May 22, 2008, - 9:35 am

What’s Missing From the New Indiana Jones Movie

By Debbie Schlussel
In addition to what I said in my review, the new Indiana Jones movie, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (try saying that five times fast) is missing the magical scenes from the first edition, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Like reader MarySJ and, I’m sure, many others, my favorite scene (actually, my favorite movie scene ever) is when the Nazis open the Ark and their faces melt because they looked at the image of G-d emanating from it. (This is a Jewish belief, and we even look away when the high priests deliver a special prayer, so as not to see the presence of G-d.)
As a reminder, here’s the scene (shorter version–first, followed by the entire scene, which you really need to see):

Bonus scene: Here’s the Nazi uber-aging scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” . . .

Nothing even close to these scenes in the “Crystal Skull.” Sorry.

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I’ll go and see this flick despite your review of it Debbie. Only because the Indy trilogy is my all time favorite trilogy (along with the Mad Max trilogy) and Raiders IMHO is the greatest movie of all time. I think what made the Indy series work, in part was, it had alot of good believable action stunts and hardly any SFX. Thats why I like movies like Casino Royale (a lot of beleivable stunts and no typical Sci-Fi Bond gadgetry), The Bourne Series (again a lot of good stunts and no hokey SFX), and actors like Jason Statham (he looks like he does most of his own stunts). I miss movies like Indy. Hollywood is running out of ideas…fast. They need to breathe new life into charecters like Bond and possible new type of “Indiana Jones” charecters.

RadicalRightWinger on May 22, 2008 at 10:35 am

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