leaving Poland in favour of US would work. Polish citizens still require US visa, and there are just not enough of them… US gives them to terrorists first.

gr77 on July 10, 2010 at 3:13 pm

Israeli teenagers are a nuisance in Poland


Israeli teenagers are a nuisance in Poland

of May the 10th 2007
Link to original article in Polish
Author: Anna Szulc
English translation: MoPoPressReview


The list of losses Israeli teenagers’ visits leave behind is long and costly. It begins with burned carpets in Polish hotels, and ends with Jewish teenagers’ trauma. But more and more often with local residents’ trauma too.

Polish gentiles could not save Jews any more than their own people. They could not prevent the killing of millions of Polish Christians and the Polish Nation itself faced genocide. It is difficult to find a Polish gentile family, which did not lose family members and close relatives under the Nazi and Soviet occupations.
Under the Soviet occupation there was a policy to nominate Jews to the most visible posts in the Communist terror apparatus. It happened on one hand because plenty of Jews volunteered for these positions and on the other because the Soviet government was shifting the blame to the Jews for Soviet crimes. Thus the Soviet deliberately aggravated the intra-ethnic relations by their policy of “divide and rule.”
This perfidious Soviet policy did not facilitate a postwar admission that one risked one’s and others’ lives while sheltering the Jews who after the war became Soviet executioners in Poland. The widespread complicity of the Jews in the Soviet terror apparatus installed in Poland was considered to be a proof of Jewish lack of concern for the existence of a sovereign Polish nation.
The collaboration between the “Jewish committees” and the NKVD in the Soviet occupied Poland is well documented. Then, the last memory of Poland of many a Polish citizens before the door was slammed shut on a boxcar bound for Siberia was that of a Jewish militiaman slamming the door. (There was no similar collaboration between Polish Catholics and the Nazis for example.) However, the problem of Jewish collaboration with enemies is more complicated. Let us remember the fact that the last experience of Jewish victims in Poland, packed into boxcars bound for the gas chambers, was that of a Jewish ghetto policeman slamming shut the death car door. The film “Pianist” made recently by Polanski vividly shows these horrible scenes. It is a matter of record that an average Jewish policeman in the Warsaw Ghetto sent to gas chambers about twenty two hundred victims.

Lech Bajan on July 10, 2010 at 3:19 pm

It’s fascinating to read the minutiae Bajan and the earlier Pollak, Drek (I think that was his or her name), have spewed up to this point. It seems to me that anyone who has collected this much detail in support of his argument, has an irresistible urge to express hatred of Jews, regardless of how he rationalizes his purpose.

That said, I have only one thing to say in response. Bajan and Drek (and any other Jew-hater), kiss my ass. As soon as you’ve done that, dive back into the cesspools from which you’ve emerged.

Susuu on July 10, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    @ Susuu. Can’t handle the truth Susuu? Too bad. Kiss your own stinky Jewish ass and stop insulting people for defending well-known historical facts.

    @ skzion. It’s really interesting how you called Lech a “Filthy Jew-hater.” Great selection of words! But let’s play with your own vocabulary a little. Why don’t we change it to “Hater of a filthy Jew”? Weird. Sounds sooo much better!

    fakuol on July 13, 2010 at 12:57 am

    That’s a brilliant response you Pole-hating Jew. Did you learn that in Israel?

    NoWarForIsrael on July 19, 2010 at 1:23 pm

Lech, sweetie, you really should quote from a more authoritative coherent source, like, say, the Protocols. I don’t see what the point of that largely irrelevant bunch or crap is, except to demonstrate that Debbie was quite right about Poles. Many of the specifics undermine your own claims. BTW, “evidence” is not the same as “quotations from some source on the Internet.”

Oh, Lech, Lenin’s maternal father was Jewish, then converted from Judaism. Both of Lenin’s grandparents were thus non-Jewish, and therefore it’s hard to see how Lenin’s mother was Jewish, unless she converted to Judaism, which she didn’t. So, from a Catholic perspective, Lenin was no Jew.

From a Jewish perspective, Lenin was no Jew because Lenin’s mother was non-Jewish, and that is because Lenin’s mother’s mother was non-Jewish.

I say all this only to show that you are not only a filthy Jew-hater, but a moron.

skzion on July 10, 2010 at 6:49 pm

There is another example of an obstacle to Jewish-Polish goodwill that is perhaps more significant and potentially longer-lasting in promoting ethnic hatred by Jewish people towards Polish people than the film Shtetl. It is an exhibit in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., that falsely presents events that occurred in Kielce, Poland in 1946 as part of the Holocaust. It refers to the clearly Soviet-staged violence in Kielce as a “Polish pogrom.” [The Museum has changed the text since this writing.] To many visitors of the Holocaust Museum, the exhibit by its very inclusion seems to suggest that after the end of World War II, a liberated Polish populace chose to continue Hitler’s work of exterminating Jewish people. The study you are now reading examines these events in Kielce, and shows that the suggestions of a Polish-led extension of the Holocaust are patently false. The Kielce Pogrom had nothing to do with the German-engineered Holocaust. It had everything to do with the Soviet-engineered strangulation of the Polish nation.
Like all effective myths, those related to World War II have some elements of truth underlying them. In conjunction with the construction of these myths, though, actual facts and events have been distorted or misrepresented, and certainly the contexts within which they occurred have been falsely stated. Sadly, the distortions, misrepresentations and falsehoods are sometimes purposely and systematically advanced by those who feel a need to humiliate the Polish nation and members of the Polish ethnic group from around the world. Those who today seek to humiliate or destroy people because of their ethnic association are kindred spirits to those who sought to humiliate or destroy people because of their ethnic association in the World War II era. Let me say unequivocally: anti-Semitism in the World War II era or now is wrong and it is evil. On the flip side of the coin bearing the image of anti-Semitism is the image of anti-Polonism. The coin of anti-Semitism cannot be melted down and destroyed without also melting down and destroying anti-Polonism.

I will state up front that I have a vested interest in the truth about World War II and its aftermath being clearly illuminated. I am a veteran of 64 months of imprisonment in Gestapo prisons, concentration camps, and death marches. My own ordeal, and the suffering and death of many of my Polish and Jewish friends and prison-mates, not to mention the sacrifices made by the young men who fought and died as soldiers, will have been rendered meaningless if the hatred of Jewish people by the Nazi leadership and various members of the German nation are simply replaced by hatred of Polish people by Jewish people, or vice-versa. Those who even today perpetuate myths and misconceptions about animosities associated with World War II and its aftermath are not merely bearing false witness–they are willing accomplices to the spirit of hatred of World War II, a frightening spirit embodied in its purest evil form by Adolf Hitler.

I have seen, first hand, the disgusting, murderous results of ethnic hatred. I have devoted the latter part of my life to writing about the long-term coexistence of Polish Jews and gentiles within Poland, and am committed to trying to help diffuse animosities stemming from World War II. In this spirit of friendship and respect, I wrote and had published earlier this decade a documentary history entitled “Jews in Poland: The Rise of Jews as a Nation From Congressus Judaicus in Poland to the Knesset in Israel.” If World War II presented any lessons to the people of the world, it showed what can eventually happen if ethnic animosities are allowed to fester and grow.

The study you are now reading is a quest for Polish-Jewish reconciliation. For it to be successful, those who would join this quest must have one thing in common: respect for the truth. As part of this quest, I will address how Jewish-Polish animosities have been cultivated in the aftermath of the War, and in particular how Soviet actions and Soviet-induced events and situations contributed to or drove the process of cultivating the animosities. In particular, I will take the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Kielce Pogrom to discuss this event in detail and use it as a basis for discussion of the larger geopolitical situation. This study deals primarily with the results of Soviet-institutionalized hatred and the Soviet crime of provoking situations purposely designed to sour Polish-Jewish relations. In general, the public in Western countries knows very little about the specifics of these types of Soviet misdeeds.

For this study, the book “Poland, Communism, Nationalism, Anti-Semitism” by Michael Checinski (New York: Karz-Cohl Publishing, 1982) is an important source of information for the Cold War period. I will use Checinski’s book as a resource to help illuminate the events and situations in the aftermath of World War II that relate to Polish-Jewish relations. Checinski’s book details the relations between Poles and Jews in the postwar “People’s” Republic of Poland and the damage done to these relations under the conditions created by the Soviets. Checinski was an insider of the Soviet-controlled terror apparatus. As a Jew who survived the Lodz Ghetto, Checinski was naturally very sensitive to Soviet policies which fomented and used anti-Semitic excesses in the satellite empire to serve Soviet purposes of the time. Checinski’s book shows Soviet methods used to bring the destruction of law and morality to Poland and other satellite states. I also draw heavily on material from a book by Krystyna Kersten, “Poles, Slavs, Communism: The Anatomy of Half-Truth 1939- 1968.” (Warsaw: Independent Publishing House, 1992) and also from “Pogrom of Jews in Kielce, July 4, 1946 by Bozena Szaynok (Warsaw: Bellona Publishing, 1992). Along the way, I will include some necessary background information relating to World War II. Overall, through this study I hope to help unravel some of the root causes and dynamics of Polish-Jewish relations after World War II, and how these ate strongly affecting Polish-Jewish relations even today.
Prof. Pogonowski

Lech Bajan on July 10, 2010 at 8:08 pm

No other country helped more in creating Israel state more than Poland, and in secret from Great Britain. Suprising, isn’t it?
Secret military trainings of Irgun officers in Poland from 1936 to spring of 1939, and later in USSR, Anders was forming one of the Polish army that way, so it would contain only jewish soliders. “Losing” one of the armies in today Israel was planned all along. Polish language was used as military code in IDF for quite some time (no arab knew polish in earlier days).

