July 16, 2008, - 12:37 pm

Pop Star Tells of Black on Light-Skinned Racism

By Debbie Schlussel
I’m no fan of pop singer Rihanna a/k/a Robin Rihanna Fenty’s music. But I do admire that she has the guts to speak frankly of the racism that we not dare speak of. And her description certainly betrays the claim made by many Black activists that Blacks can’t be racist.
She details the racism she suffered in her native Barbados, where Blacks are majority race and control its government and institutions. The August issue of “In Style” Magazine reports:

As a child in Barbados, singer Rihanna, 20 stood out. “Having lighter skin wasn’t a problem in my household, but it was when I went to school–which really confused me at first,” she said. “The harassment continues to my very last day of elementary school.”



Bottom line: Racism is all over. It’s neither exclusive to White people and Americans, nor even dominant among them. Contrary to what the race merchants would like you to believe, America is relatively moderate on race, when you compare it to Black, Arab, and Muslim countries and their treatment of minorities, where it is universally atrocious.
Just ask the White farmers (oops! there are basically none left) of Zimbabwe. Ditto for the virtually extinct Black Christians of Sudan.
And remember, how they treat light-skinned Blacks is not a good omen for how they will treat White people.

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34 Responses

Like you said, if light-skinned Blacks are discriminated againstby darker-skinned blacks, I can imagine where that leaves Whites. the racism on black talk-radio stations is staggering.

c f on July 16, 2008 at 1:04 pm

Several years ago I read an article about Natalie Cole. She said when her parents married her mother’s family did not want her to marry him, Nat King Cole, because they were light-skinned blacks and he was not. It was pointed out that even in the black community they discrimmenated their own depending on the how light or black someone was. I found that to be very interesting.

formerwm on July 16, 2008 at 1:06 pm

I am a white woman engaged to a light skinned black man. His sister (now deceased) was also very light skinned. He has told me stories of his youth when they both would be called yellow by fellow blacks. While in family gatherings I have heard some of his extended family make comments abouth dark skinned blacks, “They are so black, they are purple.” My point is, blacks can be just a racist as whites. And I would agree with cf above that racism on talk radio is quite prevalent. Tom Joyner has no problem flinging “Whitey” and Cracker on his show. It is appalling that he can do that and NOT be held accountable. This is a double standard, plain and simple!

musiccgirl on July 16, 2008 at 1:21 pm

Deb, she’s a black entertainer, so rest assured that someone will grab her ear and have a talk with her. My guess is that Rihanna will soon release a statement attempting to ‘clarify’ her remarks. Probably something like: “….but it was never as harsh as the white discrimination I’d encountered…..”
Also…..anyone catch the statement by Julain Bond recently? (Loose quote): ‘Even if Barack is elected President, we (black people) still have a long way to go. Our struggle goes on…’
Of course.
The struggle will never go away.
If it does, he’s out of a job.

guitarguy on July 16, 2008 at 1:33 pm

Its a reality that racist and degrading treatment of people is not a province of whites only. The Arabs are the most racist people on the planet in how they view Jews. Then of course there are others such the black despot and his gang who have chased and driven whites out of Zimbabwe. The dark side of human nature is not by any means, politically correct, as the Left likes to pretend.

NormanF on July 16, 2008 at 2:13 pm

“….she’s a black entertainer,so rest assured that someone will grabe her ear and have a talk with her.My guess is that Rhianna will soon release a statment attemptin to ‘clarify’ her remarks. Probably something like:”….but it was never as harsh as the White discrimination I’d encountered.”
Damn straight. And it will most likely be some Farrakhan/NOI/Sharpton/Jackson/”New” Black panty,errr,Panther-type, threatenting her and/or her family or relatives somewhere.
Blacks,you ARE more racist than Whites, and nothing you’ve ever acheived has ever been legitemate.Take the criticism like “the man YOU think YOU are.”

