February 7, 2012, - 3:18 pm

OUTRAGE: Kansas Denies Lt Col Medical License for Opposing Obama

By Debbie Schlussel

This is truly sickening, especially in a country that pretends to have a First Amendment and yet seems to apply it only to the left and Islamic terrorists.  I’ll bet if Lt. Col. Terrence Lee Lakin had told the Kansas regulatory agency that he’s a HAMAS member, they’d have given him the medical license.  But question Barack Obama, and you are denied.  It’s especially disgusting since this man risked his life for America fighting for the very free speech rights he’s now being denied. Dr. Lakin, who is a licensed doctor in both Maryland and Colorado, served on the front lines of Afghanistan and also in Bosnia–places where the values of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts would apparently be at home–and has a bronze star.  He has a great lawsuit here, and I hope he pursues it.


For the record, I am NOT a birther (and I don’t support this man’s decision not to follow orders under Obama), but that is and should have been irrelevant to whether or not this dedicated doctor was licensed in Kansas, where officials apparently see themselves as the government-appointed speech and thought police. Read this and barf (Kudos to Topeka, Kansas’ KCTV for covering this and doing a blockbuster job on it:

A Kansas board that denied a licensed doctor of osteopathic medicine a license was primarily concerned about the man’s political views.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts is a 15-member panel appointed by the governor and decides the fate of doctors in Kansas.

Terrence Lee Lakin rose to the ranks of lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. He served on the front lines in Afghanistan and the war zone in Bosnia as well as a medical mission to Honduras. He saved lives around the world and received a Bronze Star for his service.

“I like helping people,” said Lakin. “And I’ve been, since college wanting to be in medical field and help others.”

But a dispute over whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States led to Lakin being forced from the military and apparently led to the Kansas board in October denying him a medical license to practice in the Sunflower State.

The board repeatedly refused comment on their decision, but a transcript of Lakin’s shows board members didn’t concern themselves with Lakin’s 18-year spotless medical record.

“They hammered me for my political views,” said Lakin. . . .

The Oct. 21 hearing about Lakin’s medical license lasted just 16 minutes. Lenexa physician Michael J. Beezley kicked off the questioning about Lakin’s thoughts on the president.

“So I guess you need to explain the difference between going to Afghanistan in 2004 and going over there after President Obama was elected,” said Beezley. “Is that the big kick?”

“Yes,” replied Lakin.

Ellsworth Dr. Ronald Whitmer then followed up.

“Do you believe he was a U.S. citizen, President Obama?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Lakin replied.

“…the long form of his birth certificate has been publicized,” Whitmer said. “What does it take to make you believe that he is a U.S. citizen?” . . .

“Say if and when he’s elected again and the Reconciliation Act becomes law, which it already is, and all of a sudden we have 20 million more people who’ve got healthcare, are you going to refuse those people because this is?” asked Whitmer.

“No. No. No,” insisted Lakin. “I was being ordered to a combat zone to, you know, put my life on the line.”

Just as Lakin’s medical record didn’t matter to the board, another doctor’s medical record also didn’t matter to the panel.

KCTV5’s investigation reveals that in 2008, the KSBHA board approved the license of another doctor with a history of medical mistakes and malpractice payouts. One patient died after a drill mishap in the operating room. A surgical error caused repeated electrical shocks to a second patient. And a third patient wasn’t even that doctor’s patient. The physician didn’t notice, ended up performing brain surgery on the wrong man and caused permanent damage.

The board refused our repeated requests for an interview about the decisions it makes and the seeming disparity of these two cases. . . .

Lakin’s only recourse now is a judicial appeal, but he’s uncertain that he can afford the costs.

Listen to the audio of the politically-charged Lakin medical license hearing.  Read the transcript.

Reader Duane:

One has to wonder if this would have been handled the same if the doctor would have refused to go to Afghanistan under Bush because he thought it was an “immoral” war? Something tells me it would not have been handled the same. This is chilling.


It appears Dr. Lakin needs to change his name to Tahir Al-Lakin Al-Amriki and botch a few surgeries. Then, Kansas will rubber stamp him in.

Truly nauseating in what used to be the “home of the free and the brave.” It seems that neither of these is true any longer. In America today, the brave aren’t free. And the free aren’t brave.