Israel officials and high ranking politicians know that, and they know how wrong and untrue are claims about supposed collaboration of Poland with nazis.
There was never any Polish government that cooperated with nazis.
There was never any Polish divisions in german army.
Polish Underground Army that opposed nazis and its allies was largest army of that kind and provided inteligence for allies like Great Britain and USA.
We were the first ones that warned about holocaust, and provided proofs, even personally brought to Roosvelt by Pilecki… Roosvelt didn’t belived, or maybe didn’t cared… just like when all learned about Katyn.
Our warnings were obviously “out of our minds”… that is when “Polish jokes” started.
Polish Underground Army was helping Jews, and was executing those that were denouncing Jews to nazis.

We lost about almost 6 milions of our citizens:
3 milions of jewish civilians plus
2,5 milions of other civilians plus
240 thousands of military losses.
We lost ALL live stock, numerous cities have been almost completely robbed and destroyed (especially Warsaw), and soviet big brother later wasn’t so great as an improvement.
Poland was simply a victim of WW2, not any loser or winner.

It’s quite bitter to see how long-lasting are the effects of old “divide and conquer” manoeuvres performed during WW2 and after it. Both Polish and Israel governments KNOW how untrue are stereotypes about their countries, but they simply won’t force their knowledge on citizens like nazis or soviets.

gr77 on July 10, 2010 at 9:28 pm

@ Lech Bajan:

Did you write your post at 3:35 pm yourself? I find it difficult to believe that you wrote especially the 3:35 pm post yourself, since you had also just posted sixteen minutes earlier at 3:19 pm. It would take hours for someone to write that lengthy a post. Would you either 1) explain as to how you could have written that lengthy post in just sixteen minutes, or alternatively write two posts at the same time, or, 2) If I’m correct in my suspicion that that post is a cut and paste from an article on the internet, would you please provide a link to that post, or at least identify where you got the information from?

JeffE on July 10, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Re: my 9:50 pm post. Strike the “especially” from the second line of that post.

JeffE on July 10, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Re: my post at 9:50 pm.

I was correct. Lech Bajan’s post at 3:35 pm was a cut and paste job. It was written by Ivo Cyprian Pogonowski at his website. I won’t link it, but Google the title of Lech Bajan’s 3:35 pm post, “The Ambiguous Symbolism of Wannsee for the Nazis and for Israel” and bingo!

My only point here is to expose the plagarism of that post. I will leave it to others to debate the substance of it.

JeffE on July 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

@ Lech Bajan.

One more thing…

Read Tom’s posts on this thread, especially his July 9, 2010 at 8:25 pm and his link at (same date), 8:52 pm. He is himself a Pole. (click on “Older Comments”) I believe him–as well as Debbie–over you and your professor Pogonowski.

JeffE on July 11, 2010 at 12:02 am

Tom’s first post is at 8:29 pm.

JeffE on July 11, 2010 at 12:05 am

Debbie, Spielberg made millions of dollars off Schindlers List. Does having a Jewish name excuse him from profitting off the Holocaust?

theShadow on July 11, 2010 at 1:13 am

theShadow, the difference is that Spielberg wasn’t complicit in the Holocaust. I doubt that he ever intentionally helped those whose murdered Jews.

Susuu on July 11, 2010 at 11:30 am

The man who sold out Debbie’s gradfather was a drunken scumbag, no less, and would have sold out his neighbur given the chance. Beleve me, the same could happen anywhere under those circumstances. If you want the real meaning of “complicit” check out what the Ukranians did during the war.

Unlike in the Germanic countries (countries bordering Germany, except Poland and Chech Republic) a Pole helping a Jew meant certain death, not just himself but his family, even the whole town/village would be rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Jews weren’t the only one’s to lose their lives in Aushchwitz. Please check out some real facts. How many of you here would give up your whole family to help a man you barely know? Any of you who just raised their hand, I call you a liar.

Jews were also quite “complicit” when it came time to either assist the Germans in ghettos and camps, or DIE. According to your logic, shouldn’t they also be held responsible for the Holocaust? The NAZI’s were very good at one thing: forcing others to do their dirty work and than shifting the blame, and after 70 yrs. you’re all still buying their story. Again, do some research.

BTW: Poland was a barely 20 year old country when it was invaded by the NAZI’s and Russians with major help from the Ukranians who it seems were more than happy to assist them in exterminating Jews and Poles. The Germans had no plans to conquer Poland, they came to wipe it off the face of the earth, as they tried many times before. The section of land called Galicia, btw. is mostly in the Ukraine, and I’m curious why Debbie doesn’t say (or maybe know) what town her grandparents were from.

theShadow on July 11, 2010 at 12:46 pm

I second that request: which town was it Debbie?
BTW… Where did you saw those “billions of dollars”?
Museum could surely use it, especially that recent floods endangered museum grounds. Even without flood that museum needs extra public funding to keep it from deterioration.

gr77 on July 11, 2010 at 2:19 pm

I can’t beleive what I just read. The Poles “perpetuated” the Holocaust? You have got to be kidding me. The Poles were slaugthered right alongside the Jews. The second largest ethnic group to be murdered in Auschwitz was guess who…..the Poles (BTW I contributed next to nothing for a full tour of Auschwitz…..don’t know where all these “billions” are being made)

Rare “righteous gentiles”….so rare that over 25% of the names in the Garden of the Righteous (located in ISRAEL) are Poles.

Debbie, both of my grandmothers were there too….and they remember people hiding Jewish families is basements, crawl spaces, root cellers, basically anywhere they could. These people were FULLY aware that if discovered, they entire family would be dragged out into the street and shot/hung (as my grandmother witnessed on more then one occasion). Great grandfather was marched off into the woods, forced to dig his own grave and shot (he wasn’t Jewish either). Grandmothers second husband also had numbers tattooed on his arm….wasn’t Jewish either.

Poland destroyed Jewish storefronts? Being that the nazis LEVELED whatever they could in Poland (Warsaw especially), I find it hard to believe that it was the Poles who destroyed Jewish storefronts.

This is a perfect example of how the Holocaust is taught in the United States….”the Jews Jews poor Jews…oh and a few others as well.” When i tell friends that I had family killed by Germans the first thing the say is “Oh I didn’t know you were Jewish”…which Im not.

As soon as someone points out the truth, the first thing you hear is “your anti-semetic….YOU LOVE HITLER”.

To me this is the equivelant to Ahmadin-nut-job and others saying the Holocaust never happened. It did happen, and it was a crime against HUMANITY..not just the Jews.

Mark on July 12, 2010 at 11:40 am

I know that the best response I will get to my posting is:
“you are anti-semetic…..YOU LOVE HITLER and you spelt’slaughtered’ wrong” (typing this in a rush)

I am a first generation American of Polish descent who has spent the majority of his adult life in defense of the United States.

Personally I feel that Ari Brodsky did the world a favor, but a European Union arrest warrant is a European arrest warrant. International extradition agreements can’t be selective about who is extradited and who is not.

I used to be a huge fan of Debbie’s website. But now I see that she is basically the same as an Islamic radical spewing out false propaganda and distortions of history.

Mark on July 12, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Mark, I’m afraid some people don’t want to understand.
They are so wrong about history of Poland that their minds won’t accept proven facts.
They would have to restart at least from Warsaw Confederation (which was confederation of religious freedoms), and that was 28 January 1573!

gr77 on July 12, 2010 at 5:00 pm


Can’t handle the truth Susuu? Too bad. Kiss your own stinky Jewish ass and stop insulting people for defending well-known historical facts.


It’s really interesting how you called Lech a “filthy Jew-hater.” Great selection of words! But let’s play with your own vocabulary a little. Why don’t we change it to “Hater of a filthy Jew.” Weird. Sounds sooo much better!

fakuol on July 13, 2010 at 1:46 am

Heated discussion about simple international treaty.. But I have a few questions: Why Israel’s population of about 6 mil. has a 4-th
strongest army in the world? Why Israel’s nuclear arsenal is directed to the European capitals? Why many Israelis are perpetueating the stories without any realities taken place , or against existing facts and data?

thinking a litlle on July 13, 2010 at 5:56 am

    BTW you ask why Israel has the 4th strongest army in the world? Ill tell you why- US TAX DOLLARS. And what does the US get in return? No warning of 9/11 even though Israeli intelligence was fully aware the attack was going to take place. All this so US citizens gain sympathy for Israel.

    But that is a discussion for another time and place.

