November 30, 2006, - 2:58 pm

Girl-on-Girl: Where Are the Feminists on This Discrimination Against Women?

By Debbie Schlussel
We’re constantly hearing from feminist whiners about this discrimination or that discrimination against women. But all of the feminists are completely silent regarding the female firefighters of the Minneapolis Fire Department who’ve sued over bias and sexual harassment perpetrated by the Minneapolis Fire Chief.
Hmmm . . . . Maybe it might have something to do with the fact that the harasser/discriminator–and their boss–isn’t a man. She’s a woman . . . and a lesbian who discriminates against straight women and all men. Heralded as the first openly gay (and lesbian) fire chief in the nation, here’s yet another example of how “diversity” for the sake of “diversity” isn’t a good thing:

MINNEAPOLIS — A city panel recommended yesterday that officials fire Bonnie Bleskachek, the nation’s first openly lesbian big-city fire chief, following lawsuits filed by firefighters accusing her of harassment and discrimination. . . .


Lesbian Fire Chief Bonnie Bleskachek Harassed the Non-“Queer as Folk”

Bleskachek, 43, was hailed as a trailblazer when she was promoted to the top job two years ago, but her tenure has been troubled.
Three female firefighters have sued, alleging various acts of discrimination and sexual harassment. Two of the lawsuits were settled, but this month a male firefighter brought a lawsuit alleging he was denied advancement because he is male and not gay.
A city investigation is still underway . This summer, a separate investigation by the city’s Department of Civil Rights into a 2003 complaint by a male firefighter — brought when Bleskachek was a battalion chief — found it “likely” that the department gave preferential treatment to lesbians or those who socialized with them.
Bleskachek was ill yesterday and unavailable for comment on the severance agreement. She has denied wrongdoing in the past.
Burg said the chief’s employment agreement calls for her to be reassigned as battalion chief. She would then request a demotion to captain, he said. The agreement, Burg said, included a cash payment of $30,000 to $40,000 — the difference in annual pay between a chief and captain.
Rybak aide Jeremy Hanson said before the panel’s meeting it was not a “certainty” that Bleskachek would remain with the department.
The city has spent more than $410,000 on the investigation, legal settlements, and compensation of Bleskachek during her paid leave, which began March 22.

Incredibly the city originally did not want to fire her (only give her a demotion) and was going to give her a a cash settlement of tens of thousands of dollars. What fireman would want to work with her, given what’s happened? Fortunately, an outcry from angered Minneapolis residents changed the outcome.
Excerpts from a great column on this by Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Nick Cannon:

“She has made the Minneapolis Fire Department the most well-known fire department in the world,” one (male) fire captain with 20 years’ service says sarcastically, adding that he and his colleagues are often asked by firefighters in other cities to explain what’s wrong with the department in Minnesota’s largest city. “You just can’t buy that kind of publicity. Thanks to Bonnie B for making the MFD the No. 1 comedy hit show in the country.” . . .
It’s not fighting fires or fighting sexism that got Bleskachek in hot water. It is that she is accused of abusing her rank to reward or punish women firefighters. Not for how they put out fires, but for their willingness — or their refusal — to put out. For her.
If a chief named Bernie, not Bonnie, had pulled that stuff (there have been four lawsuits and four civil rights complaints against Bleskachek) there would be no dawdling over what to do. As I wrote after Bleskachek was placed on paid leave, a Guy Chief would be lucky to end up as a volunteer firefighter in Palookaville. . . .
As things go when these kind of things happen, there has been some sugarcoating of the problem. Let’s cut through the smoke: Bonnie Bleskachek isn’t losing her job because she let her love life “color her ability to manage the fire department.” She is losing her job because she managed the fire barns to make sure her love life didn’t go cold. That’s a big no-no, no matter what side of the plate you may swing from.

Personally, I’m opposed to most female firefighters, straight or not. Most simply don’t have the strength to pull people out of a burning building while lugging heavy equipment and protective gear on their backs. And many fire departments around the country–in an effort to practice affirmative action recruiting–lower standards for the women they hire. And the women simply aren’t of any use when a real rescue is needed.
They can’t put out fires. But apparently, at least one of them knew how to light her own fire . . . especially when she was the boss. (I think it’s safe to say she was probably the “he” in “her” relationships.)

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11 Responses

Why Debbie, your being “discriiimative” against women firefighters with such “homophooobic” statements about lesbians.
This makes me sick….how homosexuals are somehow more holy than a straight person. The death busters (sorry, I use Sailor Moon references) have taken over nearly everything in this country. And they think having women in the firefighting feild…especally lesbians…makes that profession more “eeequal”. Yeah well as we’ve seen here, this lesbo just wanted her own fire to be put out if you know what I mean. Sickening.

Squirrel3D on November 30, 2006 at 3:50 pm

Hell !!
I swear to God when I looked at the pic of that lesbian fire chief I thought she was a man!!
Take a good look…That’s a man, baby!
Hell no!!
It’s something between a man and a woman…
Something like a third Species !!
I noticed that most so-called “lesbians” have short hair, are ugly looking, many of them are fat, and are angry at everybody especially at religious or straight people.
Maybe they should start straightening their life and find a man partner instead of imposing their filth on the rest of the us.