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What conservative legal groups will take this case?

Jonathan E. Grant on February 7, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Jon, how about you?

    Seems to me this one is a slam dunk. The Board did not follow its own procedure and impermissibly concerned themselves with other than the good doctor’s medical qualifications.

    His views about Obama should be irrelevant to the issue of his licensure.

    NormanF on February 7, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      It is completely ridiculous to deny a medical license for this reaason. The good doctor needs to contact the American association of Physicians and Surgeons. He also needs to sue the members of the board individually, and file complaints with Their specialty bodies.

      Occam's Tool on February 8, 2012 at 12:41 am


      I am a patent and trademark attorney who has not been in a courtroom for a while. You would not have gastroenterologist perform brain surgery. Same in law.

      However, I would be more than happy to work on the briefs for the lead attorney in such a case.

      Jonathan E. Grant on February 8, 2012 at 12:11 pm

This is the direction our country is going. If you want to understand the mind of a dictator take a good look at the president.

Poncho on February 7, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Well that’s our Muslim and chief! Sorry, but this doctor is right and that’s the problem. Why can the press take out people of sound mind. But researching WHY OBAMA has a CONN SS# is a non starter! Finding out why his transcripts are not released (did president tomato receive aid as a foreign student?)

It’s a war and if we don’t start waking up our country – each of us are heading the same place this poor doctor is – an enemy of the state!

andy on February 7, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Well that’s our Muslim and chief! Sorry, but this doctor is right and that’s the problem. Why can the press take out people of sound mind. But researching WHY OBAMA has a CONN SS# is a non starter! Finding out why his transcripts are not released (did president tomato receive aid as a foreign student?)

It’s a war and if we don’t start waking up our country – each of us are heading down the same place this poor doctor is – an enemy of the state!

andy on February 7, 2012 at 4:21 pm

moose-lamb o’bama
his tentacles reach everywhere

every place where one democrat
has assembled in his name

prestigio on February 7, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Those questions were entirely out of bounds and had no business being asked. Also, I noted in the same article that that same board allowed a gross incompetent get in without incident. A licensing board should examine one’s professional credentials and performance, and not engage in political vetting.

Worry01 on February 7, 2012 at 5:19 pm

I just want to present why I WOULD be a birther if I was not convinced that Barack Obama Senior was NOT the dad of our Foodstamp President. I am not out to change anyone’s mind BUT I do want people to look into this matter themselves because the one thing that is true is that there IS room for wonder on this matter and concrete proof is not known. And any other person would have their background turned inside out and back again IF they were NOT Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro but still had all the questionable roots.

Again, this interests me greatly because there are many things left unanswered and even more questions to still ask. We know the crux of this is that Hussein Obama is protected to the nth degree. That is why Auntie Zeitunie was NOT deported or Uncle Omar…who wants to look into the driving record of the arresting officer.

What has been proven since this crypto-Marxist has been president is that his parents were NEVER married. Obama has not admitted this and says his parents WERE. They were NOT. They never lived together and by age 2 months, Senior was already in Cambridge Mass to attend Harvard University. By his age of 2 months, his mum was already enrolled in a college in Washington State. A different state than Hawaii where Obama was supposedly born.

When Senior was heading to Massachusetts, one of the people sending him off was Stanley Ann Dunham’s weirdo dad Stanley Dunham. There are pictures of the Obama-lookalike Dunham smiling and next to Senior. I ask: Why would a dad in the early 60’s (even if he was a wacky Marxist) be happy to send off the guy who supposedly knocked up his daughter to be moving 3,000 miles away from daughter and grandson? And Obama looks more like the Dunhams than Obama Senior. And more like Frank Marshall Davis than Obama Senior (but he is the spitting image of his maternal grandad so it is hard to tell on his looks alone).

Some people think the Stan Dunham set up a deal with Senior to have him cop to being the dad. Both (the Mum and Obama Senior) took a Russian class together but no one ever remembers them as an item or even dating. In fact, friends of Stanley Ann (the mum), when visited by OTHER interested parties (for books on Obama and just general, fawning interest) all seemed not to know much but had pat, scripted responses when questioned about the supposed love-affair.

Obama didn’t really know his dad and only saw him once after he left for Cambridge…and that was when he was 10.