    I am not anti-semetic. I have some very near and dear jewish friends. But a fan of the Israeli gov’t I am not

    Mark on July 13, 2010 at 8:16 am

faku, I can handle the truth, and the truth is that your own words confirm the validity of my view of Jew-haters such as you and your ilk.

thinking a little, if Israel has the 4th most powerful military in the world, as you say, why does that bother you? She has a reason for maintaining a strong military. Several neighbouring nations declared war against her, the day she came into existence. That state of war still exists, with only 2 exceptions. What would you want Israel to do as an alternative – dismantle its military, and thus commit national suicide?

If Israel has a nuclear arsenal, how do you know it’s aimed at European capitals? What stories, lacking reality, are Israelis putting forth here? I wasn’t aware that any commenters in this thread were Israelis.

Susuu on July 13, 2010 at 7:06 am

@ thinking a little:

I would say its more then a discussion about international treaty…..In my eyes, it is the constant perpetuation of how only the poor poor 6 million jews were the only victims of the Holocaust. Oh and a few gays, gypsies, russian POWs thrown into the mix. NO MENTION of the 3 million NON-JEWISH Poles!!!????? NOTHING.

And now this jewish version of the Holocaust has spread to where Poland helped “perpetuate” the holocaust and a few “righteous gentiles” helped the Jews and all the rest traded them for whiskey. This is what is being taught in the US school system.

This is a LIE. A blatant lie, and it makes me sick every time I hear it.

Mark on July 13, 2010 at 8:00 am

Susuu.. If can handle the truth just google: :Israel arsenal against European capitals. Many Israelis confirmed that like Martin van Creveld etc.. about the army: Do you know who pays for it? American taxpayer pays about $18000.00-24000.00 a year for each Israeli citizen(American official and “unofficial” grants). If you can handle the truth ; tell me what is connection “1939 all Over Again” and polish court decision to release U. Brodzky to Germany??? Incidentaly, according to Radek Sikorski( MSW of Poland his wife is Mrs. Appelbaum) Israeli Foreign affairs did not ask anything about releasing U. Brodzky. Susuu: Can you show me Israeli constitution and defined Israeli Boarders?

thinking a litlle on July 13, 2010 at 8:02 am

Dear Mrs. Schussel,
Can you handle the true?
As you probably know, political stump usually is full of first impressions very general ones, as well as what people like to hear.., but your minutiae starting with the title; 1939 All Over Again polish court decision to send U. Brodsky to Germany, suggest main event of 1939 the beginning of the World War II- tell me is there any connection in between? What logic is it?
You stated that: The Poles, who are turning over Israeli Jew… remotely involved in assassination”- simply wrong according to the documents Poles are turning him due to the fact that U. B is involved in helping to obtain German Passport illegally. Next: You state that Poles are now on the side of New Nazis”. Is present Germany a New Nazis?? For the sake of argument ask the Germans, or show some data to this hypothesis. May be there are Nazis because the try to prevent fraud in obtain German Passport?
“Poland makes billions of dollars off Jewish and Israeli tourism. And shamelessly built quite industry off the Holocaust it helped perpetrate”- quite statement. (As showed before in the discussion; Poland rather is losing money from the truism generated from Israel.) Do you have in mind Israeli tourists from Israel or all the Jewish, Israeli tourists all over the world? By the way do you know: who is perpetrating Industry of Holocaust? Look and Google: “perpetrating Industry of Holocaust “and see for yourself.
“You are 100% Polish Jewish descent”- about your forefather you say “none of them identified as Poles”. Why are you 100% Polish Jewish descent? According to the logic if I don’t identify with… I’m only identify with who am I?” Deuthfolk” were not present in Galicia at all. Despite that your great-grandfather was not a Pole; he was a mayor of the Polish town. Is this your “prove” of Polish Anti-Semitism – to appoint, or elect Jew as a mayor of the Polish town?
You are probably aware that at list a few of many Poles (despite that according to you they were drinkers- nice political stump); they risked their lives to save the life of your grandfather. Due to the fact that they risked their lives, you are a live and write about them. For normal human being, when he is saved is to be grateful for it and usually to appreciate his savers, or at list not to blame them that they saved, or to perpetrate lies about them.
And Further you state “that Poland-if it had a conscience-would not do to Uri Brodsky… and turn him in to the Germans” This is not a matter of conscience:
1. Israeli Government did not make any official (not counting thru media requests) request to the Polish Government
2. There is an international treaty regulating this type of cases. There is not for us to decide if Germany has a “kangaroo court “.At list they have a constitution. What about the judiciaries which do not have even constitution?
My proposal would be to look for my conscience first.
Mrs. Schussel, there is a big difference between the decorating the storefronts to entice the tourists and broken windows during the riots…
Finally it seems logical, that if you don’t identify 100% with Polish Jewish descent, you are only Jewish. It would be appropriate to add that your forefathers lived on Polish Soil were invited guests for centuries and flourished very well as we see who you are.
thinking a litle

thinking a litlle on July 13, 2010 at 10:19 am

Adolf Hitler was a Great man.
Think about it, one man who was able to create a following, …today you cant even convince your kids to do what you ask them to do. Hitler had the greatest inventions of that time, we should thank him for the his contributions to the world.
It’s no wonder that USA bankers decided to fund him in WW2, as well as other European Bankers. The US recruited all of Hitlers scientists, before the WAR ended, that went on to create amazing world changing inventions.
So Boo Hoo…some Jews died….now they are reproducing at a rate of 6 to 1, taking advantage of the welfare system, bleeding it dry……think about that….
From Gdansk, Poland…Do widzenia!!!

Pete Nice on July 13, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    @Pete Nice
    I thought Poland kicked your German Nazi asses out of Gdansk after the war. I guess they missed a few.
    Those scientists the US recruited during the war actually “recrruited” themselves. Like the Polish scientists that escaped to England, the German (mostly Jewish) scientists came here to escape the Nazi’s and to stop your hero adolph.
    And BTW, it’s Gdansk and not Danzig anymore so take a hike back to douschebagland already.

    theShadow on July 13, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Debbie, what you want is, Poles to risk their lives to save your grandfather and right now you are hating just like that people was hating your grandfather. Its not easy to understand times of war, especially put yourself in people situations when their country has been invaded and lives of their family members was at risk. In every nation you will find god and bad people, if you dont know that yet, you r not learning your life lessons. So pleas don’t be racist and stop hating, just gather some more information’s and try to understand it.

U hate, I hate and bad thinks all overe again.

Maciej on July 13, 2010 at 3:51 pm

thinking a little, I’ll try to comment on your last question first. Israel does not have a written constitution as far as I know. There’s nothing in particular wrong with that. Neither does the United Kingdom. Why do you think it matters?

Modern Israel’s borders were set by the UN in 1947. Israel reluctantly accepted them as a compromise solution. The Arabs rejected the borders, and declared war. Big mistake! They lost, and they lost again in 1967 and in 1973. When you declare war, and lose, you don’t get to set your own borders. The winner decides. That’s the way it is all over the world. Israel is entitled to behave the same way other nations behave.
So, I’d answer that question by saying her borders are whatever borders she can defend. She may give up territory in the future in exchange for genuine peace, but that’s up to her. She did exactly that when she returned the Sinai to Egypt.

Your point about Martin van Creveld is a good one. He may be correct. Israel has never officially acknowledged her nuclear military capability. Her only official statement has been something to the effect of, “Israel will not be the first nation to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East,” as far as I know.

I think what you’re referring to is what is called “the Samson Option”. The assumption of some people is that, if Israel were to ever face certain defeat, it would mean the impending massacre of all Israeli Jews, as they have nowhere to which they can retreat. As to whether the Samson Option includes certain parts of the world outside of the theatre, I don’t know, but I assume it does. Many European and Asian nations have been extremely hostile toward Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plans for some form of payback, were all else to be lost. When a person or nation makes the bed, he (or it) gets to sleep in it.

As I said, those are just my thoughts. Israelis may well have different intentions.

As to American aid or loans, I think your mathematics may be a wee bit rusty. Assuming annual aid of, say for the sake of argument, $5 billion, and a total Israeli population of 6 million, annual aid would be less than $1000 per capita. Some of that is repaid each year, and there are only about 5 million Israeli Jews as far as I know, so the annual cost per person probably would be significantly less than $1000.

However, Israel has made certain contributions to US security, both during the Cold War, and currently. I don’t know how to calculate a fair amount. However, I don’t think Israel’s enemies would see any justification even were the total amount to be one cent per annum. People who hate Israel, or those like Pete Nice and Mark, who simply dislike or hate Jews, are not going to accept anything other than the destruction of Israel. The money is just one means of justifying their dislike. The amount makes little difference to them.

As to the connection between the situation in 1939, the German request for extradition, and the Polish court’s compliance, I’ll leave that to others. I don’t think that I was addressing that analogy in any of my messages.

Susuu on July 13, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    You obviously didn’t read my earlier posts….and you did exactly what I said someone would.
    As soon as someone points out that the way the Holocaust is taught here in the US, they are labeled as an anti-semite, jew hating, hitler-lover in order to intimidate them to shut up.

