October 19, 2006, - 1:31 pm

Chutzpah Lawsuit of the Week: Illegal Aliens Sue for Western Union Funds; WU Donates to Aliens

Last week, we wrote about a Wall Street Journal story on from serving as the Coyote Hawala [money changing service].
Western Union has been accepting fake IDs from illegal alien senders and knowingly allowing those who sneak illegal aliens into the U.S. to wire the money back to the coyote conglomerates back in Mexico. MoneyGram International does it, too.
Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that an illegal alien activist group, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, filed a lawsuit against Goddard and Arizona, yesterday, trying to stop Goddard from freezing and seizing the funds.
Even more outrageous, guess who’s apparently funding the suit? Western Union told the Journal that it made “financial contributions” to the illegal alien rights group.

The grounds for the lawsuit are absurd. The WSJ reports:

According to the suit, the senders were notified by law-enfrocement agents that they had to show that money transfers were legitimate in order to unfreeze the funds. One plaintiff alleged she was told that her recipient, a cousin, would have to be questioned by a law-enforcement officer.

And this is a bad thing because . . . ? We are fighting against a tidal wave of illegal aliens–some criminals and terrorists–invading our country. And we are supposed to make it easier for them to send money back to those who helped them sneak in?
Hello . . . ?

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6 Responses

Well, not to be surprised, find out where the money comes from and you will understand how things work.
Illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists “walking” the borders?
Arabs’/Muslims’ buttkissing?
Cuddling China, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea?
Yes, who cares?
Who cares about America?
The politicians we have nowadays are businessmen and women with no loyalty to anything but to their bank accounts!
They would sell America for those who pay more.
Bunch of Traitors!

Independent Conservative on October 19, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Businessmen and women, of course, are no different than politicians. In fact, both complete each other. As this story implies.

Independent Conservative on October 19, 2006 at 2:56 pm

I pray they lose this case. We have way to many criminal/terrorist enablers in this country. How sickening.

Buick_Guy on October 19, 2006 at 5:02 pm

Does this not count as a RICO violation? Don’t the board of directors get to go to prison?

jeebie on October 19, 2006 at 8:50 pm

This is out-and-out bullshit. As far as I’m concerned, WU and all those inbred, chile-shittin’ tonks can get a juicy liplock on the snotty end of my fuckstick.
A couple of months ago, I attempted to wire $500 to my son in AZ to help him get his truck out of the body shop after he had an accident. The transfer gets declined followed by a message stating that AZ law prohibits the wire transfer of more than $400 to any given subject within a one week period. I contacted WU to findout what the hell that was all about, only to be told they were bound by state law due to the large amounts of money being wired in and out of the country. Hello, anybody home? Of course this is going on; has been for quite some time but none of the money shops have the balls to put an end to the illegals and jihad-loving jagoffs sending money allover hell’s creation. As long as they’re making $20, $30, $40 or more dollars per transfer, hey, who gives a damn? Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!!! The unfortunate part is that the honest folks like me have to suffer because of it. I had to spend $75 to send him $400 and another $30 to send the remaining $100 to his wife. Needless to say, they won’t be getting my business again, PERIOD!
As my partner used to say, “Fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads!”.

Gunny on October 20, 2006 at 12:01 pm

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