Not proven conclusively but extremely convincing and interesting nonetheless, Stanley Dunham was the good friend of pornographer and young girl/boy lover Frank Marshall Davis. He was pretty well known and wrote many books expressing his love of porn and young boys and girls. When Stanley Ann was a teen she had nude pictures taken of her…some think by FMD…and the jazz records in the background make this a very compelling theory since FMD was also passionate about jazz AND porno picture taking (and wrote books on both subjects).

Zero and FMD were VERY close and when Zero first started college, he had FMD write poems for him for his classes. FMD may have been a big, pinko-pervert BUT he was a very good poet. Zero is neither a good poet or writer. In fact, FMD wrote “Pop” for Zero for one of his classes…and it’s about him and NOT Stanley Dunham…who Zero called “Gramps” NOT Pop. And the poem has some very uneasy pervert tones to it.

So that is why I am not a birther anymore but even the birther angle has some interesting unanswered questions.

Why does Zero have a Connecticutt social security number when he never lived there?

He offers up “live birth” certificates in lieu of a real ones and we know the one released after the orange big-mouth with bad hair kicked up some dirt about it is a FRAUD and can be dismantled on computer software. Just as is his selective service papers are fraudulent…proven by Debbie Schlussel exclusively.

Zero was able to travel to Pakistan at a time when no legal American could have legally traveled.

A Kenyan grandmother says she was there (in Kenya) when he was born. His ugly wife was quoted BEFORE his election as saying Kenya was his “homeland”.

The point is that there are more unanswered questions and questions still to ask THAN concrete proof and that is why birtherism still lives. We all know 9/11 truthers are nutters but if one really wants to take an objective look at birtherism, they will see that there are (as said ad-nauseam) more “hmmmmms?” to the questions than concrete facts that put the matter to rest.

And in the end, we know that even in 2012, if you go up against Obama you will not win. He’s got too many blind followers on his side and too many peeps to scared to be honest and be the proper whistleblowers they should be.

Skunky on February 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    President Obama born in Topeka, ks. Florence Hardy, my mom, present at birth. Obama Sr not dna Dad. Been trying for a year to get birther to go get avaialble records and witnesses in Topeka, Ks. Two fires last year where some reocrds might be made me realize, I had to come forward. More of this on my facbbok about my 15 year old second cousin having our presiient Mrriage at macvicar chapel on washburn campus. Dunham was a name Stanley Anns dad, Daniel Wayne Pope assumed and other details on my facebook starting 7/26/12.Linda Joy Adams

    Linda Joy Adams on August 15, 2012 at 3:56 am

And look at Bernadine Dohrn,who conducted and condoned terrorist action for many years, and is not really repentant. She got her law license and is an honored (?!?) law professor at what purports to be a leading law school.

Little Al on February 7, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Good article and very good comments by Skunky. However, I disagree with them both because I am a birther. Being born a year before Obama, I knew that when I saw the birth certificate from 1961 that said his race was “African,” I say it is a fraud. That term was not used as a “race” back then and not for at least a decade later. No one knows this man from childhood, in college, or any place from his past. No old girl friends (bfs??) have popped up. No college transcripts or grades even? Nothing.

He is a Muslim communist that appeared out of nowhere and he is now our president. How?? It defies all logic and common sense.

PDMac60 on February 7, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    PDMac…great points I forgot to offer! There are so many hmmmmmms. And it is frightening.

    Does anyone know the political structure of Kansas? Just trying to put together a chain of Obama brown-nosers that gets all the way to the medical board.

    Skunky on February 7, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    The reason for the “African” on Obama’s birth certificate is that Hawaii allowed (and still allows) people to describe their race using whatever words they want. There was no check list of races, and no one looked at the form and said “you can’t say that.” In fact, there have been bloggers from Hawaii who said that their parents put down “Italian” in the race section, and that is the way that it appeared.

    So, Obama’s father could use any words that he wanted. And it turns out that African exchange students in the USA in the 1960s commonly used the word “African” to describe their race.

    Moreover, specifically in Kenya–where Obama’s father came from–“African” was the term used in the census for the black residents of the country and in other in the legal documents until Kenya got its independence, which was in 1963.

