November 28, 2006, - 11:56 am

OUTRAGE: New Jersey Cops Disciplined for Helping ICE Arrest Illegal Alien; Embarrassing “Timing/Environment”?!

By Debbie Schlussel
Why are we losing the war on illegal immigration?
Well, it might have something to do with the fact that we go after those who try to protect our borders. Or it might have something to do with the fact that politics, not law enforcement, governs the behavior of cops trying to help stem the illegal alien rising tide.
Take the absurd case of Rajnikant Parikh, an illegal alien who used multiple identities. He was ordered deported. Yet, he remained here. On August 2nd, two Edison, New Jersey cops helped Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrest him at a political protest.


Illegal Aliens Must Be Laughing @ Edison, NJ Authorities

Instead of hailing the two cops for helping ICE to enforce immigration laws, the cops have been found guilty of wrongdoing and sentenced them to counseling. Their crime: they shared information with ICE and they arrested this lawbreaker in front of others at a protest, which was very embarrassing to him.
No lie. Apparently, it’s an outrage for a cop to arrest an illegal alien in front of others from his community at a protest (organized by him against Edison cops). Cops are no longer allowed to embarrass people? Come on. I’ll remember that, the next time I’m stopped for speeding. That flashing red light is embarrassing.
Here’s more from IndiaPost, which apparently has a “slight” bias (the paper thinks counseling is not enough!):

India Post News Service
NEW YORK: An internal affairs investigation into the complicity of Edison police with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the arrest of an Indian man on August 2nd, has found two Edison police officers guilty of wrongdoing.
Ironically though, the police officers are to be let off with mere counseling.
In an emailed joint statement, Edison Mayor Jun Choi and Edison Police Chief George Mieczkowski, say that the investigation and subsequent arrest of Rajnikant Parikh was initiated by an ICE employee and that information was passed between the ICE employee and a member of the Edison Police Department.
The statement further notes that the pre-arrest information was shared with another Edison Officer. “Neither of the Edison Officers have supervisory responsibility. The information was not shared with Command Level Officers. Had the Department known, our local agency would have requested the arrest take place in a different and appropriate manner,” the statement reads.
Mayor Choi and the Police Chief concede that the internal investigation determined that while the arrest of Parikh served a legitimate law enforcement purpose, the timing and the environment of the arrest was inappropriate.
[DS: HUH?!]
Parikh was arrested from a rally outside the Edison Mayor’s office on August 2 where he was protesting against his illegal arrest and brutal assault by a police officer on July 4 outside his residential complex at Hilltop Apartments on Oak Tree Road.
The protest rally was organized by Pradip ‘Peter’ Kothari, a travel agency owner and community leader, along with about a 100 other members of the community. Mid-rally, federal agents belonging to the ICE arrested Parikh allegedly on pending deportation proceedings against him on grounds that he was an illegal alien.
Mayor Choi and the Police Chief, who maintained ever since that they had no knowledge of the federal action, had instituted an internal investigation to determine as to who in the police department, had leaked information to the ICE officer regarding Parikh.
A statement on the completed report of the Edison Police Department internal affairs investigation was released to the media on the eve of the Thanksgiving Day weekend.
It said the Edison Police Department internal affairs investigation inquiring into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) coordination with local police before an August 2 arrest has been completed.
The joint statement says the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office and the state Office of the Attorney General have reviewed the investigation and concluded that it is a complete and an accurate recitation of all facts leading up to and including the arrest.
Terming it “an unfortunate incident,” the statement says, the Mayor’s Office and Police Department have established various community relations initiatives, including: liaison officers, the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Community Relations, mandatory cultural sensitivity training for all sworn officers and other community outreach programs.
Further it says, measures have been taken to avoid such incidents happening again. “This incident is a singular event in the history of the Edison Police Department and not the normal course of business. Previous to this incident there was an absence of procedures regarding interactions with other law enforcement agencies. The commitment now is to ensure an incident like this will not occur in the future.”
Reportedly, preventative measures have now been implemented and installed in the Department’s rules, regulations and general orders. “If any outside agency contacts an officer, the officer is to notify the watch commander who will then communicate with the Command Staff if necessary. Officers failing to follow this procedure will be the subject of disciplinary actions,” the joint statement said.
The statement also says there was no evidence to indicate any intent to embarrass or undermine the Office of the Mayor or the Chief of Police. The internal investigation showed the Mayor and Police Chief had no knowledge of communications with ICE or that an arrest was going to take place, substantiating previous statements by the Mayor and Police Chief.
“The two Edison Officers involved will be counseled regarding their actions and responsibilities as Edison Police Officers. In accordance with Attorney General Guidelines, the names of the two officers involved will not be released. It is important to note, the ICE agents who made the arrest believed official coordination had been reached between the two agencies,” the statement concluded. . . .
Parikh, meanwhile, continues to languish under ICE detention pending procedures.