OldSchoolW on July 16, 2008 at 2:58 pm

If you’re Black in America, this is nothing new. The whole debate about skin-tone in the Black community has been debated for years. In the past, certain Black organizations and social groups would not allow anyone in they deemed to be too “dark” (the brown bag test) or allow their children to date darker Blacks (for example, the Nat King Cole example mentioned above). Yes, lighter-skinned Blacks have also long complained of being teased because of their complexion. However, any body who has actually dared picked up a book and studied the situation would know that historically lighter-skinned Blacks have always held positions of prominence and favor in the Black community, much more so than their darker skinned brethen, so I have no idea where Debbie is coming from with that race-baiting “And remember, how they treat light-skinned Blacks is not a good omen for how they will treat White people.” comment. Look at Atlanta…among Blacks in Atlanta, the joke is that Black folks there have not ever and never will elect a mayor darker than a paper bag. Historically, light-skinned Blacks have found favor and have been treated very well in the Black community.
We can blame Black “racism” all we want and yes, it most certainly exist, but people who dare to think critically will ask what is the root cause and source of color-based racism in the Black community? Did African captives brought to our shores 300 years ago bring that kind of color-coded racism with them, or was it taught to them by their captors? Explorers, slavers, and missionairies in Africa in the 1500 and 1600’s reported that the tribes they encountered found their pale skin very unattractive. Yet when these same tribal members were sold off by African Chiefs and brought to America, these same people began to believe (or were taught) that lighter skin was better, probably based on who had power in American society. It’s the old “house slave” (Lighter) vs. “field slave” (darker) tension. And that mentality has lasted for the last 300 years…witness all of the bleaching creams and skin-lighteners that were sold in Black communities until the 1960’s “Black is Beautful” movement companies to quietly remove them from their shelves. Even today, I have older relatives who still uses terms like “good hair” to refer to Blacks who have straight hair instead of curly. Who made the determination that straight hair was “good?”
The skin tone situation even extends to dating. On the last ski trip I went on with a group of other Black professionals, one couldn’t help notice that most of the Black doctors on the trip, no matter how dark-skinned, were married to sisters who were light-skinned or looked “other than” Black. That’s why I thought it was hilarious that Grey’s Anatomy has “the Chief” married to Loretta Devine. Sorry, I’ve seen the kind of sisters Black doctors and other high income Black men marry….they don’t look like Ms. Devine! Back in the day (and today too), the light-skinned Black woman with the long straight hair is still considered a prize catch.
All of this favored treatment of light-skinned Blacks did build up resentment among their darker brethern, so I have no doubt Rhianna was teased as a child about her complexion. Because of certain sexual “practices” by “Massa” on the plantations, Black Americans come in at least 48 different shades of color, so I have no doubt there has always been tension based on skin tone in Black America. However, if anyone would actually like to READ about the subject before spouting off their own agenda-driven racialist nonsense about how bad Black people so they can feel better about their own racial biases, I recommened:
“The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color Among African Americans” by Kathy Russell
“Don’t Play in the Sun: One Woman’s Journey Through the Color Complex” by Marita Golden
“Blacker the Berry…” by Wallace Thurman
“Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class” by Lawrence Otis Graham
The bottom line is this…be proud of whatever skin tone God gave you and ignore the taunts of the ignorant, no matter what color, who would tell you otherwise. YOU determine your level of success in this country, not the skin you’re in.

JibberJabber on July 16, 2008 at 3:01 pm

When I was in 10th grade geography class, one thing stood out in my mind as we studied each country in different parts of the world. I found it interesting that in most places (especially in the eastern hemisphere) entire countries would consist of one race, religion, or group of people. The idea that America is the most racist place on earth seems ridiculous to me, seeing as how it is one of the few places where ANYbody can live – even if you’re Islamofascist scum.

Hopewell on July 16, 2008 at 3:17 pm

A somewhat black lady I worked with was mercilessly ridiculed for her pale complexion as a child. They would encircle her and call her Kimba the white lion. Strange thing is she was very sensitive about whites saying things that blacks could regularly get away with. My cousin went to Detroit public schools for about a year and her father had to move out of the chocolate city because the black kids were tearing her hair out and stealing her lunch for kicks on a regular basis. This was around 1970. She was 5 years old and teen agers would prey on her. Yeah blacks got a problem with policing their own. Looks like the 32% on time grad rate is in line with the idiots she was going to school with back in the day. Long live hip hop. Such a great cultural influence.