    By the way, Kenya did exist in 1961–some birthers say that it didn’t. It was already called Kenya. It was the Kenya Colony, and it was in East Africa. Hence the answer in the Birth Certificate: “Kenya, East Africa” is correct.

    ehancock on February 8, 2012 at 11:11 am

There are many layers on this probably fraudulent birth certificate. Under “Race” is has African. Huh? African isn’t a race, except that for the last several years Black people in America have usurped the continent of Africa, as if they’re the only people who can be African, and so people call them African-American. That still isn’t their race. They are Negroes.
There was a baby born in the hospital Obomber (bombed Libya) says is where he was born (after his family had stated differing hospitals & no one knew which one he was going to choose as his birth hospital)who passed away shortly after her birth. I’ll bet anybody a hundred bucks that it’s the one they forged.
I remember Obomber telling Allan Keyes not to worry about where he was born because he wasn’t running for president.
A Georgia judge is about to throw Obomber off the ballot in Georgia because his father was NOT a US citizen. According to some legal precedent, a Natural Born Citizen would have no other allegiance. Obomber could have been taken by his British father to Great Britain to obtain benefits because Sr. was a British subject.
There’s never been anything wrong with “birtherism.” That’s just a pejorative used by people who place truth, Constitutionalism, justice, decency, morality, fairness, & honesty below their cowardice to stand up to the hate-filled, wholly dishonest Left.

FactsRule on February 7, 2012 at 5:48 pm

I wish I could say I was shocked by this, but unfortunately I’m not. Just disgusted.

Michelle Plumb on February 7, 2012 at 6:13 pm

I have heard that people are also messing with Minor vs. Happersett due to the issues coming around about natural born citizens and questions abounding on the big Zero.

Skunky on February 7, 2012 at 6:28 pm

Ok, as far as the birther issue is concerned, the question is is Obama a natural born citizen according to the Constitution? The answer is no because his father was not an American citizen at the time of his birth. In order to be a natural born citizen both parents have to be American citizens at the time of his birth. The birth certificate does not matter. I am surprised that Debbie hasn’t mentioned this.

Mike on February 7, 2012 at 6:50 pm

I think the main issue is getting sidetracked. The real question is whether one’s professional license should revoked or withheld due to one’s political beliefs? That is a far more serious question than the “Birther” issue, which is circular and goes nowhere. This physician is being denied the right to practice his profession not due to incompetence or a criminal record, but due to his political beliefs. That is something a state medical board should never do. This trend, if left unchecked, could lead to people being denied employment or being in many other areas.

Worry01 on February 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Worry, you are correct re: the question at hand but I know you are well versed on the many other things that are tied to Obama that get derailed when they also ought-not be. I like to think they all belong in the same box. And the press and most main-stream sorts also tend to NOT look at the pandora’s box all his transgressions are thrown into:

    *He and Eric Holder just about getting away with “Fast & Furious”. At least 2 agents killed and 200 Mexicans killed. It’s an impeachable act if Congress gets some cojones and takes it hard to both of them. They have plenty of evidence and whistleblowers but we are just getting the rope-a-dope and the shuck and jive.

    *His and Kathleen Sebilius’ TAKE THAT to the Catholic hospitals and institutions who will soon have to forget their religious rules and have the State force them to do things the State has no right to force them to do.

    *His signing of the NDAA. Those who watch that bastard like a hawk KNOW his word is pitch and he can’t be trusted.

    *The handling and white-washing and virtual media blackout of the Fort Hood Massacre.

    *The stealth way the Administration uses Michelle Obama to pass policy and how they try to fool most by falsely presenting her as the “Mum and Gardener” First Lady when behind the scenes she wields a heavier hand. She was NOT elected.

    *His Kenyan cartoony relatives who should be deported but aren’t and won’t.

    *Here’s a name I bet most have forgotten: GERALD WALPIN. He’s got a good case, too!

    These are all super-serious too but are also not taken seriously and only political wonks know some of the facts on these Obama transgressions that are not taken seriously.

    The birther issue goes nowhere because no one wants to dive into it fully when there is a lot of there, there. It also shows this lying hack has far more secrets than we can imagine.

    It just makes me crazy because if this was a Republican these mysteries would never be left to be mysteries. We’d know the outcome from a to z 3 years ago.

