October 19, 2006, - 12:45 pm

HOprah Watch: “60 Minutes” Creator Says She’s Cronkite of Our Day

Don Hewitt, the liberal creator of CBS’ TV news mag “60 Minutes,” is praising HRHSBotU (Her Royal Highness Supreme Being of the Universe) Queen Oprah and comparing her to Walter Cronkite, in the Cornell Daily Sun.
He does have a point on the Cronkite thing, since Cronkite commanded unearned globs and globs of respect from empty-headed American TV viewers and used it to inculcate them with his left-wing agenda. During the Vietnam War, his newscasts helped us lose. Oprah does the same thing for the mindless American women (and effeminate men) who watch her. She’s helping us lose several wars–the War on Terror, the culture war, etc., etc., etc.

HOprah & Cronkite: Both Helping Us Lose America

(Islamofascist Oprah by Preston Taylor Holmes/Six Meat Buffet)

Here’s what Hewitt said:

Sun: Does our generation have its own Walter Cronkite, or anyone close?
Hewitt: It’s probably going to be a woman. I don’t think there’s anyone on television today who demands more respect than Oprah. Oprah is to television what Walter Cronkite was at one time. There is no more broadcast that anyone wants to be on more to publicize anything than Oprah.

Thankfully, with the internet, cable news, and many other choices, there are no longer just the three networks that included Cronkite’s. And even Oprah, no matter how very powerful she is, will never command as large or as broad an audience as Cronkite did.
Oprah’s way too influential and powerful, fortunately not as much so as Cronkite was in his day. But just as dangerous.
Cronkitis . . . the disease is spreading.

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2 Responses

Who is/was more nauseating – Oprah Winfrey or Phil Donahue?

Ripper on October 19, 2006 at 1:18 pm

Now I hear she may help decide the elections. Oh great, we just need so many mindless, uninformed sheep voting the way Oprah told them to.

Buick_Guy on October 19, 2006 at 5:06 pm

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