samurai on July 16, 2008 at 4:14 pm

Roundabout way of saying y’all crackers ain’t that racist???
You seem to forget that racism, along with incompetence, is one of Amerikkka’s biggest EXPORTS!!!
i CAN believe Samurai’s story…and it’s shit like that which made Rhianna’s story possible—there wasn’t none of that shit in the West Indies before Gerald Ford and the CIA fucked up Jamaica’s economy: http://www.afflictedyard.com/fun_in_76.htm

EminemsRevenge on July 16, 2008 at 10:34 pm

“Roundabout way of saying y’all crackers ain’t that racist???”
Nowhere near AS racist as Blacks are.No contest.
At least with White “racism”, you get 1st world level neighborhoods,streets, cities and countries,the transportation runs on time,better food,,better plumbing,the electricity never breaks down,streets paved better. When Black racists run the same things,what do you get? Detroit, New Orleans( Long before Katrina ),Harlem,East St.Louis, Atlanta,to name the tip of the chocolate mountain of destruction,at least in the States. And countries? Haiti,and 99.9% of Black-run Africa,all 3rd world,and below.

OldSchoolW on July 16, 2008 at 10:45 pm

Everybody in the whole world has always been racist, with the exception of naive Whites over the last 45 years. That’s when this new ‘anti-racism’ experiment began, solely among Whites, in a country that was 90% White with a White Senate, House, and President. And that’s when Whites began to fall apart as a people. No communities in the world are turning ‘whiter’, unlike the other groups who don’t apologize for being completely racist.

John Harper on July 17, 2008 at 12:08 am

KUDOS to Rihanna for speaking the truth. My grand daughter, who is 2 years old – is beautiful – is a blessing – and is a gift from GOD, happens to be “bi-racial” and I can say FIRSTHAND that racism…works BOTH WAYS.
Actually on the occassions when it REARS ITS UGLY HEAD and OPENS UP IT’S MOUTH it has OVERWHELMINGLY been…from African Americans (i.e. not white people).
However when it comes to “benefits”, such as things like College Enrollment, schools, etc., it is NOT a “50-50” white and black (just to used the colors themselves and not meant to offend anyone of course) issue. EVERYONE from Hospital personnell, to US Census takers, to Schools (pre school and otherwise) ENCOURAGE the use of the termonology…African American. They say that it “helps”.
I love my grand child, like I do every child as they truly are gifts from God, and it is (one) of my hopes/prayers that she will grow up simply to be…herself. Nothing more and nothing else.
Nuff said.

Nostradamus on July 17, 2008 at 2:59 am

First things first: Ms. Schlussel I just want to say that I’ve been reading and enjoying your work for some time. I even remember when you did commentary on the Mancow show. Anyway, after reading your blog for a few months you’ve finally provoked me (in a good way) into making a comment.
>>And remember, how they treat light-skinned Blacks is not a good omen for how they will treat White people. …DS<<
To which “they” are you referring, the black majority of Barbados or the black minority of America?
You started out talking about generic “black activists”, which lead me to believe that you meant black American activists. After that you’re talking about Rihanna’s experiences in Barbados. Next it’s America and Zimbabwe, followed by that comment about “how they will treat white people”.
If your point is that black people in *this* country can be racist too — a point with which I agree, by the way — then please do black Americans the courtesy of not lumping us in with Bajans and Zimbabweans. Doing so implies that all black people everywhere on the planet are EXACTLY THE SAME. Which leads me back to my original question: to which “they” were you referring?

The Black Hornet on July 17, 2008 at 5:30 am


    The comment made here by the reader who
    is referred to as ‘The Black Hornet’
    makes a number of excellent points
    — with which I strongly agree.


    AP on August 20, 2009 at 12:21 am

By saying “no-one talks about it” you must mean that no-one *white* talks about it, because black folks most certainly HAVE talked about it. A LOT. Hell, back in the ’80s Spike Lee even made an entire movie about it called School Daze.

The Black Hornet on July 17, 2008 at 5:31 am

Sorry for the multiple post Ms. Schlussel. My browser is acting strange for some reason…
>>Blacks,you ARE more racist than Whites, and nothing you’ve ever acheived has ever been legitemate.Take the criticism like “the man YOU think YOU are.” …OldSchoolW<<
The unmitigated stupidity of this statement (not to mention the poor spelling and punctuation) has left me completely nonplussed and unable to formulate a response.

