October 26, 2006, - 5:27 pm

TSA at it–or, Rather, NOT at it–Again

Does the TSA do anything right? Hard to tell. We’ve written so many posts about its egregious security failings and blunders (including two baggage screeners who support Bin Laden– and ), the latest being a . And if the agency’s non-progress and $200 million-plus waste on three counter-terrorism programs is a hint, the answer is in the negative.
AP reports that the TSA and its contractors spent over that amount and still haven’t enacted the Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC), Secure Flight, and Registered Traveler programs. Two of those are being sent back to the drawing board and the third is being farmed out to private companies.
As we’ve noted, , but the other two are important. It’s incredible that more than FIVE years after 9/11, the TSA still can’t get its act together on even one of those.

The TWIC program is the most important because it involves the background checks and biometric credentialing of airport workers, truck drivers, longshoremen, and a number of others working in or around our ports. From the AP story, here’s how it is carelessly flailing:

The Transportation Workers Identity Credential, or TWIC, is an ID card to be issued to about 6 million longshoremen, mechanics, airport workers, locomotive engineers and truck drivers if they pass government background checks. The card will use a biometric identifier, fingerprint or eye scan, for example.
Bearing Point, a Virginia consulting firm, has done the bulk of TWIC development.
But years after the first cards were supposed to be issued, no contractor has been chosen, no technical standard has been issued for the card reader, and no regulations have been written to describe who will be required to get the card.

Frankly, this is President Bush’s fault. His people had no problem spending time on and rushing through the ostensibly now-cancelled (but still not transferred to another party) Dubai Ports World deal to run over 20 of our ports. Yet, more than half a decade after 9/11, his Administration still hasn’t done much on securing those ports and the people who work there. This is his TSA.
Shame on him.

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6 Responses

We need the Israelis to take over the control of our airports and ports’ security.
We have failed and still are failing to secure our borders, airports and ports.
Yes, I think, and I’m absolutely serious about it, we should let the Israelis -who proved to be so experienced and successful- defend all points of entrance and exit in America.
Frankly, I do not believe we can do it on our own.
And America will be attacked again because of the inefficiency of our government agencies.
Believe it or not, I would trust Israel’s handling the security of America more than any so-called ìhawkishî Republican Administration!

Independent Conservative on October 26, 2006 at 6:00 pm

Government is too damn big, corrupt, and has too many overlapping agencies. No communication, they all have different software/hardware. They all have different congressional butts to kiss in order to keep their funding. Eliminate 50 percent of the alphabet agencies. We will save not billions, but trillions of dollars over a few years. Eliminate Homeland Security and TSA altogether. Bring home the military and let them do it. We are already paying them to be the worlds police.

jeebie on October 26, 2006 at 6:15 pm

Israelis have that crazy form of martial arts-self defence, and guns that shoot around corners..which is completely awesome!

FSM-FTW!(descent) on October 26, 2006 at 7:36 pm

TSA is the worst run organization in gov’t. The Sky Marshals are next. You guys BLOW!

code7 on October 26, 2006 at 10:40 pm

AMEN…Independent Conservative..amen.
Let ISRAEL do it…and then Americans will know PORT SECURITY will be given due seriousness and be done properly, and as SEVERELY as needed~
AND KEEP all ISLAMIC “crazies” and their “cousins” away from those ports!!
AND LET ALL CHRISTIANS remember…ISLAM is at ALL TIMES trying to SUPPRESS the CHRISTIAN FAITH and YOU have to decide whether YOU are going to let that happen HERE, or not.
EUROPE is already frightened by ISLAMIC RIOTING and INTOLERANCE and COWERS again…like they did in World War II long before Hitler was at border.
ARE YOU loyal to Jesus the Christ…and are you ready to fight for YOUR Christianity, or will you BOW YOUR HEAD and let ISLAM, that “religion of dogs”, rule over you.
BECAUSE you are either a CHRISTIAN or not…and there is NOTHING in the middle~
Oh…and LIBERAL PAGANS…just get out of our way…you can’t understand our fight…or our motivations…
HISTORY has shown that at ALL TIMES you have proven to be the loser…siding with HITLER’s fascism, anybody’s Communism and even now you LIBERALS try to protect the DEATH MARCH of Islam…EVEN AFTER the horror stories surface in a country like IRAQ where Saddam murdered over 1,300, 000 of his own countrymen in cold blood, and for what?
And YOU LIBERALS want to leave that country prematurely, so another regime can emerge and kill more innocents?!
PROTECT THE WHALES, but turn a blind eye to every instance of Islamic genocide~
JESUS said it best when He JUDGED you as fools and blind~

The Canadien on October 26, 2006 at 11:36 pm

And who is the genius responsible for the appointments of incompetents to this agency? GW Bush? Naw, not him. Just think how bad the NTA would be if Democrats controlled things. Everything you write about that is wrong in government is the fault of Bush. I think he may be the worst president in my lifetime, and I go all the way back to President Dewey.

Duke on October 27, 2006 at 4:50 pm

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