June 30, 2008, - 12:51 pm

Fake J.C. Penney Ad Promoting Teen Sex, Dishonesty Wins Ad Industry Award; Award Revoked

By Debbie Schlussel
It figures that advertising industry sleazebags giving out awards for the best ads would love an ad promoting teen sex and dishonesty to parents and believe that J.C. Penney would actually put this kind of crap out there as a real ad.
The thing is, the ad was a fake. J.C. Penney’s slogan is “Today is the Day.” But production house, Epoch Films made a fake ad with the slogan, “Today is the Day You Can Get Away With It,” showing two teens getting ready for a sexual rendezvous in the basement and lying to their parents about it. And clueless ad industry execs just loved it–they gave the fake ad a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions festival, believing it was a real ad for J.C. Penney.
J.C. Penney–which won a Silver Lion for a real ad–blacked and now the Bronze Lion for this “ad” will have to be returned:


Suckers: Fake JC Penney Ad Won Real Award

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Thank goodness we don’t shop at JC Penny or watch broadcast TV. My kids are growing up right and proper!

bhparkman on June 30, 2008 at 10:22 pm

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