October 30, 2006, - 1:55 pm

Hey, Julie, Where’s the $$$?: ICE Emasculates Important Local Police Program v. Aliens

By Debbie Schlussel
In January, we wrote about Costa Mesa, California Mayor Allan Mansoor. Of Arab descent, he bravely staked his political career on having his city become the first in the nation whose local police force would enforce federal immigration laws.
Mansoor, who was threatened with a recall by illegal alien advocates, worked out a deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to train Costa Mesa’s police force to check immigration status of those suspected of crimes and gang activity. They would work with ICE and help ICE do its job.
But apparently, ICE chief-atrix Julie L. Myers a/k/a The ICE Princess needs ICE’s money and resources for more important things–like a ’50s sex-ed style promotional video featuring her & a week-long party in Kansas City with a $30-50K Tommy Lasorda speech–than having police in California help stem the tidal wave of illegal aliens in America.


Mayor Allan Mansoor Does His Job; The ICE Princess Doesn’t Do Hers

The program has now been scaled down by The ICE Princess and her minions. What was supposed to be training for 200 Costa Mesa police will now be perfunctory PC “cultural sensitivity” training and a few other things for 15 officers.
From Orange County Register columnist Gordon Dillow’s piece on this tragedy:

Just six months ago the feds seemed to be onboard. Immigration officials told me then that federal-local cooperation on immigration enforcement was a “tool to protect communities.”
But now it appears that the feds have chickened out.
In the draft agreement with the Sheriff’s Department, the feds agreed to train only 15 deputies who work in the jails, not 200 deputies who work serious criminal cases on the streets.
The feds apparently claim they lack the money and personnel to train more, while a sheriff’s spokesman said the feds were “more comfortable” with the smaller number and with limiting it to the jails – which means they’ll also probably be “more comfortable” with similar cutbacks in the Costa Mesa proposal.
But let’s face it: If the federal government really wanted to combat crimes by illegal immigrants, it would find the small amount of money needed for the local officer training.
So to me this is simply a case of federal politicians and bureaucrats looking at a sensible but controversial proposal to address the worst aspect of illegal immigration and then ripping the guts out of it.
Because they lack any guts of their own.

Amen. Our one beef is that Dillow doesn’t name the woman at the top who is to blame–The ICE Princess. She held the reigns on this one. And dropped them.
And as the Greeks say, “The fish rots from the head down.”

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2 Responses

The Federal Government -under George W. Bush- doesn’t want to stop illegal immigration or arrest those already living in America for one simple reason:
Illegal immigrants residing (hiding) in America are so large in number, the government is overwhelmed.
Our successful governments let that problem grows until it became uncontrollable.
The only simple, fast solution Bush recurs to is to “let them (illegals) go, and screw those whiners conservatives. Are they going to vote for the Democrats? No. So… Leave the illegals alone.”
If the president of the United States is caressing the illegal immigrants by breaking the laws (is that a ground for impeachment?), how can anyone expect that some local official in small-town-America obeys the law and arrests law-breakers?
Obeying the law has to start from the top first.

Independent Conservative on October 30, 2006 at 3:14 pm

OT but another tv network looking to cater to the myth of anti-muslim bigotry

sultan_knish on October 30, 2006 at 3:53 pm

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