    I simply pointed out that the way the Holocaust is portrayed here in the US is very one-sided making the jews out to be the only victims. No mention of the 3 million Poles (or even the Russians) killed by the Nazis.

    I don’t hate jews like you said. I have some very near and dear friends who are jewish.

    I’m just sick of hearing the jewish version of the Holocaust that has now made the very people who suffered and died alongside the Jews as the enemy. Especially when my family was there suffering as well.

    Mark on July 14, 2010 at 9:28 am

Lech Bajan on July 13, 2010 at 10:16 pm

Your hate blinds you. I believe it’s driven by your grandfather’s stories. Trust me, there are plenty of those stories on both sides. Just to throw one at you: my friend’s grandma said that the concentration camp she was in always became worse each time they brought in news Jews. She said they snitched to the guards for extra food whole condemning even their own along with Christians to punishments or death. She said that there were plenty of those cases and they were known to most in those camps. Unlike you, I will never hate on the entire group of people because of their ethnicity or religion.
Also, don’t forget what country took Jews in a few hundred years ago when the whole world had enough of them and every country kept kicking them out. Yes it was Poland that welcomed your people for the next few hundred years. Yes it was Poland and it’s people that gave you protection and let you practice your religion freely.
PS: Why don’t you mention that the Nazi holocaust took lives of millions of Polish Christians? Why don’t you mention that ALTHOUGH Poland was the only occupied country in which the penalty for hiding a Jew was death of one’s whole family, MOST of the trees in your Garden of Righteous Among The Nations (I’m not sure if I got the name right) bare names of Polish Christians. I could keep writing for hours but I’ll just stop here. Be well. 🙂

Albin Wieprzozer on July 14, 2010 at 1:18 am

    Well said!

    mark on July 14, 2010 at 9:01 am

Little thinking
Your argument that United Kingdom does not have a constitution is rather weak one; England has one (you know the different meanings).
About the Israeli boarders; Are they or not? Can you show me boarders’ markers?
About the nuclear arsenal directed against European capitals. Your fussy comment about the “doctrine” does not hold, due to the simple fact, that this arsenal is directed. So?
Your comments about American grants to Israel are rather without any reference to the actual facts, not to mention Israel as an asset to USA? Literature (Israeli Lobby.., polititian; Spencer etc.talk only about Israel’s liability to USA).
Sometimes, it’s difficult and impossible to defend indefensible.

thinking a litlle on July 14, 2010 at 8:50 am

thinking a little, the UK does not have a written constitution per se, in the sense of one comparable to that of the US. It relies on the concept that parliament is supreme. Precedent, set by past court decisions, is also a major part of the system. I think you know what I meant.

I stand by what I said about Israel’s borders. They were originally set by the UN, but they’re in limbo, as the Arabs refused to accept those borders. They won’t be finalized until peace treaties are signed and accepted by her enemies, if ever.

I have no more knowledge about Israel’s actual nuclear doctrine than you. You may be correct about contingency plans, targeting certain nations outside the Mideast. Regardless, neither of us, nor anyone else other than Israeli officials, knows precisely what is planned, should utter defeat be imminent. Payback can be a b*tch.

I’m unable to cite any references respecting US aid to Israel, but I think my numbers aren’t too far off the mark. We do, however know the population of Israel, and the approximate amount of aid. All I am saying is that your arithmetic was way off the mark.

If you assert that Israel was and is of no value to the US, or to the West as a whole, that’s another kettle of fish. I simply assume that you’re hostile to Israel, and that nothing I say, could convince you to think otherwise.

Susuu on July 14, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Debbie you are 100% incorrect You do not know the history and the facts. I feel sorry for you.
Patrick Buchanan presents a false picture of Hitler’s rationality and intentions in his book „Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War.” There are few people that would question the opinion that Hitler was a disgrace for Germany, and brought calamity known as “Gotterdammerung,” to German people, by his foolish notions of German superiority, and his lack of education and command experience. Buchanan seems to be unaware of Hitler’s Parkinson’s Disease, which was contracted after his gas-poisoning on the western front during WWI.

In a German military hospital, after difficult recovery and a bout of blindness, caused by the gas poisoning, Hitler contracted meningitis and suffered an other attack of blindness, and wound up with permanently trembling left hand, as well as, personality change, which made him more cunning than he was earlier. Hitler was from then on worried about his own longevity and during his political career he was a man in a hurry, which fact was well described by professor M. Kamil Dziewanowski in his book “War at Any Price.”

Hitler thought that he was “Germany’s man of destiny” and that only he could accomplish his conquest of “Lebensraum” for the next German millennium. In fact the essence of the policies of the Hitler’s government, at all times, was the implementation of the doctrine of Lebensraum, or “German living space.”

The aim of Hitler’s government was to size the lands inhabited by others, who were to be enslaved or exterminated and replaced by “racial Germans.” These aims were to be realized by a series of wars. Each time Germany was to launch a quick, victorious campaign against w weaker, unprepared, and isolated enemy, whose resources were to help prepare for the next war.

This sequence was to lead to the conquest of the great agricultural lands of the Slavic two-thirds of Europe, and eventually to Germany’s hegemony over the entire world. These lands, located mainly in the Soviet Union and Poland, were to become German Lebensraum during Hitler’s lifetime. Hitler did not want to hear such warnings as that the American steel making capacity was the largest in the world and that USA, located between two oceans, enjoyed a uniquely strong and advantageous strategic position.

Hitler hoped that the German “Aryan” population would double under his rule, thanks to earlier marriages and larger families, while Germans with hereditary defect were to be sterilized. In fact eventually, Hitler’s government kidnapped some one-half million blond children from occupied Poland to be brought up in Germany as “racial Germans.”

Hitler believed that the Jewish minority was the main enemy of internal German racial purity and an important focus for consolidation at home in preparation for expansion abroad. Hitler felt that the wars for German Lebensraum represented an inevitable life-and-death struggle between races for the “survival of the fittest.” Hitler was willing to let Germany perish in his attempt to implement the doctrine of lebensraum, rather than turn back and be “disgraced forever.”

The fact that Hitler lacked education and preparation for the task he set for Germany, under his rule, is evidenced during Hitler’s writing in prison in Bavaria of his “Mein Kampf” program. There Hitler was visited and given eight lengthy lectures on by major general, professor of geopolitics, as well as editor of “Zeitschrift fuer Geopolitik,” Karl Haushofer (1869-sicide in 1946). The cell mate of Hitler, Rudolf Hess, was a student of Haushofer and he arranged for his visits with Hitler in prison, in order to help Hitler formulate a strategy, for which task Hitler was not prepared either by schooling or experience.

Hauhoffer taught Hitler that the defeat of the Soviet Union was of fundamental importance and that the control of the Soviet and Arab oil would put Germany in position to gradually acquire British and French colonies by blackmail. without fighting a war. “Germanic Britain” was also to be junior partner of continental German-Nazi power. This notion caused Hitler to treat “gently” the British on the battlefield and during escape to England from France in 1940, in comparison to the atrocities ordered by Hitler in Poland beginning in 1939.

Hitler believed that his own intuition and eight lectures by Haushofer, qualified him to be the “Germany’s commander in chief.” Hitler learned from Haushofer that Germany lost WWI because of insufficient food and manpower and therefore should form a strategically and numerically superior anti-Soviet alliance of Germany, Japan, Poland and other countries in order to destroy the Soviet-Union in a simultaneous attacks from east and west, without having to fight on a western front. For this purpose Hitler formed the “Anti-Comintern Pact” which according to Buchanan, Poland should have joined and thereby “saved the world” from an “Unnecessary War.”

Patrick Buchanan seams to be oblivious of all the facts mentioned above, and the real history of Hitler’s efforts to persuade Poland to join the Anti-Comintern Pact, which were described among others in the book “Diplomat in Berlin, 1933-1939” by Józef Lipski, Polish Ambassador to Germany during Hitler’s administration. Soviet fear of a two-front war, simultaneously against Germany and Japan, is well described by Pavel Sudoplatov, an NKVD general under Beria, in his book “Special Tasks.” The attack on the Soviet Union from east and west was “Hitler’s best case scenario” supported by the German military commanders.

Poland was in hopeless situation being located within Hitler’s Lebensraum and considered a spoiler of grandiose Lenin’s plans for “Communist World Revolution,” because of the Polish spectacular victory over the Red Army, in the Polish-Soviet war of 1920. At that time the commander of the Red Army, Mikhail Tukhachevsky’s order of July 4, 1920 was: “To the West, over the corpse of “White” Poland, on the road to the worldwide conflagration.”

Hitler’s fury against Poland was caused not only by Poland’s refusal to join in the German-Japanese attack on the Soviet Union; but also by being an obstacle to German access to the Soviet territory. Poland’s resolve to defend itself, actually derailed Hitler’s strategy and drove him to betray his Japanese allies who were fighting the Siberian Soviet army since 1937.

Thus, the Japanese considered Hiller a traitor, never to be trusted again, but to be used in the coming Japanese-American war. Japan not only lodged a formal protest in Berlin against the “Ribbentrop – Molotov Pact,” but also started cease-fire negotiations with the Soviets after extremely heavy losses in the battle on the Kalka River at Kalkhim-Gol. A Soviet-Japanese cease-fire was signed on September 15, 1939, it was put in force the next day, on Sept. 16th and on September 17th 1939, the Red Army, freed of the hostilities against Japan, joined the Germans in the invasion of Poland.