Writes one long-time ICE agent:

It sounds like PC run amok. The title of the article is, “Edison cops found guilty” Of what? Doing their jobs? Cops don’t think like politicians and shouldn’t be expected to.
From what I could tell, they knew ICE was looking for this guy, they saw him in the demonstration, and they took him into custody.
The article drones on and on about what a terrible thing this entire incident was, but then it ends with, “Parikh, meanwhile, continues to languish under ICE detention pending procedures.” So he’s languishing in ICE detention. So what??? Isn’t that where he belongs if he is here illegally?
What a pejoritive article, with phrases like, “the police officers are to be let off with mere counseling,” “he was protesting against his illegal arrest and brutal assault by a police officer,” and
“continued failure of the administration to take disciplinary action against “guilty” officers.”

Amen. Even more of this absurdity from the New Brunswick Home News Tribune:

Mayor Jun H. Choi and Police Chief George Mieczkowski released a 451-word statement yesterday afternoon calling the incident, which led to the arrest of Rajnikant Parikh, “unfortunate.”
The statement said the timing and environment of the arrest, which occurred at a rally outside of the Municipal Complex, was “inappropriate.” It also said the investigation determined that the mayor and chief were not aware of the planned Aug. 2 arrest, something they both stated on the day of the arrest.
“Measures have been taken to avoid an incident like this happening again,” the statement said. “This incident is a singular event in the history of the Edison Police Department and not the normal course of business. The commitment now is to ensure an incident like this will not occur in the future.”
Choi and Mieczkowski said the investigation and subsequent arrest of Parikh, who was wanted on an outstanding deportation order, was initiated by ICE. . . .
Township officials declined to name the two officers involved in the incident, but said the pair will receive counseling regarding their actions.
“There is no evidence to indicate any intent to embarrass or undermine the Office of the Mayor or the Chief of Police,” the statement said.
[DS: Well, thank Heaven for that.]
Township and police officials have also implemented a new procedure, which states that if any outside agency contacts an officer, a watch commander must be notified. The watch commander will then communicate with the command staff if necessary, the policy states.
“Officers failing to follow this procedure will be the subject of disciplinary actions,” the statement said.
Edison Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Michael Schwarz said he was glad the issue is put to rest and that “proper procedures and policies have been put in place to specify how a situation of this matter will be handled in the future.”
“The arrest was conducted legally and lawfully,” Schwarz said. “However, the incident caused unnecessary turmoil and tension between the police department and the community.”
The three-month investigation, launched on Aug. 4, looked into the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Parikh by federal agents on Aug. 2 at a rally outside the Municipal Complex.
It was the timing of Parikh’s arrest that stunned the Asian Indian community, many of whom were present when he was led away in handcuffs by federal agents.
ICE officials that day said they closely coordinated with the Edison police department before taking Parikh into custody on an outstanding deportation order. Mieczkowski and Choi, however, both said they had no prior knowledge of the arrest.
The rally, organized by members of the Asian Indian community, was set up to protest Parikh’s treatment by Edison police when he was arrested at an illegal fireworks display on July 4. Parikh had accused Edison Police Officer Michael Dotro, the arresting officer, of attacking him during the July 4 arrest.
Dotro was later cleared in an Internal Affairs investigation.
Immigration authorities said Parikh violated immigration law by using multiple identities. He is currently being held at a Hudson County Correctional Facility. Parikh’s lawyer, Jonathan Saint-Preux of Irvington, said his client is a victim of a misunderstanding and is currently appealing the immigration case.

In any other country, this guy would be the hell outta here, and the two cops would be heroes. As they should be here. Instead, they must go to counseling?!

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9 Responses

Listen, small-town America such as the above (Edison, NJ) is a microcosm of the Federal government’s policies towards issues such as dealing with illegal aliens.
Here we have a president and a republican/democrat Congress willing to give amnesty to law breakers.
If the big policy of the United States government is to pardon those who break the laws of the Land, and if we have a president and an administration that is weak on the war on terror, that is willing to “negotiate” with terrorist states such as Iran and Syria, that is not willing to protect the American people by killing terrorists attending a funeral of one of their own, then how can we expect small-town America to do the right thing and get away with it?
Of course, these cops should be disciplined. Based on the U.S. government policies, it will illogic to do otherwise.
This country is going down. And the only beneficiaries are the Muslims who cleverly are using the idiocy of the American people to their benefit.

Independent Conservative on November 28, 2006 at 3:13 pm

Edison, NJ is not small town America. It’s practically a suburb of New York City.

LoveAManInAUniform on November 28, 2006 at 5:30 pm

>>Edison, NJ is not small town America. It’s practically a suburb of New York City.<<
I am aware of that. My point was: Any place in America dealing with illegal aliens in such manner represents or is a reflexion of the broader picture, i.e. the policies of the federal government.

Independent Conservative on November 28, 2006 at 10:15 pm

“This incident is a singular event in the history of the Edison Police Department and not the normal course of business. ”
Debbie, we see the problems. Give us some solutions….
I love how the Proposal 2 initiative was born and accomplished in Michigan. G-d bless Jennifer Gratz and those (yes you too Debbie) who show us that occasions of bureacratic injustice is one way to rally the good people of a state for action.