    Look what they did to Herman Cain. With zero proof or any credible substantiation.

    And there was also tons of shenanigans pulled by this freak when he was just in the Illinois senate! It’s all just a drop in the Ocean and wouldn’t we just love to know the truth.

    Skunky on February 7, 2012 at 10:08 pm

      Thank you for your response. The other issues that you mentioned are important, and also have a general audience. The Birther Issue does not. It is also an issue that has been discussed and discussed to no effect. As I said before, Democrats are happy to have conservatives obsessed with such an issue since it impacts their real plans in no way. We are about to see Gay Marriage become a new national right and a foreign policy that leaves us weaker continue. The Birther Issue has been thumped around since 2007, and has resonated with no one aside from a very small group that would not have voted for President Obama anyway. I have no interest in an issue that will not not draw a general audience, or even impact President Obama’s reelection effort in any way, shape, or form. People are free to discuss the Birther matter, but they should be aware that it has gone into the realm of Area 51 in terms of political relevance. Frankly, if President Obama were someone else with different policies, I would happily accept a birth certificate from Mars.

      Worry01 on February 8, 2012 at 11:59 am

This is the wave of the future. If you’re not a Democrat, you had better shut up or risk losing your livelihood.

adam on February 7, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Debbie the term “natural born citizen” is never defined in the Constitution and legal scholars disagree as to what it means. The simplest explanation in this case is that if BHO was born in Kenya he wasn’t natural born and if he was born in Hawaii then he was. Either way it hardly matters at this point. As for the good doctor he should file a massive lawsuit and make a huge stink, like Ezra Levant did when Canada filed phony human rights charges against him for offending Muslims. P.S. I hope you don’t mind if I have your mezuzahs checked out upon my arrival. One can’t be too careful these days.

A1 on February 7, 2012 at 8:00 pm

LOL! They’re questioning his sanity and faculies! Good for them! Any fool who believes this crap has NO business being a Dr. GOBAMA!!!!

Hell-bent on February 7, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Being a dumb Liberal: When being a snarky, know-nothing is all you need because FACTS just get in the way.

    Everyone of these yobos have their anger on but that’s just about it. I guess that’s how they stay loyal to Cap’n Zero.

    Skunky on February 7, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    Really Hell? Would you like your views to be used to block your prospects for employment or the government benefits you receive? Those sorts of tests work both ways. Free speech issues do not involve views that people like, but those that are unpopular or are actually loathed. If you are a 9-11 Truther or feel that Capitalism needs to be destroyed, you could find yourself on the receiving end of what that Lt. Colonel is going through. You might try using your head before answering instead of your hormones.

    Worry01 on February 8, 2012 at 2:45 am

This is off topic, but I wish everyone on this website, who celebrates the New Year for Trees, a happy Tu B’Shvat.

Miranda Rose Smith on February 8, 2012 at 3:04 am

They rejected Lakin because he disobeyed a perfectly legal order to go to Afghanistan, where as a doctor he could have helped US soldiers.

ehancock on February 8, 2012 at 6:30 am

I would be happy to have the Colonel as my doctor. I don’t have respect for the inquisitors sitting on the board who decided his medical future. The good doctor was denied a license – not for medical failings, but for PC failings. Am I out of line this early Wednesday morning by mentally comparing this action to the 1930’s and a little man with a moustache? I hear so many people today saying, “It can’t happen here” after seeing the news of what is happening in and to our country. Don’t me naive. It IS happening here. We have a state run “Educational” system, a state run media and soon state run medical care. If the presint occupant of the White House is re-elected, the Constitution will be further trampled – the trial balloon is out there thanks to the senile one on the Supreme Court, the NY Times, the stste run media and the occupant himself. “The Founding Fathers prevent me from doing all I want to do,” said the occupant during a love fest “Interview” with Lauer the Lightweight. Remeber, without the Second Amendment there will be no First Amendment. The 1930’s will repeat.

You are in our prayers, Colonel.

Herbster on February 8, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Way to go Herbster. I would like to thank the Col as well for deciding that using his skills as a doctor to save our soldiers was secondary to his belief that our President was not lawfully in office. When you take your oath to the support and defend the constitution it does not say ” if I agree with the president”. I am a shamed of all of you who condone this coward for not doing his sworn duty. He gets what he deserves regardless of politics.