The Black Hornet on July 17, 2008 at 5:34 am

Blacks are as racist as whites are. They discriminate and nothing is ever said so I presume that everyone looks the other way when this happens. Is white racism the only kind that is put under the microscope? I wonder if blacks will ever decide to knock the chip off their collective shoulders and contribute to society? Or is is better to play the eternal victim and never progress? 140 years since the emancipation, 50 years since the civil rights movement, is it not time to move on? Most immigrant groups, chinese, korean etc. simply laugh at how stupid blacks are and don’t share in any white guilt. They educate their kids, make a life and never ask for handouts. Unlike blacks, who demand to be supported, over and over again. How lazy can a race of people be?

Chuck W on July 17, 2008 at 6:43 am


    LOL — One cannot help but to notice that
    the broad-brushed (and strongly exaggerated)
    statements, as well as the stereotypical
    generalizations, that have been presented
    by this reader in regards to the “black”
    PEOPLE — show an equal (if not greater)
    amount of whining, playing-the-victim-role
    and finger-pointing (on behalf of the reader)
    as he so hypocritically accuses the group
    that he is openly criticizing of doing.

    Let’s see — how does that old saying go?:

    “When you point an accusing-finger at
    others — three more are pointed at you.”



    AP on August 20, 2009 at 12:30 am

Funny thing–I’ve only heard about the racism of lighter skinned blacks “looking down” on the blacker blacks.
I read the poster above who said basically that resentment may proceed from jealousy against the lighter bruthas and sistas. Look at Vanessa Williams, Halley Barry (I know she has problems, DS) or Dianne Caroll etc. These gorgeous women tend to look less African and the success they have had is a cause for jealousy it seems to the more African bros and sistas.
That’s one thing about (gag) Barack that whites seem to see as “less black”–like Joe “plugs” Biden said–Barack is fresh and “clean” (translation–not so black like a Jesse “Snip-Snip” Jackson or “straighten my fro” Al Sharpton. Liberal whites aren’t as afraid of BHO because he speaks without ebonics–why go any deeper to what he advocates?
I have a serious “ethic” that all people should be treated the same from every ethnic background. Unfortunately, that idealism has been getting eroded for various reasons, mostly from the experiences I had with trusting people whom I shouldn’t have trusted and who burned me.
I have become less idealistic (sad to say) and more reaiistic. I tend to start from “extreme caution” when dealing with blacks or many other minorities–but I try to treat them all the same–I really like diversity–when it is not at the expense of quality.
The one thing that I will admit that will put a person on the “total caution” “never let your guard down” mode is with any/all muslims–of any race. This is not based on national ethnicity–it is based on momammadan backward thinking/ideology. It is in the mental DNA of a muslim to hate Jews and to see (the rest of us) as kfurs to be used/abused and subdued. The only good muslim is a non-practicing one!

BB on July 17, 2008 at 9:00 am

One of my favorite long-forgotten canceled TV shows ‘Frank’s Place’ about New Orleans had an episode about the ‘Paper Bag Club’ – a New Orleans elite ‘colored’ club you could only join if your skin was lighter than a brown paper bag. Supposedly based on a true story. Tim Reid (Venus Flytrap of WKRP) was brilliant in this show and who remembers what forgotten garbage ABC put on in place of it.

poetcomic1 on July 17, 2008 at 9:36 am

Wow! When you mentioned “Frank’s Place”, you brought back a lot of memories! That was a great show! And yes, the episode featuring the “Paper Bag Club” (aka The Capital C Club) was a classic and dealt with the issue that few if any TV series ever touched….skin color and class differences among Black Americans. I still remember Frank’s classic line when he found out his darker skin tone was the reason for his invitation to be a member of private New Orleans club composed of prominent lighter-skinned Black men: “I was the first “Black” in high school to do this and the first “Black” in college to do that…. and now you want me to be the “first Black” in an all Black club???” Classic!!!
Black Hornet, thank you also for reminding me of School Daze! People do forget (like me!) that Spike Lee made a whole movie about color and class tensions among Black folks. Who could forget the classic “Jiggaboos vs. Wannabees” conflict? Yes, color and class issues have been debated in the Black community almost from the time we arrived on these shores. For a less serious but equally entertaining look at color and class issues among Blacks, I would recommend the novel “Good Hair” by Benilde Little. The book has some hilarious and insightful observations on skin tone and class-based divisions in the Black community.
I would also recommend the novel “Nappily Ever After” by Trisha Thomas, which is a hilarious story of how a lighter skinned Black woman’s life changes after she decides to cut off her long flowing hair and wair a short natural cut. The book shows how the simple act of cutting off her “good hair” changes her relationship with her fiance, her job, and her family.
Okay posters, you can now return to your regular programming of how bad and racist Black people are……but remember…judge not lest YE be judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