BB on November 28, 2006 at 10:21 pm

Debbie Schlussel is a spunky and beautiful senorita, but also a very delusional Gringo Lady. A senorita with the spirit of an earlier generation. Follow her at your own peril.
Bushito is totally in my pocket now. I have been teaching him EVEN more Spanish, talking him out of going hunting with his VP and thereby probably saving his life. He owes me BIG TIME! HeÔø?s my little brother now, my little Muchacho, my little Chihuahua.
Most of your House is in my pocket. Most all of your Senate is in my pocket. I have bought off or blackmailed almost all of them now. A bunch of pesos here, several women there, a young boy for a few of them, a little male attention for a certain Senator from New York. Her husband still neglects her something awful. Oh my Lord, the things she wants me to do to her. It makes my skin crawl, but it is for a good cause.
A little booze spread around. Alright a whole lot of gin for a certain Senator. Ay curumba, can he ever put it down. And his son, double ay curumba. That rehab stuff sure didnÔø?t do him any good! IÔø?m not even sure that he went. Telling a certain other Senator that I would get him a lot of media time, he loves that so much. I have even offered him his own 24×7 TV station. You have no chance GRINGOS.
Your Grandfathers kept you from having to learn German or Japanese or be lamp shades. But YOU ARE NOT the men or women that they were, not even close.
Once we get our amnesty, we will all come to your country. We will all have at least 10 kids and in a generation we will overwhelm and deport most of you Gringos. Some of you, if you learn Spanish real well, we might let you stay to pick our lettuce or mow our lawns or take care of OUR children in what used to be your houses.
Those who donÔø?t learn Spanish will be deported to Alaska. That is until Al GoreÔø?s global warming heats things up and we want Alaska too, then we will deport you all to New Orleans. It will probably all be under water by then anyway. I hope you Gringos can swim, he, he, he. My bad!!!
So give it up and LEARN SPANISH! You should probably all buy Mexican flags too and fly them in your front yard and on your pickup trucks. If you already have an American flag there it is alright if you keep it, as
long as you fly it upside down and below our great Mexican flag.
Now repeat after me – I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Mucho Grande Mexico, and to the Republic for which it use to stand, one nation under me, with everything for us, and nothing for you.
BTW Senorita Debbie Schlussel, I have been looking for another wife, but you must speak Spanish and make real good Tacos and Burritos!
You must be good at other things too!
Ha, ha, ha Gringos. LEARN SPANISH!

VinyFox on November 28, 2006 at 10:36 pm

That little diatribe of yours was so entertaining that I had to burn a copy of it to wipe my ass with. You must be one, pathetic waste of DNA to think this country will actually succumb to the advance of the “Brown Plague”.
I sense it’s only a matter of time before the American people ignore the mopes in Washington and take matters into their own hands. The idea of amnesty for any of those pukes is nothing more than a pipe dream…the public won’t allow it to happen. You actually think the Mexicans will take over and be running this country, with us “Gringos” picking your lettuce or mowing their yards? The Mexican people have never been known for their stellar intelligence as far back as history allows…they’ve always been in poverty and remain in poverty because they never had the brains or guts to stand up to their corrupt and hostile governments. They whine about how poortheir country is but they haven’t figured out it’s because they keep re-electing the same vile dirtbags that have been screwing them for years and can’t undersand why things never change. Hell, they’re so smart they thing poontang is the capital of China.
As far as speaking Spanish, I speak, read, and write it fluently as part of the duties of my job so I take endless pleasure in wishing them “Adios Motherfucker” when I remove their sorry asses out of this country. Yep, they come here to work allright; work at getting arrested for smuggling dope, people, money, stealing identities, ripping off government services, and laying the pipe to or wagging their pint-sized peckers at their 12 year-old daughters and stepdaughters. Just the type of shitballs you’d want running the country. At least there wouldn’t be any scandals because that’s just accepted practice for them anyway.
By the way, looking for another wife? Why insult a beautiful, intelligent, articulate woman like Debbie? There’s plenty of 12 and 13 year old muchachitas to go around. (That’s still the age of implied consent for you macho losers, isn’t it?)

Gunny on November 29, 2006 at 12:28 pm

Deb, I know you dislike conspiracy theories but do you see a pattern?
NAFTA, CAFTA, no border fences, both Dems and Republicans wanting aguest worker permit, Bush, Reagan and so on granted amnesty? Big or small P.D.s, it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the elite like the Rockerfeller, et al and people blame the Jews! That’s bullshit!! Oh and I know you know this Deb, but guess what folks? Prescott Bush Bush senior’s daddy? He did business with Nazi Germany during the war.

KOAJaps on November 29, 2006 at 3:41 pm

Latest updates from this “victim”.
and this titled “‘Indians in America don’t fight for their community'”
Ashamed to have Indians like that go down to the level of other illegals, oh well they ARE illegals, the same cockroaches in the same gutter irrespective of whether they are Mexicans, Indians, Chinese or ADC’s friends!

anonymous twit on July 8, 2008 at 5:41 pm

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