Note: Books by Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski
Jews in Poland – A Documentary History
Hippocrene Books, January 1998; 432 pages
ISBN: 0781806046
Poland – An Illustrated History
Hippocrene Books (2000 – First Printing; 2003 – Second Printing; 2008 – Third Printing);
282 pages
ISBN: 0-7818-0757-3
Poland – A Historical Atlas
Hippocrene Books, New York 1987 – First Printing; 1988 -Third Printing;
320 pages
ISBN: 0-87052-282-5

Lech Alex Bajan said,

on August 10th, 2008 at 10:34 am

Hitlers genocidal actions inspired by Berliners?

When the Germans and especially the Prussians say, that Hitler spoke straight out of their hearts (“Der Fuerer hat von unseren herzen geschprochen”) one should inquire what was in the hearts of Prussian population of Berlin, when they listened to an Austrian born demagogue, who took great pride in his “musicality,” a term he used to describe his talent to feel what the crowd wanted to hear. Hitler as an Austrian and admirer of Polish victory over Lenin’s Bolshevik invasion of 1920, actually wanted an alliance with Poland and Japan in his obsession to attack the Soviet Union.

However, the very reading the hearts of the Berliner’s, apparently radicalized Hitler’s attitude towards the Poles, especially when Poles refused to join his anti-Soviet alliance and did not yield to his demands to give up Gda?sk and other territories of the Prussian partition of Poland of a century earlier. In order to understand what Hitler found in the hearts of Berliners, let us look back into the history of the Kingdom of Prussia, and the ideology of its leadership.

In the second half of the 19th century, Bismarck revived memories of the German genocide of the Balto-Slavic Prussians in the 13th century. As early as 1856, Prussian Chancellor Otto Bismarck (1815 – 1898), Berlin’s ambassador to the all-German Parliament in Frankfurt, wrote that the Polish minority must be exterminated. Bismarck’s anti-Catholic and anti-Polish policies were the basis for his “Kultur Kampf” program. Such ideas were a prelude to the genocides and mass murders of the 20th century – the century in which more people were killed that ever before in the entire history of mankind.

Chancellor Bismarck repeatedly likened the Poles to wolves, which should be “shot to death whenever possible.” In 1861, he declared, “Hit the Poles till they despair of their very lives…if we are to survive, our only course is to exterminate them.” (Werner Richter, ‘Bismark’ New York: Putnam Press, 1964, page 101). Generally, Bismarck’s extremist attitude towards the Poles remains unknown in America. Thus, on March 5, 1990, during progress towards the unification of Germany, a headline of U.S. News & World report stated: “Finishing what Bismarck began.” It must have been written without the knowledge of Bismarck’s pronouncements such as those quoted above.

Prussian hatred of everything Polish is well documented ever since the Hohenzollerns, the ancestors of German emperors, starting in 1525, for more than a century, on their knees, have paid tribute to the king of Poland and then started paying tribute to the king of Sweden. Kingdom of Prussia was created in 1701 with capital in Berlin, formally outside of fragmented Roman Empire of the German Nation.

The move shaped the cradle of the modern German militarism. The name “Prussia” symbolized the continuity of German militaristic tradition by recalling the 13th century conquest and genocide of the Balto-Slavic Prussians by the armed monks of the Teutonic Order. However, the Kingdom of Prussia faced destruction during the Seven Years War (1758-1763).

Berlin was occupied and burned by Russian army in 1760. Russia decided to destroy the new Kingdom of Prussia in order to prevent it from acquiring means to unify the 350 independent German principalities, into a united Germany, with capital in Berlin (for the first time ever). In exchange for Prussia and Silesia, Poland was to give Podolia to Russia. However, Polish citizens living in Podolia refused to agree to become subjects of the tsar.

Poland’s refusal, saved the Kingdom of Prussia from destruction and permitted the Hohenzollerns of Berlin to return to their schemes for the partitioning of Poland after a new and weak-minded Tsar Peter III (1728-1762) became very accommodating to Prussia. The situation remained favorable to Berlin, after Peter III was assassinated with the connivance of his German wife, Catgherine II (1729-1796), who usurped the Russian throne by a coup d’etat on July 9, 1762.

Berlin was then able to provoke a series of Polish-Russian wars: each war gave a chance to Berlin, for robbery of Polish land by annexation. Cultural and economic oppression by Prussia of the annexed Polish lands followed, until the times of Bismarck who formed his plans for the extermination of the Poles. Berliners had a strong anti-Polish tradition, with which they helped to inspire Hitler’s genocidal crimes against citizens of Poland.

On April 24, 1939, when Hitler terminated his non-aggression pact with Poland, he was furious that Poland rejected his offer of friendship and alliance. Hitler made such an offer for the first time as early as August 5, 1935, when he declared, that good Polish-German relations were of primary importance to him. He wanted a military alliance with Poland and Japan against the Soviet Union, to which he did not have land access, because Poland’s territory constituted a physical barrier between Germany and the Soviets.

Apparently Hitler’s “best case scenario” was to attack the Soviets with some 600 divisions: 220 German, 200 Japanese, 100 Polish and 80 of other nations, without having to fight on the western front. He hoped to mobilize in Poland some 10% of the population, or over three and half million men. When Poland refused, Hitler put in practice Bismarck’s plans and committed mass murder in Poland.

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski
Poland – An Illustrated History
Hippocrene Books, New York
(2000 – First Printing; 2003 – Second Printing; 2008 – Third Printing)
Pages: 282
Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski
Poland – A Historical Atlas
Hippocrene Books, New York 1987
First Printing; 1988 -Third Printing (Revised)
pages: 320
ISBN: 0-87052-282-5
Historyczny Atlas Polski
Baran i Suszczy?ski, Kraków 1995
ISBN: 83-85845-54-2
Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski
Jews in Poland – A Documentary History
Hippocrene Books, New York 1998
Pages: 432
ISBN: 0781806046; ISBN: 0-7818-0757-3

kaja said,

on August 25th, 2008 at 6:47 pm

hitler had no right to invade poland!! polska bialo czerwoni!!!

steve said,

on September 14th, 2008 at 1:17 pm

Anti-American or Anti-Israel? To be pro-Israel/Zionist is to be Anti-American. We have separation of church and state, but the Zionist regime treats muslims and christians as animals and frequently burns copies of the New Testament. Our country was created by immigrants, mostly European, and not based on a racial Ideology. Israel is for Jews only and non Jews may not vote. A “mixed marriage” is prohibited by law. Buchanan is correct to say that communism was a Jewish creation and killed countless more millions than Hitler. Yet this blogger defends Israel which was created by Bolsheviks thugs. The bottom line is we need to distance ourselves with Political Zionism and those who practice the racist, anti-Christ religion of Judaism. There is no “chosen people” and calling someone an antisemite does not win an argument.

Rob Taylor said,

on September 15th, 2008 at 8:38 am

Sorry Steve but you’re wrong. There are Arab Muslims in the Kissnet how do you think they got in there?

Christians I’ve actually met who have gone to Israel have been well treated, but their are Hasidic or Orthodox sects within Israel that are racists but that makes Israel racist only if the Klan and the Nation of Islam makes us racist.

But you don’t care about that since you’re a Klanner yourself. But I’m curious as to why when Muslims have destroyed the churches in Gaza and kidnapped and raped Christina women on a regular basis, but it was Israe;l who armed and supported the Christian militias in Lebanon when Muslims were forming anti-Christian death squads you are calling Judaism as an “anti-Christ” religion.

Are you retarded?

Lech Bajan said,

on December 8th, 2008 at 12:03 am

Jewish collaboration with the Soviets provoked an outpouring of condemnation by the Polish people. They accused
the Jews of conspiring with the Soviets to destroy Poland. When the newly-created Polish Army was relocated from
Russia to the Middle East, thousands of Polish Jews, who had enlisted, deserted the army en masse. Though
General Anders granted them all amnesty, it is not surprising that resentment within the army ranks grew – but
not for reasons of anti-semetism. This desertion was a betrayal of Poland, on the very eve of battle. But with the
establishment of the Jewish Ghettos, Polish opinion began to transform from one of hatred and anger to that of
sympathy and deep compassion. Poles who had themselves been victims of German bestiality knew with what
anguish the Jews suffered. They were witness to the horrors of the ghettos and the sentence imposed upon its’
victims – slow starvation and the deportations to death camps. Many Poles felt compelled to act on the grounds of
decency and humanitarianism, overlooking past resentments, betrayal, even anti-semetism, to come to the aid of
the Jews. At great risk to their own lives, Polish men, women and children tossed bundles of food over the ghetto
walls. Polish families opened their homes to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution. Many Poles even constructed secret
bunkers beneath their basements, or erected fake wall partitions, for the purpose of hiding as many Jews as
possible. Elaborate means were used to smuggle food, clothing and medical care to the Jews in hiding, so as not
to arouse public suspicion.