JibberJabber on July 17, 2008 at 11:05 am


    Since mention was made of a so-called ‘Paper Bag Test,
    — I just wanted to provide the following commentary”

    The racist Urban Legend, that the Mulattoes, or any other
    groups that were of a part-Black / Mixed-Race lineage,
    had practiced any sort of ‘Paper Bag’; ‘Blue Vein’; or
    ‘Fine Toothed Comb’ tests, simply is not in any way
    supported by objective, verifiable historic record.

    Other racist, Mulatto-Bashing Urban Legends &
    Myths include the “Willie Lynch Letter’ Hoax
    (the letter has been repeated proven to have
    been total fraud); the “the majority of the
    ‘big house’ slave positions were given to the
    Mulatto chattel-slaves” lie (when history shows
    that most of these positions — ex. mammy, cook,
    driver, etc.– were reserved for the slaves that
    were full-Black); and the lie that “most of the
    Mulattoes were the offspring of the plantation Owners”
    (when, in reality, what the historical record actually
    shows is that the overwhelming vast majority of the
    Mulatto-lineage chattel-slaves were the result of
    rapes by the White plantation Overseers — and
    were not the offspring of the plantation Owners).

    The truth of the matter — as shown by the historical
    record (i.e. articles, diaries, books, reports, interviews,
    etc.) is that — when many of the full-Black people
    realized the extent to which most Mixed-Race former
    slaves practiced ‘Endogamy’* (i.e. making the choice
    to marry someone who is a part of one’s ‘own group’),
    their outrage and feelings of rejection and jealousy
    caused some of them to engage in the activity of
    Mulatto-Bashing and anti-Mulatto Rumor-Mongering
    — and it was often, this very activity that led
    to the spreading of these urban legends and myths
    as being “common knowledge” about the people and
    the communities that were of Mulatto-lineage.

    [* Note:
    The practice of ‘Endogamy’ (i.e. marrying “one’s
    own kind”) was actually very common for people
    of any lineage or group (including that of
    Mulatto-lineage) and, generally, no issues
    were taken with it — until the late 1960’s
    / early 1970’s when the appearance of the
    very divisive ‘Black Power Movement’ (which
    had usurped the very successful ‘Civil Rights
    Movement’) suddenly began to target and falsely
    condemn the practice of ‘endogamy’ by people
    of Mulatto-lineage (and Mulatto-lineage, only)
    as being “racist” and “colorist” against the
    people who were of a full-Black lineage.]

    Once the antebellum (chattel-slavery) era came to an
    end on the continental United States of America, and
    numerous communities became established, it then
    seemed that certain of the various full-Black people
    & families began to engage in a sharing of spurious
    “tales” wherein they (or someone they knew) had
    “heard about” a church, fraternity, sorority, social
    club, etc. that had both either been founded by or
    had a number of members who were individuals of
    a Mulatto-lineage and had also allegedly rejected
    a full-Black person solely for having had curly hair
    (rather than straight hair); and/or for having had
    brown skin (rather than tan, beige, or white skin);
    and/or for having had either non-visible or visibly
    ‘green’ arm veins (rather than ‘blue’ arm veins).

    And yet, no one ever questioned the fact that the
    very features a person was alleged to have been
    ‘rejected’ for having (ex. curly hair texture;
    brown skin coloring; and either non-visible or
    ‘visibly-green’ arm veins; etc.) were the very
    same features that were common to ‘the average’
    person who was of a Mulatto-lineage (which
    would have meant that the Mulattoes would have
    then been the biggest ‘rejectees’ of such clubs
    — rather than the ‘rejectors’ at such clubs —
    and thus, would have also proven that these
    “clubs” simply and more than likely did not
    and had never actually existed in reality.)

