May 9, 2008, - 7:35 pm

Lebanon, Er. . . Hezbollahstan, Today; America, Tomorrow, Er . . . Today

By Debbie Schlussel
Although Hezbollah’s largest base of supporters in America is in Dearbornistan, the fact is that Hezbos are all over America. And while we’ve caught some, the majority get away with it.
And while those supporting Hezbollah in Dearbornistan are primarily Shi’ite Muslims, plenty of ’em are Sunnis. And there are many Sunnis Muslims working for and with the Shi’ite terrorist group. As I’ve noted so many times before, these two groups who hate each other, love each other when it comes to the ultimate enemy . . . us, and they constantly work together for our defeat and destruction.
Here are a few Sunni Hezbollah supporters outside of Dearbornistan, brought to my attention by the vigilant Duane and Rochester reader Mary. Yes, Hezbollah supporters are all over America and will continue to sprout b/c we target few of them:


A federal grand jury has indicted three Yemenis on charges of money-laundering, alleging that they transferred more than $100,000 to overseas accounts they thought were controlled by the Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah.
The charges were filed against Yehia Ali Ahmed Alomari, 27; Mohamed Al Huraibi, 41; and Saleh Mohamed Taher Saeed, 28, who ran minimarts and a restaurant in southwest and northeast Rochester.

As I always say, beware of shopping at Muslim-owned businesses, especially of the all-cash variety. You don’t know exactly where your money is going, but it’s a sure bet it’s usually not going to a benevolent party. Assume the very worst, as this case bears out.

The indictment, handed up Wednesday, alleges money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering.
The three have been in federal custody since their arrest on the same charges in March 2007. They were indicted after plea negotiations failed.
If convicted, Alomari, Al Huraibi and Saeed face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, said U.S. Attorney Terrance P. Flynn.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement began an investigation in January 2005 after banking records showed that a Social Security number assigned to Saeed was associated with 324 overseas currency transactions totaling $12.3 million from October 2002 through November 2004.
An undercover officer from the immigration agency allegedly arranged with Alomari, Al Huraibi and Saeed from April 2005 to February 2007 to send $107,430 to overseas accounts that the officer maintained were controlled by Hezbollah, the prosecution said.
The officer allegedly told the three that the money had been earned illegally through the sale of immigration documents, food stamps, prescription drugs and counterfeit goods, the prosecution said.
Prosecutors don’t allege that Alomari, Al Huraibi and Saeed had connections to Hezbollah but accuse them of knowingly sending money to accounts they believed were controlled by the organization. The accounts were actually controlled by the federal government, and none of the money reached Hezbollah.
No charges have been filed against Saeed in connection with the overseas transfers totaling $12.3 million.
Lawyers for Alomari, Al Huraibi and Saeed have denied any wrongdoing on their clients’ behalf. They said the three transferred money overseas as a service for fellow Yemenis in Rochester and took a commission on money they sent.

Congrats to the ICE agents in this case who foiled these men. Contrast them to the lazy ICE agents and superiors in Detroit who stopped cold in investigating a very similar, related money transfer operation to Yemen, conducted by Shi’ites in Dearbornistan, which continues to send millions of dollars a month to Yemen. The case had operatives and tentacles nationwide in at least 23 states.
An ICE superior told agents that he knew the money was funding terrorists, yet he and his boss, Brian Moskowitz, and subordinate agents stopped investigating because it was too much work. The money transfer of millions to terrorists in Yemen continues to date. I know about the case because ICE agents initially working on it sought my advice and knowledge of some of the players.
Lebanon, er . . . Hezbollahstan, today. America, tomorrow.

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8 Responses

With the Bush family in bed with their extended-family in Riyadh, why is anyone surprised? You see, the fish starts to rot in the head.

Alert on May 9, 2008 at 10:21 pm

How many Americans are going to have to die in the next, bigger than 9/11, terror attack before those at the top start to take the Islamic terrorists at their word?
30,000? A whole city the size of Philadelphia? And will the American people hold those responsible for ALLOWING those who would kill, free reign to plot, to subvert, to corrupt?

Jack Bauer on May 10, 2008 at 6:20 am

There’s no “America”. All you have to know is that McCain is speaking to La Raza in June. He’s kissing their racist, anti-gringo, anti-White, anti-everybody-who’s-not-their-race, butts. And they’re going to establish “Aztlan”. What America?
Get ready for $5.00 diesel, then $6.00 diesel, Saudi tensions, and on and on. Get ready to grow your own food, fight the hordes, and probably become a refugee, driven off your land the way your people were driven out of Detroit 40 years ago. You’re beating your head against the wall trying to document all the injustices and lies.

John Harper on May 10, 2008 at 3:30 pm

I have seen some US case law, where aliens have been stripped of citizenship – and deported – where it was proven that there was “fraudulent misrepresentation” on immigration applications. Hizbollah members and supporters are patently terrorists, and should be gonzo.
See Canadian law on de-naturalization:
John Harper:
I consult BBC-Africa and several websites on that continent; food riots are exploding in that part of the world, and elsewhere. I would contract wheat options before I would invest in the petroleum industry.
Who fears a 1973 style ME cut-off of oil sales? That happened during the Cold War; can’t happen now. We can destroy drinking water sources on the Arabian Peninsula, at will. But an oil embargo would be an act of war. Congress would push the Texas brat to glaze the Saud terrorist entity. I wouldn’t shed a tear.

supercargo on May 11, 2008 at 8:07 am

John Harper:
While I despise McCain only slightly less than Clinton or Obama, he is playing to the Left, since he knows the Right will vote for him.
Just political pandering.
Still, you’re correct in that there is no America. BUT–this destruction started a long time ago, my friend.

Red Ryder on May 11, 2008 at 9:52 am

I like “VGENX”, Mexico is running out of oil, so is Saudi Arabia. 87 million barrels a day approx is the limit, it’s going to be a mess. Silver, gold, and bullets.

John Harper on May 11, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Yeah, RR, I like.

John Harper on May 11, 2008 at 6:07 pm

We are already working on being 100% self-reliant. Growing your own food is not that difficult, and chemical fertilizers I just learned will last indefinitely if kept in a dry, dark place. A family of 6 or more can live off 5 acres very well these days. This year, we had our first ever oat harvest ñ a measly 70 lbs., but thatís because we grew it on a tract 6í X 11í. Itís not difficult if you give it a try.
Yes, we will face a major terror attack soon. Itís almost destined. And as I mentioned before, preparedness will drown out fear. I already gave minimums for a yearís supply of the basics and some minimal offense/defense needs for the home.
Hezbollah and the rest of the barbarian pedophiles are amassing funds and training to kill us. ICE, Homeland Security, and many other bureaucracies and politicians are negligent to win this war. Trust me folks, your time is better spent preparing your families for the upcoming attacks rather than arguing with a politician without making such preparations. Government is not capable of supporting the people after an attack ñ we all know this.
The enemy is preparing – now is the time that each person does the same. Obtain all the commodities you can for yourself and your family for at least 1-year, have enough cash to equal 4 months of wages, gold and silver for later, minimal arms for protection, and make plans for contingencies.
Yes, gas will reach high levels: $7, $10, $13; who knows. This is also destined. However, weíre a nation of innovators, and I trust that folks will find a way. I personally believe there is no thing as a no-win situation. There is always a solution, no matter what. Besides, if you have prepared, then you can last for a while on your stores, and dump more funds into transportation. Easy. We will begin drilling as soon as politicians realize they are no longer trusted or admired.
We will win; and I want more folks to here for the victory party, so prepare!

bhparkman on May 12, 2008 at 1:13 am

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