Poland was the only occupied country in which the Germans issued a decree warning that anyone helping the Jews
would be executed. In house-to-house searches, the Nazis often found Jews hiding there, and shot them along
with the Poles ( and their families ) who sheltered them. That the Germans even issued such a decree is
indicative of the fact that Polish assistance to the Jews was widespread. Many Poles were so traumatized that
they chose to remain neutral for fear of their lives. Our perception of them as passive or indifferent is unwarranted.
Considering the circumstances theirs was not a decision influenced by anti-semetism. But even with the threat
of discovery, and German reprisals, many Poles continued in their mission to shelter and hide Jews.

German and Soviet propaganda distorted and magnified the facts in order to inflame Polish-Jewish hostilities
Among the countless incidences staged by the Nazis was one in which Germans in Lodz destroyed a statue of the
Polish patriot Kosciuszko, and blamed it on the Jews. The Germans forced a group of Jews to stand in front of the
rubble and photographed it as “evidence”. Immediately thereafter, the Germans burned down a synagogue and
accused the Poles for having done so in retaliation. In Warsaw, on Passover, the Germans staged a riot which
lasted, ironically, for eight days. They recruited a thousand Polish youths to destroy Jewish homes and shops while
German soldiers were nearby filming the entire onslaught. The sole objective of Nazi propaganda was to bring
about Poland’s self-destruction by playing on Polish fears of being conquered by the Soviets. Moreover, the
suspicion that Britain and the US had abandoned the Poles and was about to betray them to the Soviets were
reasons enough for some Poles to collaborate with the Nazis. Any illusion of acquiring special protection or
benefits by collaboration, quickly vanished, as the German terror on Polish underground continued unabated.

The Polish Underground waged a continuous battle using counter propaganda of its own to demoralize and disrupt
the German rank and file. More importantly, the Underground sought to influence Polish attitudes by instructing
them to resist German propaganda and enticements to collaborate with them. The Nazis made numerous
concessions to the Polish people including re-opening Polish theatres and museums, and elminating the
requirement of passes for Poles using the trains. The Germans sometimes succeeded in luring members
of the AK out of hiding, only to deport them to concentration camps, or execute them.

While the majority of the Poles complied with the directives of the Polish Underground, others did not. Poland
endured a siege of German terror and brutality that over time contributed to the increase in delinquency, especially
in the youth. No morals or laws prevailed other than that which ensured Nazi supremacy. Every kind of depravity
was encouraged by the Nazis to erode the moral fabric of Polish society. The Poles who collaborated with the
Germans represented only a fraction of the Polish population.

In the political sphere, the most rabid element was the ONR ( Oboz Narodowo Rady Kalny ), a radical-nationalist
party which produced much of the Polish anti-semetic propaganda. They accused the Jews of starting the war,
and claimed that the Jews were collaborating with the Nazis and the Soviets in order to destroy Poland. This
political party was not represented in the Polish Underground State, nor in the Polish Government-in-exile, in

Little or no attention has been given to the sacrifices made by heroic Poles – the men, and women who made
daring attempts to shelter Jews, under extraordinary circumstances. Catholic nuns frequently sheltered Jewish
children in their convents, teaching them Catholic prayers, and catechism, so that they could pass the scrutiny of
German interrogation. Among the religious orders that gave assistance to the Jews were: the Sisters of Maria’s
Family ( in Otwock, Pludy and several other Polish towns), the Ursuline Sisters ( in Warsaw-Powisle, among other
provincial convents), the Franciscan Sisters, in Lasku, the Sisters of the Lady Immaculate ( in Warsaw, Szymanow,
and Niepokalanow), the Sisters of Charity ( in the hospitals of Warsaw), and the Polish Relief Council in Otwock.

At the start of the war, there were Poles who were anti-semetic but who had changed their outlook because of the
Nazi atrocities committed against the Jews – men such as Stanislaw Piasecki, Adolf, Nowaczynski, Kozidkiewicz,
Witold Rudnicki, among many others. There are thousands of Poles who risked their lives and died in the process
of helping the Jews. Only a few of them have been documented and are honoured by Yad Vashem, in the
Righteous Among Nations. None have gained so much attention as the selfless act of one individual, Father
Maximillian Kolbe, a Franciscan monk. He was a Polish prisoner in Auschwitz, number 16670, who volunteered
to die instead of the fifteen Jews selected for death by slow starvation. The first victims of the gas chambers at
Auschwitz were 300 Poles and 700 Soviet POWs. Until 1942, Poles constituted 90% of the inmates of Stutthof.

Jan Karski, a national hero of the Polish Underground, was the first to report the news of German atrocities to the
Allied nations. He embarked on a gruelling mission through several occupied countries, transporting secret
microfilm to the Polish Government-in-exile in London – on it was documented evidence of the crimes committed
by the Germans – photographs, decrees, and statistics.

The most elaborate covert operation in saving the Jews was an organization called Zegota. Although its officical
name was Council for Aid to the Jews, it had to have been referred to in code in order to protect the organization
from blackmailers and informers. Zegota members represented a wide cross-section of Polish society. It was
an enormous network which overlapped with organizations in the Polish Underground State, Home Army, and
a countless array of individual Poles from every profession and trade. All were devoted to helping the work of
Zegota. The major scope of activity dealt with finding safe houses in which Jews could be hidden, the provision of
food, clothing, and whenever possible, medical care. They produced thousands of fake documents, such as birth
certificates, and passports, to conceal the true identity of the Jews. Many Jews were able to live on the Aryan side
(outside the ghettos) because their features were not semetic. They were the lucky few. Many others whose
appearance was obviously semetic, had to be hidden at all times, otherwise they would risk their death and the
death of the Poles sheltering them. Because of this risk, many Poles had no choice but to refuse to help them.
The largest source of aid to the Jews, which far surpassed Zegota, and the spontaneous efforts given randomly by
groups or individuals, was the Polish Underground State. Its’ organization, along political, military and civilian
divisions, was devoted to the restoration of Polands freedom and independence. Among its activities was the
mission to provide the Jews with a means of escape and shelter from Nazi persecution.

In 1940-41, the Polish government-in-exile and the Underground State were the first to report the news of the
persecution of the Jews in Poland. Initially, the British government received the reports with a great deal of
skepticism, believing that the Poles may have exaggerated. It was difficult for the British to comprehend how
German Kultur could descend to such depths of depravity. Irregardless of British stonewalling, Polish interventions
were immediately set into motion. Diplomatic meetings were held in Britain, and the U.S., resolutions were drawn up
and submitted to the United Nations. Ambassador Papee made several visits to the Vatican, meeting with
Secretary of State Cardinal Maglione, and Monsignor Tardem and Montini. He presented them with a memo from
Prime Minister Sikorski, in which he discussed the persecution of the Poles and Jews under Nazi occupation, and
requested the intervention of Pope Pius XII. Issues of the Black Book were also submitted. Papee also met with the
General of the Jesuit Order, Father Wlodzmierz Ledochowski to discuss using the Church and its agencies to
shelter Poles and Jews in Poland.

The Polish Foreign Office published a White Book entitled, ” The German Occupation of Poland “, printed in
English, French and Spanish. There were also two Black Books; Volume I ” The German Invasion of Poland ”
described the September Campaign. Volume II, ” The German New Order in Poland ” described the German
administration in Poland and the Soviet-German war of June 1941. It provided details concerning the fate of the
Jews, German regulations, descriptions of German atrocities, the burning of synagogues, locations of burials and
names of victims, confiscation of Jewish property, loss of freedom and rights, forced labor, ghettoes, and
death camps. Included were 30 photographs illustrating in graphic detail, life in the ghetto, as well as copies
of German decrees. This book was widely distributed in Great Britain and the US. Copies were sent to press
agencies and newspapers around the world.

Prime Minister Sikorski made several visits to the US as well as to London, and the Polish Embassy in Washington,
D.C. A flurry of telegrams between London and Warsaw document the extent of Polish efforts in pressuring the
Allies for military assistance. In 1941-42, Sikorski asked for an American declaration condemning German
oppressive policies against the Poles and the Jews. The US was unresponsive. As time passed, the situation\
grew more ominous, Sikorskis appeals became more frequent and urgent. Poles and Jews demanded that
Britain execute Germans in reprisal for Nazi atrocities committed against the Polish nation. The British refused
to intervene because it was not within the scope of their political objectives.