    However, so popular (and quite often even
    profitable) was the spreading of these
    urban myths and legends, that a number
    of well-respected writers who were of
    Mulatto-lineage (ex. Charles Chestnutt,
    who was the author of ‘The Wife of His Youth
    and other tales’) occasionally even engaged
    in the spreading of such “yellow journalism”
    (no pun intended) in some of their writings.

    (Hopefully, these writers were just trying
    to create dialogue and ‘pay their bills’ and,
    did not realize the public-relations damage
    that would impact people of Mulatto-lineage
    for generations to come as a result of the
    spreading of these urban legends and myths.)

    Thus — other than the urban legends, racial myths,
    rumor-mongering and “yellow journalism” about
    the alleged (and unproven) existence of any type
    of ‘Blue-Vein’ Societies or implementation of any
    type of ‘Paper-Bag’ or ‘Fine-Toothed Comb’ Tests
    — no actual historical evidence has ever been
    presented that has convinced most historians
    that any such actual ‘tests’ or ‘societies’
    were ever implemented (at least not in any
    large numbers or as a common or frequent
    practice) among the people of Mulatto-lineage
    on the continental United States of America.

    If anyone is interested in more information
    on this subject matter, please feel free to
    contact directly at the email listed below.

    — AP (soaptalk@hotmail.com)

    Related Links:






    AP on August 20, 2009 at 12:39 am

“Blacks,you ARE more racist than Whites, and nothing you’ve ever acheived has ever been legitemate.Now take the criticism like “the man YOU think YOU are.”
“The unmitigated stupidity of this statement(Not to mention the poor spelling and punctuation) has left me completely nonplussed and unable to formulate a response.”
Two misspelled words( Legitimate,Achieved ),punctuation perfectly fine.Other than that,makes perfect sense.
And the difference between Whites and Blacks,is that 99% of Blacks would never admit they misspelled anything,instead would change the subject,giving some flippant,Blame Whitey psychobabble.Then, if you kept pressing them on it( Which is NORMAL ),they explode and assault you.

OldSchoolW on July 17, 2008 at 12:16 pm

“Okay posters, you can go back to your regular programming of how bad Black people are….but remember….judge lest not YE be judged.For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete,it shall be measured to you again.”
Translation: Blacks can judge Whitey all they want,because Blacks “aren’t racist,because they don’t have the power”( Long since disproven ), therefore, no matter how racist,grossly innacurate and hysterical their views and accusations towards Whites ( In their 4th rate movies,stand up comedians,retarded rap lyrics,fairy tale-telling Afro-Phallocentric “professors”,”poets”, sports writers,authors,etc,etc,etc. ) they will never have to be judged at the Pearly Gates( no matter how bad they are,towards any society,civilization or country they are,in the long run ),because the Nation of Islam and similar groups, proclaimed Blacks God. Hence,Blacks are never wrong about Whitey,ever, and are off-limits of any crticisms.

OldSchoolW on July 17, 2008 at 12:37 pm

OldSchoolW, I’ve never seen Matthew 7 ever interpreted or “translated” quite like that. Now that is REALLY putting your own spin on things!
Um… by the way….I don’t think that’s what it means….

JibberJabber on July 17, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Okay posters, you can now return to your regular programming of how bad and racist Black people are……but remember…judge not lest YE be judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
So says the judge. GFY!

AlturaCt on July 18, 2008 at 3:00 pm

It is often a surprise for people to learn that, in reality, there
is actually No Such Thing As a “Light Skinned Black” person.
The term “Light Skinned Black” is really nothing more than a
racist oxymoron that was created by White Supremacists in an
effort to forcibly deny those Mixed-Race individuals, who are
of a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed)
Lineage, the right to fully embrace and to also received
public support in choosing to acknowledge the
truth regarding their full ancestral heritage.
The people who have been slapped with the false label and
oxymoronic misnomer of “Light Skinned Black” person are
simply Mixed-Race individuals — whose family have been
continually Mixed-Race throughout their multiple generations.
For more information on MGM-Mixed lineage, feel free to
view the information at the found at the links listed below:
— AP (soaptalk@hotmail.com)

