August 24, 2008, - 11:12 am

Erratum: Najah Bazzy, Islamic Nurse Ratched

By Debbie Schlussel
On Mother’s Day, May 11th, I wrote about how an extremist Muslim (redundant) mosque in the Detroit area honored jihadist Muslima nurse, Najah Bazzy. I wrote that she was intimately involved in Medicaid fraud. That was a typo. The word “intimately” should have read “apparently,” and has been corrected.
I stand by everything I wrote about Ms. Bazzy. All of the evidence strongly suggests that not only was Ms. Bazzy involved in Medicaid fraud but was intimately involved in it. More to come on this and Najah Bazzy. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, read some of my past work on Najah Bazzy, Muslima enemy of America on our shores.

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