November 7, 2006, - 3:07 pm

Same Old: 2/3rds of Palestinian Women Abused by Pal. Men

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s not exactly rocket science or a shocking development that the majority of Palestinian women experienced psychological abuse at home and that 23% suffered domestic violence. That’s from a Human Rights Watch report, just released.
Human Rights Watch loves Islam and Palestinians and hates America and Israel. So that means, the HRW’s figures are probably low compared to the real numbers.
More on this study of widespread Palestinian Islamofascist abuse of women:

RAMALLAH, West Bank — A new report presents an alarming picture of the abuse of women in the Palestinian territories, with police, courts, and government agencies failing to treat violence such as rape and beatings as crimes.


Human Rights Watch cited practices such as rape victims being forced to marry assailants, and light sentences for men who kill female relatives suspected of adultery. In a report released Tuesday , the rights group said families, tribal leaders and authorities, backed by tradition and discriminatory laws, often sacrifice victims’ interests for “family honor.”
And the problem is getting worse.

Predictably, terror-supporting Palestinian Prez Mahmoud Abbas blames his people’s abuse of women on Israel. Yup, it’s always the Jews’ fault. Didn’t you know?
But even extremist Palestinian “chick” (and former bedmate of the late Peter Jennings) Hanan Ashrawi says it’s the Palestinians’ fault and the abuse will continue:

Rapists who marry their victims are not prosecuted, it said, and such deals often are arranged by the families, tribal leaders, and police.
Even those assigned to protect the victims often push for such an outcome. The director of the West Bank’s only shelter for teenage girls is quoted as saying she arranged five such marriages in her six-year tenure.
Palestinian law is lenient with men who kill female relatives because they committed adultery. It also bars rape and incest victims from having abortions. Rape within marriage is not considered a crime, the report said.
Women’s fates are increasingly determined by tribal leaders or Palestinian Authority-appointed governors, rather than the overloaded courts. The informal justice system often is arbitrary and biased against victims, Human Rights Watch said.
Victims often are afraid to come forward because of social stigma, the perceived futility of complaining, and fear of inviting retribution by relatives, the report said. . . .
Some families no longer force daughters to marry rapists, [a Palestinian lawyer] said, citing the case of a 14-year-old girl taken to a secret shelter in the West Bank with her family’s support.
Hanan Ashrawi, an independent legislator, expressed doubt that Human Rights Watch’s call for a repeal of laws that discriminate against women will go anywhere .
“We don’t have a majority for reforms on these issues,” she said.

They support the bloodshed of innocent civilians. Of course, they don’t have reforms on these issues. If it walks like an animal and talks like an animal . . . .
“Religion of Peace,” baby. Yeah.

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5 Responses

I’m surprised that HRW didn’t blame Israel for the problem.
Amnesty International had no problem blaming Israel for Palestinian Arab abuse of women.

There is NO Santa Claus on November 7, 2006 at 3:39 pm

We need to reexamine our multicultural approach to the issue of Islam and reevaluate the thinking that gave the “free world” (remember that phrase?) the resolve to resist Communism long enough to win the Cold War.
For the kids who don’t remember it . . .
During the Cold War we didn’t regard residents of the Soviet Union as less than human but we did know that they had, since birth, been in the thrall of a totalitarian ideology which is at odds with what we hold to be our basic human freedoms.
There was no multicultural “understanding” or excuse-making for what we saw, quite rightly, as a dangerous totalitarian ideology. Just as it was with Nazism, we despised the ideology but looked forward to the day that the Germans would be free of it, our friends again.
We didn’t choose to oppose Nazism or Communism, they just don’t have room in their respective dogmas for skeptical minds, people of faith or free-thinking individuals. We don’t choose to stand against Islam but it must become clear at some point that their ideology has no room in it for us and ours.

Razorskarr on November 7, 2006 at 4:32 pm

Unsurprisingly HRW did blame Israel. There are extensive passages of the usual anti-israel boilerplate, including an entire extract that documents a palestinian complaint that the reason they weren’t able to prevent an honor killing was because of Israel. Similar passages recur throughout.
the primary case described in the honor killing section itself is the man bites dog case of a christian honor killing, rather than the predominantly muslim honor killings.

sultan_knish on November 7, 2006 at 4:40 pm

Since you can’t photocomment here, hit this y’all!!!
IF any of you even read that dirty little book called “The Bible,” you’d see that BEATING A WOMAN is damn near a *mitzpah* [for all mien pro-Israeli droogs…]. SHIITE…as Ralph Kramden’s “I’ll send you to the moon Alice” in the Honeymooners displayed, beating your wife was as Amerikkklan as mom’s apple pie until Benji Spock and the NOW movement got around to castigating a MAN’s right.
Yeah, i luvs my Debs and can actually SPELL Schlussel without looking at the address bar–but even SHE knows that she ain’t nothing but a spare rib in the Torah…God’s a MAN babe…

EminemsRevenge on November 7, 2006 at 5:02 pm

Maybe you should ummm you know read the Bible first. Or swig as much prozac as you can in a cocktail of draino. Who knows it could actually help you.

sultan_knish on November 7, 2006 at 6:39 pm

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