February 18, 2008, - 11:35 am

President’s Day Quiz: The Inane That Women Look for in a Prez

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s not supposed to be about mattress sales and winter ski trips. It’s about the men–many good and some not so good–who led our country. Later, I’ll post my picks for best and worst President’s in contemporary history. But for now, here’s a quiz of unimportant, but slightly interesting Presidential trivia.
The quiz is from the February issue of “Real Simple” magazine. So this should give you an idea of what the millions of women who read that magazine–and probably watch Oprah and “The View”–think is important in a Prez, and why we’re doomed to pick a horrid Prez as a result (answers posted below):


1) Who was the first president to be photographed?
2) Who didn’t learn to read until he was 17?
3) Who built a swimming pool and a movie theater in the White House?
4) Who was ambidextrous?
5) Who was president for only 32 days?
6) Who ordered the White House’s first bathtub?
7) Who had the White House’s first telephone?
8) Who held his wedding in the White House?
9) Who let his horse graze on the White House lawn?
10) Who gave his pet mockingbird free rein of the indoor air space?

Answers: 1) John Quincy Adams, 2) Andrew Johnson, 3) Franklin D. Roosevelt, 4) James A. Garfield, 5) William Henry Harrison (who died of pneumonia), 6) Franklin Pearce, 7) Rutherford B. Hayes, 8) Grover Cleveland, 9) Zachary Taylor, 10) Thomas Jefferson

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3 Responses

[So this should give you an idea of what the millions of women who read that magazine--and probably watch Oprah and "The View"--think is important in a Prez, ...]
It’s not like we had great choices to begin with and ironically enough, the best candidate right now may be HRC.
[Later, I'll post my picks for best and worst President's in contemporary history.]
‘Contemporary’ being the key word.

Norman Blitzer on February 18, 2008 at 12:38 pm

What comes to my mind is a show that Rush had some years ago. Gore had just kissed his wife in front of the convention, to show that he had feelings and that he was not just some kind of robot. Rush devoted the show to callers (all women as far as I know) wo were impressed by this, where it would influence their vote. Listening to these bubbleheads calling in one after another really made me wonder how bad things had gotten. All he had to do is kiss his wife for these nitwits to call and gush over him, and extrapolate from this how he would solve all their problems, although maybe he would, since many of them were victims, and if they couldn’t solve their own problems, maybe he would redistribute my money to them.
Then, just think of these women screaming at Obama rallies.

c f on February 18, 2008 at 2:32 pm

5) Who was president for only 32 days?
Let’s hope Mclamebrain picks a real conservative for VP (he is pandering to conservatives now, why not?) and then breaks this record for shortest term due to early expiration. Keep hope alive!

BB on February 18, 2008 at 8:08 pm

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