APGifts on May 25, 2009 at 1:40 am

Since mention was made of the topic of the ‘house’
and the ‘field’ slave — I just wanted to note that
this false concept that so many people have
— that the lighter-complexioned chattel slaves
“had it easier” or “thought they were better”
than the darker-complexioned slaves -– and
/ or largely “relaxed in the big house” while
the darker-complexioned slaves “suffered
in the fields” — is very much (just like the
infamous ‘Willie Lynch Letter’ Hoax) all VERY
MUCH AN URBAN MYTH (and, is one which,
in nearly every way that’s possible, completely
defies the true historical recorded account).

The historical record shows that
those enslaved people who were of a
lighter-complexion (i.e. mulatto-lineage)
and that were found on the continental
United States during the antebellum
(chattel-slavery) era were actually treated
MUCH WORSE than were those enslaved
people who were of a darker-complexion.

In fact, the record shows that most of the White
people (especially the White women) tended
to look upon the lighter-complexioned slaves
as being mere ‘mongrels of miscegenation’
(resulting largely from the rapes caused by the
plantation ‘Overseers’); in their disgust at the
sight of these slaves — insisted that they
be “banished to the fields”; and also then
purposefully reserved most of the ‘big house’
positions (ex. mammy, cook, driver, etc.) for
the darker-complexioned slaves — who most of
the White people had perceived as being “more loyal,
more docile, less competitive, etc.”, and, even more
important, they were also of a skin tone which
could never cause them to be seen as being
any part-‘white’ (and even worse, perceived as
“possibly” also being “a member of the family”
–as it were– of a given plantation ‘Owner’).

And this maltreatment was generally even much
more so the case if the lighter-complexioned
enslaved person was even remotely ’suspected’
(by, say, a wife, sister or daughter — who ran “the big
house”, while a ‘male’ family member ran “the plantation”)
of possibly being the offspring of a given plantation
‘Owner’ (or his son, or father, or brother, or any other
male found in the plantation ‘Owners’ White family).

In addition, the few lighter-complexioned enslaved
people that were actually permitted to do any work
in the “big house” were (as a punishment for having
the lowly status of “mongrel” and in order to make sure
that they did not become “too uppity”) kept under a
much more severe work supervision (by both the
White women who ran the plantation household and
also by the darker-complexioned enslaved people
who had been placed over the lighter-complexioned
enslaved people and given various “rewards” in an
exchange for the promise to ‘keep an eye on’ them)
than were most of the (more trusted and seemingly
endeared) darker-complexioned enslaved people.

Books by Deborah Gray White; Paula Giddings; bell
hooks; J. California Cooper; William Wells Brown;
etc. expose the truth about the urban-myth and
show that the lighter-complexioned enslaved
people received NO special treatment and were,
instead (due to being seen as mere “mongrels of
miscegenation”) usually treated much worse than
were most darker-complexioned enslaved people.

The hatred, fear and mistrust that many of the antebellum
and post-antebellum era White southerners felt toward the
people who were both of a light-complexion (mulatto-lineage)
and were also chattel-slaves, is very strongly presented
in the ‘D.W. Griffith’ racist film ‘Birth of a Nation’– where
pretty much all the trouble, tragedy and dangers found
experienced by White southern families in the film is
falsely presented as being caused by “uppity” Mulattoes
who ‘needed to be taught “their place” among White people’.
(i.e. they “needed” to be beaten, raped, lynched, etc. by the
“proud” White people who had been reared to make it clear
that they felt “no connection” to any non-White person).

Anyone who would like any additional information
on this topic can feel free to contact me directly.

Hope this information is helpful
& that everyone has a great day.

– AP (soaptalk@hotmail.com)

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APGifts on August 8, 2009 at 11:56 pm

I totally understand where this young lady is coming from. This is not only true with lighter-skinned blacks but with Mulattos, Creoles, and even Hispanics as well. I as a mulatto (white father, black mother) have experienced more racism and violence by blacks than any other race combined x2.

Blacks frequently see mulattos as simultaneously an enemy and as something they can claim to make their gene pool more advanced. Most mulattos won’t say anything against this because the mulatto race was scattered and individuals isolated to an extent their voice was never heard.