    Sarge on February 9, 2012 at 2:06 am

Andy used the moniker “President Tomato”. I’d never heard that. I Googled it and saw posts about genus Lycopersicon esculentum, a literal tomato. There was also a YouTube music video by a group or performer called President Tomato. The video had an Asian guy walking around with headphones on throughout most of it. Is this where the name “President Tomato” comes from, the headphones illustrative of Obama’s outsized ears?

Really, is President Tomato something everybody else knows that I haven’t heard yet? If it’s not that Asian guy then I just have to find out what it is because it’s bound to be funny as hell.

CornCoLeo on February 8, 2012 at 10:49 am

President Tomato! LOL! Anyway Skunky your posts are excellent as always. You have a knack for “breaking it down” and come in closely behind Debbie herself. That being said I’m not with the bither crowd but some things about odumbo just don’t add up.
Why does odummer have a ssn# number from a state that he’s never lived in?
What was his real relationship with Frank Mashall Davis?
How was he able to travel to Pakistan and what did he do there.
Why have his school records been put under lock and key?
And finally who is odummer’s real daddy because he looks NOTHING like odummer sr.
These are just a few questions that I would like answers to but we all know that will never happen. You have to be a republican before the msm puts your life under a microscope.
And about the LTC. He should sue the pants off everyone involved with this farce. I guess this country’s motto “The Land of The Free and the Home of the Brave.” means nothing if you go against obowma.

ken b on February 8, 2012 at 12:26 pm

Re: “Why does odummer have a ssn# number from a state that he’s never lived in?”


Millons of people have errors in their Social Security files:




The Connecticut SS number was caused by a data entry error. SS numbers were generated by the zip code of the applicant’s address. Obama’s address in Hawaii was in zip code 96814, and the zip code for Danbury, CT. is 06814.

Re: “What was his real relationship with Frank Mashall Davis?”

Answer: Probably none.

Re: How was he able to travel to Pakistan and what did he do there.

Answer. He traveled on a US passport. There was NO travel ban on Pakistan; that is a birther myth. Pakistan did not bar US citizens from visiting, and in fact was eager to get tourists, and Pakistan was not on any US ban on travel. US newspapers even ran travel articles recommending visiting Pakistan in 1981 (which is when Obama went).

Re: “Why have his school records been put under lock and key?”

Answer: He didn’t. The claims that they are sealed are myths. They are private, like everyone’s school records. And by the way, none of the Republican candidates for president has shown their school records either. They also are not under “lock and key.” They are private unless and until the person voluntarily decides to show them.

Re: “And finally who is odummer’s real daddy because he looks NOTHING like odummer sr.”

Answer: I have noticed that Mitt Romney looks nothing like his father but looks very much like Harpo Marx.

ehancock on February 8, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    VERY nice try e-handjob. But as with most Liberals, your snark is a bit sharper than your brain and knowledge within it.

    What a coinkydink. Old BAM has an error on his SS#. Only kool-aid drinking fools like you think that explains it all. You believe what you want to, but I follow the smoke when I see it. You’d laugh and laugh if someone gave that pat answer for Newt Gingrich and/or Mitt Romney (BTW, many of us here are not fans of Mitt Romney).

    And of course you would say that about FMD. “Probably none”. Actually, that is what YOU should answer to the person who asks you “Do you have a brain”? Your old buddy BAM wrote about that pinko-perv BFF babydaddy of his in one of his books. Then again, he didn’t write either one so if you haven’t read them I reckon he hasn’t either. It is also VERY well known that Stanley Dunham was VERY close to FMD (how do you think that commie pervert had access to Stanley Ann???) and hung out with him. Our Foodstamp President even hung out with him MORE when he was in college. How do you think FMD wrote that disturbing poem “Pop” for Zero’s class?

    Hope you look good in a brownshirt because you got the look and attitude for one.

    Skunky on February 8, 2012 at 6:12 pm


      Don’t forget about ObaMao’s fraudulent Selective Service registration, chronicled by Debbie right here on this website. Stolen by O’Reilly of faux-conservative FoxSnooze. He blew it off, like the good mainstream media talking head that he is. Next day, story scrubbed from show transcript on FoxSnooze website. Scrubbing of the story shows that it was true because the story would upset FoxSnooze’s moslem owners. You know, Obama’s co-religionists.