The American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress were receptive to Sikorskis arrival in the US,
and expressed hope for the liberation of Poland, but they quickly resorted to a litany of accusations of Polands
pre-war administration. They accused the Polish military of anti-semetism and referred to the periodical issued by
the ONR, entitled ” Jestem Polakiem ” ( I am Polish), that was radically nationalistic. Its circulation lasted only from
August 4, 1940 to May 15, 1941, at which time the Sikorski govenment called a stop to its publication, declaring it
to be detrimental. Sikorski tried to assure the Allies that the governments position was strongly opposed to
anti-semetism and considered it foreign to its government. He stated that ” the common suffering has created a
community of spirit between Poles and Jews”

The Jewish Morning Newspaper did acknowledge that the Sikorski government was moderate, but instead chose
to focus entirely on the fact that a few of its members were National Democrats. Many criticisms were made
purely on hearsay – as one by Jozef Tennenbaum, President of the American Federation of Polish Jews. He
claimed that tens of thousands of Poles helped the Germans to exterminate the Jews – it is completely
unsubstantiated. Jews were frequently at odds even with each other over the issue of anti-semetism. Rabbi Z.
Babad, who represented the Polish Agudists in Great Britain, condemed the Jews who made irresponsible
generalizations about Polish actions towards the Jews. He was a loyal supporter of the Sikorski government,
and he criticized foreign Jews, especially Zionists, for interfering in Polish internal affairs. Ludwik Grosfeld, a
Polish Jew, was appointed Minister of Treasury by Prime Minister Mikolajczyk. Grosfeld was severely criticized
by the Jews who accused him of being an ” assimilationist ”

After the Germans invaded Russia, the attacks on the Jews intensified. The Polish government countered German
propaganda by issuing a Declaration, entitled, ” Instruction No. 2 “, dated June 23, 1941. It read as follows:

” The government lays great stress on the necessity of warning the nations not to give in to German
baiters and not to adopt an active anti-Jewish attitude in the territories freed from Soviet occupation.
This is imperative for reasons of principle and political ones such as actions would be bound to make
it terribly difficult for the government to profit from the situation in the international field. ”

On Jan 13, 1942, Sikorski attended an inter-allied conference of nine countries ( which had been occupied by
Germany ), including delegates from Britain and the US. A resolution was made calling for the prosecution of
Germans who violated international law by committing violent crimes against civilians. Britain and the US
refused to sign it on the grounds that there was no verification that the reports were true.

The Polish Underground reported on the increase in German killings. One of many memos read as follows:

” I inform that the news about the murder of several thousand Jews in eastern Galicia is true. Mass
murder of Jews were also committed in the Wilno province, in Byelorussia, and in the Lublin province. In

Lech Bajan on July 14, 2010 at 6:07 pm

Debbie Please don’t put your words into my mouth like Bikont did with Jedwabieniens.As a fact I was participant of the research group founded by Israel. My scientific mentor was Jewish, my bus partners were Jewish. All my cousins from one sister married Jewish girls. By profession and moral values hate as such is off in my mind.But I’m in dissagrement with some of the Israels policy and stands.
Not to have a constitution- Israel is saying to the world about her legal choices. For that reason I’m tempted mutatis mutandis to compare Israel to the State of Vatican. More troubling is lack of marked borders.
The most troubling is the direction of the nuclear arsenal , it means that if we go under , before us you go too. This kind of attitude present thinking of some Israelis ( or Jews). And this is unacceptable.

thinking a litlle on July 14, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Debbie, it seems that there is enough garbage piled on here by Polish antisemites appologists to prove youre exact point.

Raanan Gilboa on July 16, 2010 at 12:21 am

    @ Raanan (flourishing…stupidity) Gilboa,

    Can you please explain what kind of a “garbage” are you talking about, Raanan?

    Are you referring to Mark’s comment who reminded some of you that Poles amount to over 25% of the total number of honorary titles awarded (by JEWS themselves) for saving Jewish people from extermination during the Holocaust? Not to mention, that estimates of the number of Polish people who were slaughtered for aiding Jews, go as high as TENS OF THOUSANDS?!?!

    or, Are you possibly referring to Albin’s story (told by his grandma’s friend) of how labor camps got SO much WORSE each time Germans threw in new Jews, and how they snitched on one another to the SS-mans in exchange for food, privileges, cigarettes, etc.?

    Hmm…cause, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t be possibly referring to gr77’s request to explain where did Schlussel see those “BILLIONS of dollars” of Jewish and Israeli tourism considering the fact that admission to all concentration camps in Poland is free and up until 1990’s Jewish students were mandated by Israeli government to visit places linked to the Holocaust.

    I could go on and on, listing every valid point my countryman had made in regards to this slandering article by ignorant Schlussel, who is apparently VERY pissed at Poland, the European country which has done nothing else but obliged to international treaty laws!!!

    Finally, just FYI, Raanan…Brodsky’s arrest wouldn’t have raised that much attention if the German “Der Spiegel” not reported it to the world over the weekend, leading Poland to suspect that German authorities leaked the news on purpose to force Poland to extradite him to Germany.

    Moreover, I would love to inform you, as well as “uniformed” and seriously ungrateful Schlussel, that the Polish judge, ruled that Brodsky could be extradited based on suspicion of forgery (crime punishable by ONLY 3 yrs in Germany) instead of espionage charges (carrying additional 5 yrs!) because espionage against Germany isn’t a punishable crime in Poland.

    It would be also really nice if Schlussel educated her readers that handing Brodsky over to the Germans not only would (and did) damage Poland’s relationship with Israel, but letting him go would VIOLATE EU laws!

    Let me inform you that Polish government HAS considered quiet release of Brodsky to Israel, but that plan was foiled by the publication of the article in “Der Spiegel.”

    That’s said, the only “valid” argument you must have at this point is that I’m a Jew-hater and antisemitic. But, why don’t you throw in that I’m also a feminist (since you are a male)… or possibly even a chauvinist (since Schlussel is a female)?

    Do widzenia, Jewish hatred, blindness and idiocy. Buh-bye!

    fakuol on July 16, 2010 at 4:12 am

Its amazing. No response whenever someone actually makes a rational argument. The best response is :

“Debbie, it seems that there is enough garbage piled on here by Polish antisemites appologists to prove youre exact point.”

by idiots like “Raanan”
Just like I said. As soon as the truth is pointed out it is dismissed as “garbage” and the writer labeled as “anti-semetic” to shut him/her up.

Mark on July 16, 2010 at 8:27 am

“my grandparents and great-grandparents were never treated as fellow Poles”

Oh, I’m sure THAT’s exactly why your grandfather was mayor of the town.

You’re so full of Khazar crap that it’s not even funny.

UC on July 16, 2010 at 2:14 pm

After reading such a nonsense post, one could wonder if the world would be perhaps a better place if Poles didn’t risk their lives by saving all these Jews during WWII after all? Perhaps the author of these lies wouldn’t have a chance to write all this crap? I’m sick to my stomach when I’m subject to such false statements about Poles and Poland by Poland-haters Jews. We should all reject this groundless Jewish propaganda. Why don’t you tell us something about Israel – a country who violated dozens of U.N. resolutions, who illegally poses stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and regularly threatens its neighbors (Iran now, Iraq then), a country that kills innocent Palestinians or forcibly “relocates” them from their homes, a country who regularly breakes the international law (a concept foreign both to Israel and its U.S. colony), a, country that sends assasins to kill all those who don’t agree with its dirty politics, and ironically – a country that was founded with the help of terrorism (remember blowing up British cafes and other “military” targets in order to disrupt relations between Arab nations and the West?). How dare you condemn Poland for enforcing the law and extraditing a criminal (for that alone your law license should be revoked)? Do you think that Jews are above the law? How conveniently is to label someone as anti-Semite or a terrorist? That’s all that you have to say to those who are inconvenient to you. Stop the crap and go read some books about the world history or better – buy that Canadian pin-flag and and travel to Europe. We promise, we won’t tell that you’re a Jewish so you won’t be locked in a “Polish concentration camp”.

Adam on July 19, 2010 at 9:13 am

Adam, just as Debbie is wrong on affair and history of Poland and Europe (like typical american), so are you on affairs and history of Israel and Middle-East (like typical european).

Fencing with half-truths on both side won’t accomplish anything beside stomach ulcers.

gr77 on July 19, 2010 at 5:45 pm

An Evil Empire and the “Politics of Apology and Contrition”

President Reagan was right: Soviet Union was “an evil empire,” with its communist party that ruled, among other places in the Soviet sphere of influence, Poland with an iron fist for half a century. Now, with a shiny new name of “the Leftist Democratic Union (SLD),” new apologists for the old communist past are starting to act like new emperors, blaming the nation for the crimes of their communist predecessors of the former evil empire. Let me proclaim: these new emperors have no clothes!

You see, Mr. Miller, like the current president of Poland, Mr. Kwasniewski, has an ax to grind. They are both former high officials of the communist party. Yes, this was the party of the same communists whose NKVD security forces, the mainstay of the Soviet terror apparatus, staged the Kielce pogrom in 1946.

At that time Ostap Dluski, the head of the department of foreign affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (PPR), wrote on September 25, 1946 a personal letter to Stanislaw Skrzeszewski, the Polish communist ambassador in Paris, ordering him to carefully plan, organize, and finance with state funds a defamation campaign for the purpose of generating in France a wide- spread condemnation of the “Polish perpetrators” of the Kielce pogrom.