Not only that but I have also seen blacks mistreat lighter blacks and even hispanics. I remember growing up, me and another puerto rican kid were frequently targeted.

Mustang on November 23, 2009 at 9:46 pm


Judging by your racist and scientific notions of race, I can see why Blacks don’t like you. Nothing about your genes would “advance” anyone else. Are you rich? Have you invented something that has contributed to society? Has the average white person? NO. Most people are just average and are successes or failures due to their circumstances. Get over yourself. The fact that you believe that your non-Blackness alone would automatically contribute anything positive to anyone is pathetic.

I love how White people POUNCE on these type of stories to convince themselves that they don’t have systemic and social advantages to being white, and most importantly they want to PRESERVE this. I guarantee you, dark kids make fun of light kids. Light kids make fun of dark kids. But until you tell me where they’ve enforced legal segregation on each other, flee from each others neighborhoods, barred each other form schools, and made it illegal to marry each other, then White people need to just STFU, stop complaining and accept that they’ve INHERITED a system of bigotry that they consciously AND unconsciously support. What Rhianna wont’ talk about are the instances in which she has been FAVORED for being light. Such as the fact that she can’t sing OR dance and she’s a world-wide pop start (thanks to Black handlers), while her more talented and darker counterpart is back in her hometown.

Izzy on December 6, 2009 at 10:16 am

Sorry, you have that backwards. Read a history book, and stop trying to “flip the script”. The Brown Fellowship Society, Jack and Jill, color coded church pews are all historical facts. That along with black (mostly light skinned) ownership of black slaves. Like you stated where Rhianna is from the leadership is black, but black like her not dark-skinned, and are in the position to oppress their darker-skinned brethen, and do. Rhianna, is black in USA only. The darker peoples all over world are being oppressed, more often times than not, by those of lighter skin holding power. Why do you or anyone else think dark-skinned people should bear the burden of “loving” people who care nothing for them? Or even sicker still, “worship them”. Rihanna, at her, tender age is not some beacon of truth, she is your affirmation of someone who wants to be loved by those they despise.

Tiredof the Lies on December 22, 2009 at 8:17 pm



#1) There is NO SUCH THING as
a so-called “light skin Black”


#2) The ALLEGED light-skinned favored


#3) The alleged Colorism-inspired



APGifts on January 24, 2010 at 12:58 am

The worse story I heard of was from a Catholic guy who had lived in Turkey, a Muslim country. He said his family was nearly gunned down by terrorists. The treatment of Catholics in Turkey is really bad. In Vietnam, the Amerasians were treated badly and referred to as “Children of the Dust.” The Amerasians were usually abandoned by their American fathers and rejected by their Vietnamese families. So many became orphans. In the USA, it is true that dark skin minorities can feel resentful of lighter skinned members of the community. That is because they usually are more accepted among whites and have more socially upward mobility. I had a childhood friend who was half Native American and half Northern European. His mother was white, and he looked 100% white. On the reservations, he was treated badly and rejected. But off the reservation he had social opportunities and acceptance among whites that far exceeded opportunities for darker Native Americans. For example, although Montana and Arizona have numerous Native American basketball stars with state championships, they usually did not get recruited (until recently). But my half-white friend had lots of scholarships to play sports. The coaches thought he was white. In college, he was ridiculously popular among white women. If he had looked like a brown Navajo I doubt that he would have gotten as many dating opportunities or scholarships. In North America, smallpox and warfar or other diseases killed off most Native Americans. The full-blooded Native Americans are disappearing with the languages. Most modern Native Americans are usually mixed-blooded with Caucasian appearances. And they usually don’t speak the indigenous language. So they have been “assimiliated” which is the aftereffect of colonization. To be fair, many modern whites are not racist against Native Americans. I also meet many whites who are proud of the small amount of Native American ancestry they have (e.g. 1/16 Creek). But most Native Americans are gone. Meanwhile, the European population has now reached about 200 million in the USA. For example, the ~350,000 Native Americans who lived in Florida in the 1500s were reduced to less than a 1000 by 1860. Only the Seminoles did not surrender to Manifest Destiny.



NativeAmerican on June 6, 2010 at 12:14 am

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