April 30, 2008, - 11:53 am

The Pimp Daddy Mayor: Detroit’s Comedy That Keeps on Giving

By Debbie Schlussel
With yesterday’s decision by a county judge in the Detroit area to make public a draft of a motion by an attorney for fired police officers, more text messages between the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Malik “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick and his then-chief of staff/girlfriend, Christine Beatty, have emerged.
The texts (read all of ’em here) are like the script of a bad Chris Rock movie, er . . . they’re like the script of a Chris Rock movie. Or maybe a more obscene version of an “In Living Color” skit. Some of them are pretty graphic sexual references, which I won’t post here. But here’s one, um, “highlight,” with the Pimp Daddy Mayor and his girlfriend calling each other various forms of the N-word . . . the same N-word he allegedly buried, last year, at a silly “funeral”. A classy pair, these two (a classy trio, with his equally low-class wife):


Christine Beatty: My baby wanted to see you. I was just trying to make it happen before we went to the dentist.
Kwame Kilpatrick: Come on momma.
Beatty: Thanks for that.
Kilpatrick: I enjoy that. I might be there [sic] stepdad one day.
Beatty: Why might? What happened to “not yet”? LOL. One of my theme songs for you just came on. “Love of my life.”
Kilpatrick: The “might” is on you!
Beatty: LOL. Nigga, I already claimed it! KCK 2012. You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging?
Kilpatrick: Hell no! Don’t start none. Won’t be none niggette! LOL
Beatty: I look forward to it. It’s official, I need a night. How about you? You don’t need to answer now. Enjoy the game.
Kilpatrick: S—. I need it real bad.
Kilpatrick: My nigga! I love you, you know that.
Beatty: Yep! Ditto! You know that?

This one is a text message from girlfriend Christine Beatty about the only White member of the Detroit City Council, Sheila Cockrel:

Why is Sheila always looking for a scandal with us? That bitch ain’t right!

Remember, all this stuff was written in text messages on Detroit city-owned pagers. It’s not private e-mails and communications. It’s like writing these on your company e-mail.
Tres stupid.

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One Response

Oh, but he’s just being lynched by whitey. So my origianl assessment is if the n word is such a degrating and foul utterance never to be uttered by anyone….it must not be that foul of a word if these pigs use it in everyday conversation. You don’t see white women running into each other on the street screaming “Hey how you doing CUN*” Enough said.

wolf2012 on April 30, 2008 at 1:55 pm

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