On one hand the NKVD was staging pogroms in all satellite states in order to drive out of East-Central some 700,000 Jews. Those that would arrive to Palestine were to abolish the British mandate there and to foment Jewish-Arab wars in order to interfere with the flow of oil to the west. On the other hand the communist propaganda used the accusation of Polish anti-Semitism to “justify” the need for a protracted stay of the Red Army in Poland long after the war was over. Similarly, the present Polish president and the prime minister distribute internationally the propaganda of the responsibility of the Polish nation for the crime of Jedwabne to obscure communist crimes in Poland.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Kwasniewski are apologists for, the same communists who persecuted Jews in Poland in 1968 under the orders of Jiri Andropov then the head of the Soviet terror apparatus. They are the same communists who oppressed the Polish people for half a century. And they managed to extend their dominance even today.

So what is an ambitious post-communist to do about such an evil and embarrassing past? Why not blame these crimes not on the communist leaders who carried them out, but on the people subjugated by those leaders. That appears to be the strategy embodied by the “politics of apology and contrition,” as practiced in Poland today. One of the latest manifestations of this was on January 10, 2002, when Mr. Miller spoke to the conference of presidents of major Jewish organizations in New York. He betrayed the Polish citizens whom he is supposed to represent by apologizing on the international scene in the name of the Polish nation for crimes committed by the communists and the Nazis.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Kwasniewski are trying to establish that the Polish people were the exterminators of Jews in Poland, while first the Nazis and then the Soviet-installed communist leadership stood around as innocent and helpless bystanders. It is a bizarre behavior for a president and a prime minister of Poland to insist and broadcast to the world that the Polish nation, when under the brutal subjugation of the Nazis, is responsible for the killing of a community of Jews in Jedwabne.

Mr. Kwasniewski, as the current president of Poland, issued his apology during the inquiry into the crime of Jedwabne by an agency of the Polish department of justice thereby violating the independence of the judiciary. For domestic consumption he worded his apology as his personal and in the name of those who want to apologize. However, people throughout the world understood that the president of Poland accepted the full responsibility of the Polish nation for the crime in Jedwabne with all the consequences of the international law.

In order to strengthen the international propaganda effect of the presidential apology the followers of the post-communist leadership now make public acts of contrition and confess publicly to their personal feeling of guilt and remorse and say that they feel permanently tainted by the allegedly Polish crime of Jedwabne, in spite of the fact that because of their age they could not have had any experience of the terror in wartime Poland. These acts of fake contrition contribute to disorientation in America, where people often believe that Poland fought on the side of Hitler; especially, after they participated in the obligatory Holocaust Studies, in which the role of the Jewish Ghetto Police and Administration serving Gestapo is omitted.

The Nazis, according J. T. Gross, unsuccessfully tried to save some of the Jewish victims in Jedwabne, but he insists, that the locals would not let them. Blaming the Polish people for both Nazi-and Soviet-era atrocities against Jews attempts to complete the picture of a hopelessly evil Polish populace – picture that is a familiar sight on American television and in the movies, in which Poles and Poland have had the worst image of all central European nationalities. This also is a picture that is grotesque in its wickedness, transparent in its self-serving post-communist motive, and it is a falsehood in contradiction to the facts that cannot stand against the historical test of time.

Unfortunately the dominant liberal and post-communist press in Poland frequently falsely reported and distorted many known facts. This widespread phenomenon resulted in an addition to the Polish vocabulary of a new word “przek?amanie” meaning “media lies.”

In Jedwabne the local reaction to the current investigation of the crime is full of distrust. It is said that when the investigators dug up the first three skulls, they found in each of them a bullet hole. Apparently about at that point the investigators stopped the exhumation under the pretext that two Rabbis objected to further disturbance of the remains. Now it appears to many people in Jedwabne that bullet holes in these skulls were not what investigators were looking for. The decision to stop the exhumation and forensic studies disqualifies the entire investigation of this horrible crime. “The truth is, to be sure, sometimes hard to grasp, but it is never so illusive as when it is not wanted” (as remarked by Herman H. Dinsmore, All the News That Fits, Arlington House, 1969).

At the present time practically all the forensic evidence remains buried. Under these circumstances the only remedy is to complete the forensic exhumation of the two graves and the surrounding area in order to properly document the murders of Jedwabne as Dr. Moor-Jankowski explained in the preceding presentation.

Lech Bajan on July 20, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Whole affair about Jedwabne’s tragedy on July 10 1941, or Naliboki and Bielski Brothers shows the tactics of operation.
Jedwabne-whole library was written-when the forenzic research wanted to show the facts – was stopped. The report is classified, but all the myths went out and published.. and still are…and pertinent facts and questions are set a side, or totally ignored. From my research , in Radzilow 3 days earlier-more Jews were perished than in Jedwabne.. (Other places like Wasosz, Stawiski_Blaszczatka, Wizna- about 20km distance from each other had similar kilings of Jews, not neccesarly by burning) and nobody went there and put the flowers.. Simple propaganda tricks- concentrate on one place.

observer on July 21, 2010 at 11:37 am

You sound very angry. I feel bad for you. I hope you will get over it one day and look at the whole picture instead just at things others did wrong towards you. The Poles saved thousands of Jews during the war. I’m sure there were cases where they also didn’t care or couldn’t help but the bottom line is that you are only hurting yourself by having this type of attitude. Go ahead call me what you want but it still wont change history and the fact that a lot of Jews are alive today because the Poles saved them. You should be thanking us. Bye Bye Now. Get better my little friend.Stop the Bitterness. Its bad for you.

Lukasz on July 22, 2010 at 9:01 am

Im from Galicia and i take offence to this… my grandparents on both mother and father side helped jews hide, one of the survivors kept coming back every year for 60 years to thank my grandfather untill the latter died… They never told anybody and other families did the same because they din’t think its something special… just one human being helping another one in need… But if that’s how you view Poland than you are right, don’t come here.

Piotr Kusnierz on July 23, 2010 at 2:53 am

The Warsaw Uprising, was a struggle of the Polish underground which, between August 1, 1944 and October 2, 1944, conducted an armed struggle aimed at liberating Warsaw and its 1,000,000 inhabitants from the German occupation at the time the Soviet army was approaching the city limits from the east.

As the city fought desperately and the Germans began to bring in reinforcements, the reaction of the Soviets was silence. Soviet forces, which had advanced confidently throughout the summer, stopped within miles of Warsaw.


Some equipment and ammunition was dropped by the Allies, but this was largely ineffective. Since British and American planes werent allowed to land at Soviet air bases a few kilometers away, they were forced to fly from Italy and back, carrying only half their potential load, and dropping it largely into enemy hands. The airlifts were quickly abandoned, and the Poles were left alone to defend their capital.

German forces introduced new types of weapons into Warsaw: Karl Morser heavy mortar, Wufrrehmen incendiary rockets, and Goliath, a remote-controlled vehicle mine. These weapons will play a crucial role in the German offensive: isolated areas were bombarded non-stop by planes, heavy artillery and rockets, then Goliaths and tanks are sent in, followed by the infantry.

During the 63 days of the Uprising, an estimated 200,000 of Warsaw’s inhabitants lost their lives, mostly from mass murders conducted by troops fighting on the German side. Eighty percent of the buildings on the city’s left bank were destroyed. After the suppression of the Uprising, all of the city’s inhabitants both insurgents and civilians were expelled from Warsaw and sent to POW, death, labor, or concentration camps.

Massive and organized looting campaign of the city by Germans began. Delegations from German municipalities were allowed to enter the ruins and strip them of anything that had not already been taken by the Wehrmacht, SS, and Soviet and Ukrainian collaborators.
Postwar Polish assessments claim that 33,000 railway wagons filled with furniture, personal belongings and factory equipment left Warsaw.
After everything of value was carried away, on Hitlers personal orders, Warsaw was systematically leveled, block by block, street by street. By the wars end, one of the great capitals of Europe was a field of rubble, with not a building left standing for miles.

During communist rule in Poland (1945-1989), any commemoration of the Uprising was banned.

Lech Bajan on July 31, 2010 at 7:09 am

After reading this blog, I have to question the motive. Firstly you have failed to mention that Uri Brodsky entered Poland on a polish passport and NOT a Israeli passport, therefore Poland is handing over a Polish national that is wanted in Germany. Secondly why do so many zionist feel the need to churn up the past. I suggest you do a little research about Poland and the shifting borders over the last 300 years. One fact that is important is that Poland only regained its independence after 1918 and from 1939 the country was occupied.
King Kazmierz of Poland was the only european monarch who welcomed the jewish tribes. Poland was known as a country that welcomed all christian,jew or muslim.

Poland was NOT responsible for the death camps during WW2, many Poles died and many of the jews that suffered and were murdered were Polish by birth. After the WW2 jews were given a homeland in 1948, this was one of the main challenges of the zionists since its inception at the end of the 19th century in Austria. Poland was sold out by the British and Americans in 1945 and suffered in silence from 1945 to 1989. The past is the past we can’t forget, but we must move forward. I leave you with one last thought Debbie, John Paul II was Polish and did a lot to encourage the understanding of all faiths and beliefs, he was a modern day Pole and created a foundation in the youth to follow on. The Polish people have moved on it is now time for others to stop dwelling in the past.

Warsaw will unveil the largest Jewish museum in Europe educating people about the Jewish contribution to Poland. Does this sound like an anti semitic country to you.

David Mc Bean on August 7, 2010 at 8:05 am

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