      CornCoLeo on February 8, 2012 at 9:21 pm

What in the world does his opinion on President Obama have to do with his ability to practice medicine?

This is just greasing the slippery slope we’re already on.

Michelle on February 8, 2012 at 4:26 pm

I smell a lawsuit here. And Dr. Lakin could win it.

Ghostwriter on February 8, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Looks like the proverbial sh*t hit the fan on this one by the number of responses. For those who were brainswashed into thinking that this country stands for liberty and justice for all: wake the f#%k up!
This country is run by and for billionaires; you have money you have juice. One way to get money is to become president, but because this is America you do have a few other other options, from sports to entertainment to organized crime.
By the way did you see that marvelous cartoon of the little kid holding his teddy telling his dad he wants to grow up to have a career in organized crime. From behind his paper dad replies: “Public or private sector?”
Yup! This is the law of the jungle Jim. Like it or,leave it.
Oh yes, Oswald was the only shooter, and acted alone, and Vince Foster committed suicide with that handgun. Don’t worry about Obama though, he learned all about loyalty and when to be silent in Chicago. That is why he can order payback without flinching.

Ron Wolf on February 9, 2012 at 4:52 pm

I agree with PDMAC60 on this one. I am a birther. I looked at the long form provided (only after millions was spent trying to hide it in legal fees) and noticed a few things. #1 in the 60’s they typed in the information on carbons or on forms (not sure about Hawaii, but mine was like that). This form has typography in it that appears to be from a computer (after the 80’s). #2 several graphic designers looked at it and stated that they forgot to merge the layers in photoshop (I believe it and saved it on my mac but have not yet verified that myself). If so, an amateur photoshopped it for him. #3 in the early 60’s they used the term negro because that was before the civil rights movement and the sensitivity that followed it. #4 if memory serves, there was also a form # on the corner that looked suspicious, and #5 those trained in graphic design have a keener eye about things like typography, spacing, etc. and it looks photoshopped to me. Just my opinion…

CJ on February 10, 2012 at 9:56 am

As to the poster on Frank Marshall Davis question. I believe Pres Obama’s granddad felt since he had no father that he needed another male mentor in his life and Mr. Davis fit the bill. I believe Mr. Davis may have started the first American Communist Party in Hawaii. I believe the college connection was that when Mr. O arrived in Chicago he hooked up with the Communist Party there, probably on invite from Mr. Davis. It is documented for anyone who cares to research it. President Obama must have an affinity for communism because he is surrounded by communists in his earlier life.

CJ on February 10, 2012 at 10:32 am

president obama born in Topeka, Ks. My mother present at birth: Florence hardy. see my face book ppsting last Thursday for detials. We ned to ote for or agianst this president based on perfomamnce and whter someon else can do better as our probles are severes. The president may not know, but i have e-mailed th White House. parents had gdnshp for school pruposes to reigister her at Toepka HS in 1/61 but they didin’t know daniel wayne Pope , their nephew was using the name Dunham. Mom filed out the reigsitration form at topeka HS under Pope and Ann had to telel the reigistrar her capper Jr HS record were under Dunham, she didin;t know as there was an estrangement? We went to Westoboro batist cheuch to get papers transferred or=ver form thepastor, some of Toot;s relatives that she was staying with for school due to presnet ; govt work/ Please check this out! he was born in USA and qualificatiosn for the job are his performance.Linda Joy Adams ann;s second cousin and first cousin of daniel Wayne Pope aka Stnaley A Dunham, an assumed id since he was too youg to mary or enter military? Check my fce book and there is another site: RUSSIAN PRICNE < USA PRESIDENT< great grand son of Olga romanov, Linda Joy Adams, aka alexis daughter. (Pres wilson gott hem out and a hundred years of messing with offical ducmetns neds to end as thie subtrefuge, based on fear of assassination needs to end as too many of the younger generation have fase bios. Sarah palin is maria romanov's descendant. And most of the elite of this world already know.

Linda Joy Adams on August 1, 2012 at 11:35 pm

He needs to contact the AAPS.

Occam's Tool on August 5, 2013 at 1:40 am

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