Independent Conservative on November 30, 2006 at 3:57 pm

I read about this last weekend and thought the exact same thing — Where are the Lady Stalinists?
“But apparently, at least one of them knew how to light her own fire . . . especially when she was the boss.”
LOL, Debbie, you’re a riot! 🙂

Freudianslippers on November 30, 2006 at 4:12 pm

I would think that the fire hose as well as the pole that the firemen slide down when a call comes in would represent a psychological threat to a lesbian firefighter; owing to the phallic nature of both. Perhaps her troubles were stress related…In any event,lesbians expend great energy in man-hating, all the while vigorously attempting their masculine metamorphosis.

Southernops on November 30, 2006 at 5:14 pm

Bet she voted for Ellison.

PRCS on November 30, 2006 at 7:02 pm

Wow Debbie,
I never know what your take will be on some things–this story is one of them.
I tend to favor the the “don’t ask don’t tell type” handling on such things as this. The idea we can just throw out the norms which have been the building blocks of society for thousands of years–and not end up with all sorts of issues like these is unsound.
I never would have guessed you would have a common sense viewpoint on “working vs stay-at-home moms,” based on your being female and a major career girl.
Likewise the common sense of not having women be on the front lines in such careers as firefighting–as you note, they are not physically made to what men can do. This is a broad statement, and I’m sure that there are plenty of “fit” women who could make it such professions–as long as the bar was not lowered to reduce the physical requirements. Still I favor the way it used to be–we only needed one bathroom at the firestation—for MEN. I have had it with the dumbing down of specs in order to meet quotas.
The weird twist to this story about our star requiring after hours fire-lighting and carpet cleaning lessons from her hirees is a hoot.
Seriously though, what of the women in the Israeli army–isn’t everything expected to be the same as men–fight the front lines and the whole shot–or is that a myth? I have always thought such an idea is regression–not progress.

BB on November 30, 2006 at 7:36 pm

A further read of Nick Cannon’s column has some good food for thought:
“When a city fire department is running smoothly, few people know the name of the fire chief. If the chief is a household name, it means trouble. And it means the taxpayers are up in arms. The mayor has only himself to blame for that…”
“(Mayor) Rybak overreached when he plucked Bleskachek from obscurity and named her chief in 2004. It was a move meant to put Minneapolis on the map as the only city with an openly lesbian fire chief and with the largest department headed by a woman.”
If there is one lesson that I have seen repeatedly this year–doing things to be PC will cost those who have to pay–bigtime. Same thing with being PC on racial profling of air travelers–a regular topic on DS.

BB on November 30, 2006 at 7:47 pm

“(I think it’s safe to say she was probably
the “he” in “her” relationships.)”
YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY: Butch in the street, femme in the sheets!

sandy on November 30, 2006 at 11:49 pm

I was employed by a State Law Enforcement Agency.
There were NO women Field personnel until 1975.
When they did go into the field, it was noted that about 50% were Gay.
To prove that the Affirmative Action system was working, many of the Gays were promoted.
It is a well known fact that the Gays will only let other Gays promote.

1viewpoint on December 1, 2006 at 1:45 pm

Personally, I don’t give a rats ass if Poindextor…oops, sorry, that’s a chick?!!? is discriminating aginst straight folks. But if I’m in a hotel suite in Minneapolis and the hotel is on fire, that cunt and her snatch-sucking dykes better carry this obese Jap over their fucking shoulder and out of harm’s way. Let the lesbo have her fame, but what it all boils down to is the safety of the people. And if anyone dies, Minneapolis will have to dish out billions in lawsuits. I’ll hire Deb and give you all my money to you sweetie.

KOAJaps on December 1, 2006 at 5:54 pm


Well, I looked this website up by googling “straight women in fire Dept’s”, or something of that nature. Why you ask? I am applying for a top class fire Dept and have already beat most of the tests.

However, you present a very good point. Most of the women can’t pass the CPAT because of the lack of upper body strength. As a short, light/lean, and strong female personal trainer, I see the difference between fit and strong (average office workers) and men in the workforce that crave strength.

In my “physiological opinion”, being a strong and capable firefighter is based an individualized result of 1)stamina, 2) devotion to the profession, 3) professionalism in being able to hit it hard for 24 hours (or more), and 4) a moral compass that is strict in all areas of professional and private life.

I might be missing the mark for some fire dept’s, but if you are a strong and capable woman with a strong desire to help others and be a figure of physical ability, I think a woman CAN follow a career.

Lastly, women who pursue life in the home after realizing they found a mate that they would like to care for, well, this is a wonderful thing. I am a strong independant woman who will follow any career path. But if I meet a leader who will protect me and the relationship be congenial, in that we both have strenghts and passions, that is what will matter the most.

Any thoughts?

Mel on February 1, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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