November 5, 2008, - 10:45 am

Yes, There Were Bright Spots in the Republican Defeat: Buh-bye, Hezbollah Joe, Slimy Paul, Arafat’s Sununu

By Debbie Schlussel
Yes, there were some bright spots, yesterday, around the country–especially here in Michigan, where Hezbollah Joe a/k/a Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg was soundly defeated. I predicted this defeat, and it happened.
* See Ya, Sununu
Palestinian New Hampshire Senator John Sununu–who was very anti-Israel–lost to a liberal Democrat. Again, if he is the type of Republican that is offered up in the future, I will continue to work against that type. I want to elect Republicans and a Republican majority. But they have to be conservatives. And they have to be against terrorists and terrorism.
* Buh-Bye, Hezbollah Joe
Joe Knollenberg, the man who gave millions of your tax money to jihadists–to Hezbollah, an anti-Semitic Arab museum, and a liberal anti-Israel camp in New England which breeds homicide bombers–and then collected thousands in campaign money from Hezbollah puppet Nijad Fares and his buddies, is gone. Liberal Democrat Gary Peters beat him.


Republican Congressman Hezbollah Joe Loses

In two years, without Obama on the ticket, the Republicans can get this seat back if they put up a real conservative against Peters–and one who doesn’t act as Hezbollah’s personal American banker. In that case, I will support a Republican nominee. In yesterday’s case, I urged my readers and many of my friends in Knollenberg’s soon-to-be former district to vote for Peters. Several were, like me, conservative Republicans who normally could never vote for a liberal like this, but I convinced them. Hezbollah Joe must go.
Now, he’s gone. And now, I hope the Republicans find a real conservative and a real opponent of Islamic terrorism.
* Paul Welday, CAIR & Iran’s Best Friend Loses Michigan House Race

Paul Welday:

Friend of CAIR, Hezbo, Iranian Hostage-Takers, Muslim Medicaid Defrauders, Loses

I tried very hard to get Republican voters in Detroit suburbs Farmington and Farmington Hills to elect Richard Lerner–a genuine conservative Republican, a brilliant financial mind, and an opponent of Islamic terrorism (who happened to be Jewish)–as the Republican nominee in the primary. But they did not and, instead, chose CAIR-panderer and otherwise sleazy Paul Welday, a supporter of pan-Islamic causes in several arenas, as the Republican nominee. Welday, as then-chief of staff to Hezbollah Joe, helped get Hezbollah the $86 million in our tax money.
I contacted all my friends, again, before this election and let them know about Jihad Paul’s record.
Kerplunk. He lost to liberal Democrat Vicki Barnett.
As with Hezbollah Joe, I hope the Republicans will give us a real conservative with genuine opposition to terrorism and the Islamicization of our country–like Richard Lerner. When that happens, I will support that person wholeheartedly.
Until then, they will continue to get Democrats like Vicki Barnett in what could have been a Republican seat.
* Local Dark Spot: Michigan’s queen-of-skank bimbo county commissioner, Carey Torrice–who thinks she’s a stripper and a model/actress, got re-elected in the Obama tidal wave. At least two more years to laugh at and make fun of her.

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4 Responses

At least we have you to find the silver lining on this very cloudy day!
My elitist liberal mother called me to gloat this morning. It is becoming a bit of fun being gracious in defeat- they really can’t stand it when we do that!!!

MarySJ on November 5, 2008 at 11:41 am

Timeless values will never go out of season. The true and tried things under Heaven will always last because we become better people when we serve G-d instead of man. And we need people who do the right thing by Him than pander to our deadliest enemies. I vote for the person – not the party. Whoever believes in traditional values, believes in American exceptionalism, supports her friends like Israel and opposes her enemies like Hezbollah and the PLO, will always have my support.

NormanF on November 5, 2008 at 12:26 pm

I knew that John Sununu (Sr) was anti-Israel – he was that way on Crossfire when I used to watch (along with both Buchanan and Bob Novak), and ironically, his Liberal opponents – Bill Press, Bob Beckel, et al, were pro-Israel.
But was the same true of his son? What about his voting record? And how much of it might have been masked by the fact that a lot of President Bush’s activities were anti-Israel as a result of him being the first US president to openly call for a Palestinian state?
Also, granted Obama was bad, but despite his rhetoric on jihad, was McCain opposed to a Palestinian state, unlike Bush? He was pro-Islam on Kosovo and Serbia.

Infidel Pride on November 5, 2008 at 6:22 pm

You did what I never thought anyone could get me to do–vote for a democrat–in the Oakland races here you wrote on. Sayanary Hezbo-Joe you pandering schmuck.
In these cases, I agree it had to be done for the reasons you cite. What is with these islamo-panderering RINOS?

BB on November 5, 2008 at 11:11 pm

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