October 11, 2006, - 2:28 pm

Dumb Editorial of the Week: These 2 Terrorists Are NOT Alike

More proof that there’s something in the water at Notre Dame University. Or right nearby.
Yesterday’s South Bend Tribune has a completely absurd editorial in favor of the paper’s fave Islamic terrorist, Ibrahim Parlak. More on the editorial, later.
As you’ll recall, last year, I wrote about Parlak and his biggest supporter, film critic Roger Ebert (who is still recovering from surgery, and )– and here. Ebert and Parlak’s other, mostly left-wing supporters have successfully fought to keep Parlak in the U.S. while he fights deportation. We , and Ebert even mentioned me in his syndicated movie review column, regarding the matter.

Ibrahim Parlak, Walid Shoebat

It’s unfortunate because Parlak admitted he was involved in the killing of a Turkish border guard and that he trained in Islamic terrorist training camps in Lebanon. Not the kind of guy we need more of on our shores. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Attorney Mark Jebson magnificently fought to get Parlak deported, and at the Immigration Court, he won every step of the way, with a 60-page decision by smart Immigration Judge Elizabeth Hacker, saying that Parlak was a terrorist, lied on paperwork to stay here and get citizenship, and should be deported. Her decision was .
Unfortunately, less valiant Department of Justice attorneys lost out before lefty, agenda-riding federal judge Avern Cohen (a more inane and liberal judge is hard to find in the Midwest). Cohen delayed Parlak’s deportation, and he’s still here. On top of that top Homeland Security officials have given Parlak the star treatment, easing reporting requirements and virtually every other condition to make it easy for Parlak to remain here, when they could have done otherwise. Chalk that up to the fact that DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff a/k/a “Mr. Burns” used to work at the fancy law firm that is home to Parlak’s primary lawyer.
Now, back to the South Bend Tribune. More like the South Bend Over Tribune.
The paper is comparing Parlak, who still won’t admit he’s an Islamic terrorist, and lied on 4 or 5 different applications and documents, to of all people . . . Walid Shoebat.
But Shoebat is a REFORMED terrorist. True, he was a Palestinian terrorist. But he repented for his ways. He converted to Christianity and disowned the life he once led. Instead, he travels the country and the world telling us all about what Islamic terrorism is really about. The man has become a true American patriot. His young son sent me e-mails to me about how upset he was at a left-wing, anti-American teacher who attacked our country. Shoebat’s courageous son was taught by his reformed father to love America, freedom, and non-violence. I contrast Shoebat’s son to Parlak’s illegitimate daughter, whom he is teaching to question our country’s fight against terrorists on our shores.
To compare Shoebat to Ibrahim Parlak is absurd. Shoebat is a man of peace, who has admitted what he was and truly changed. Parlak is just a liar and opportunist who takes advantage of the special economic opportunities in America that so many deserve far more than he.
Shoebat’s conversion from terrorist to freedom-loving American is authentic. Parlak simply never had a conversion at all, unless you count from Islamic terrorist, over there, to terror-supporting Islamic restaurant owner, over here, a change. And I don’t.
But you know how papers like The South Bend Tribune are–all Muslims are alike to them. They can’t understand the very pronounced nuances and distinctions.
The South Bend Tribune’s comparison of Parlak to Shoebat is just bent. Deport Parlak now.

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“A Tale of Two Terrorists”

Jeremiah on October 11, 2006 at 2:59 pm

Walid Shoebat seems very genuine to me. He has had many threats on his life and those of his loved ones for taking the brave stand he has taken against jihadist thugs of Hamas et al. He shares about how the brainwashing he experienced as a youth led him to the jihadi path–and how he came to his conversion to Christianity and he exposes how the underbelly of the jihadist program operates. If we do our job right, maybe more of these kind of dramatic changes are possible.
Thanks for expsoing the double standard here with this Parlak.

BB on October 11, 2006 at 6:22 pm

I had purchased Shoebat’s book which I found very intriguing, and I even passed the book on to many of my friends and family until I read an article on the Jerusalem Post that he was exposed as a fraud. I would like for you to clear it up for me. It his story true? From the jerusalem Post http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?c=JPArticle&cid=1206632362598&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

MD: No, his story is false. And he’s a stalker and a phony. In the future, please try using my search engine. For now, here’s the link/scoop:

Mark Dias on January 11, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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