January 21, 2009, - 2:43 pm

Obama Countdown Clock Needs to be Doubled; Stuff I Like, Timekeeping Edition

By Debbie Schlussel
My friend, Mary, sends me this link to the Obama Countdown Clock. Liberals did this kind of thing with Bush, counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until he left office. And, while I’m an optimist, I think, unfortunately, the Obama clock s site needs to double the amount of time on the clock. I think Obama’s in for eight years. So many Americans are just so deluded. Who needs mushrooms and pot, when you can get high on Obama?
I like Bobby Jindal the best of the possible hopefuls for 2012. But Republicans simply don’t have anyone who can beat this guy, the media, and pop culture combined–all three of which need to be beaten by the Republicans in the next Presidential election. I think we may also see amnesty for illegal aliens and a whole new lot of voters for Obama to keep him there.
If I were a betting woman, I’d sadly have to put my money on an eight-year Obama countdown clock.


Speaking of clocks, as readers know, I occasionally post about stuff I like. This is my favorite clock (pictured above). It’s made by Kikkerland, a cool company which makes all kinds of cool wind-up gadgets and toys (some of which I have in my home office and wind-up when I’m bored). Every time the time changes and a number flips over the legs move and look like it’s moving forward.
It would be cool to have a Kikkerland Obama Countdown Clock, but since these creative types tend to be uber-liberals, not likely to happen.

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17 Responses

“But Republicans simply don’t have anyone who can beat this guy, the media, and pop culture combined–all three of which need to be beaten by the Republicans in the next Presidential election.”
Too true
“I think we may also see amnesty for illegal aliens and a whole new lot of voters for Obama to keep him there.
If I were a betting woman, I’d sadly have to put my money on an eight-year Obama countdown clock.”
Yes the demographics are changing and I told that to many holier then thou conservatives who wanted to sit this one out or thought that a disastrous Obama Presidency would herald a Reaganite revival. Regan ain’t coming back.

Ripper on January 21, 2009 at 3:11 pm

I don’t know, I am split right now on how long Obama will reign.
The media and the useful idiot celebs are overhyping him so much.
I truly think he is a lightweight in way over his head, sort of the male Sarah Palin. Everything so far is just words words and more words.
He’ll get a pass on the ecomony as he and the media will blame it all on Bush. But, if it gets worse it will eventually come back to bite him.
Unfortunately, the Republican party is run by dummies these days. They just never learn. I feel there is still more than enough people who are conservative or lean more right than left if given a good reason. But, as always, the McCains and “compassionate conservatives” Neville Chamberlains water down the message which plays right into the left’s hands.
I think by this time next year we will know.
Ripper, don’t tell me we can’t have another Reagan. Baloney!!!!! I still have faith another Ronald Reagan is out there. This country will still follow a man’s man like a Ronald Reagan, who would have wiped Obama off the map in a landslide!!!!

Jeff_W on January 21, 2009 at 3:41 pm

I agree with you, Debbie. I don’t any one who can beat him. The GOP brand name is badly damaged and its a long road through the political wilderness. Either conservatives live up to their core principles or just the face the facts of life that will be a permanent minority. I’d rather it be the former and there’s no quick fix for what ails conservatism in our time.

NormanF on January 21, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Jeff W, there is no Reagan waiting in the wings. Conservatism I think, was led wayward by its own excesses and many Republicans appear all too willing to give Obama what he wants. Why would any conservative vote for a party of pure political opportunists and dummies? If all the GOP wants to be is Democrat Lite, its headed fast for political extinction and no one will miss it.

NormanF on January 21, 2009 at 4:07 pm

There is no question that Jindal is extremely artiulate and intelligent. However, he is also one of the leaders in accepting bailout handouts for his state. I have seen no indication that he is anything except open-borders or pro-affirmative actin, and I see no reason to believe his position on the Mideast or on Israel would be different from that of any other Republican contender for 2012.
Demographics aside (and I agree that the demographics are with the Democrats), the Republicans seem unable to offer any programmatic alternatives to the Democrats at this time. Aside from the issues I mentioned above, they seem, in practice, to accept gay marriage and abortion on demand. A few verbal isolated disagreements with Hussein to make the record, but they seem to be going out of their way to abdicate any significant role as an opposition party. Demography is the least of their problems right now. DeMint runs around prasing Hillary, Vitter gets in trouble with prostitutes, not a whole lot left.
BTW, if I was bludgeoned by the media, and not supported by McCain, I might freeze up on some of those questions too, notwithstanding SP’s failure to differentiate herself from the rest of the Republican Party on most of the significant issues.

c f on January 21, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Sue Myrick for President.
She will take care of the Muslim immigration problem and fight the war on terror.
For those of you who believe a Republican cannot win, just wait and see (and I am a registered Democrat).

i_am_me on January 21, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Although, as I recall, Sue Myrick did support the bailout; it looks like the RP as a whole just decided to abandon all of us.

c f on January 21, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Just ADMIT it. We are all clueless as to what will happen. The world one year from now could be unrecognizable. Obama could have lower ratings than Bush ever did. There are just too many variables and loose Islamic cannons out there.

poetcomic1 on January 21, 2009 at 5:09 pm

And i is somewhat irratating to watch grown people who should know better, cutting out pictures of Hussein from the newspapers and laminating them for posterity.
Not to mention seemingly intelligent people that I know blabbering about the ‘historic’ nature of these events. One or two nitwit comments like this can nullify years of respect that I had for some of these people’s intelligence.

c f on January 21, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Unfortunately, the only things which may push Obama out after 4 years are things we don’t want to happen –
1 – continued economic problems, and
2 – a serious terror attack
but, both are likely. Obama cannot tax and spend his way out of this economic mess, yet that is exactly what he and the Dem Congress will try to do.
and, the likelyhood of a serious terror attack, a dirty bomb, another Mumbai, or a Breslan, would likely show him to be a failure at protecting the US.
I HOPE the economy recovers and I pray we don’t get hit, but I won’t give you odds on either one.

robscottw on January 21, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Debbie – you’re an optimist? Not me. No cause for optimism. The future of our country, and of our world, looks very bleak indeed.

commonsense on January 21, 2009 at 8:03 pm

Jimmy Carter was a 4-year President, and a hostage situation looks quaint by today’s terrorist standards.
If there’s no stand-out Republicans waiting in the wings, it’s because you don’t want there to be.
Some Republicans are determined to tear down anybody who shows the least bit of popularity. Anti-taxes, Pro-Guns & Pro-drilling, wildly popular in poll after poll….that would seem to be a winning formula; yet it’s not good enough for people like Kathleen Parker and “others”, if those attributes don’t come with a pedigree and perfect college education, and squeaky-clean personal family situation.
Petty and spitefulness is the Republicans undoing…..not a lack of candidates.

Maxine on January 21, 2009 at 8:59 pm

Any Republican candidate will have to raise $1 Billion to beat Obama in 2012. In this economic climate nobody will be able to do that. Any Republican candidate with a brain will wait to run in 2016.

No Pasaran! on January 22, 2009 at 2:28 am

Dick Cheney 2012? We can rebuild him. Kind of like Steve Austin, the 6 Million Dollar Man. We have the technology.
I can see it Darth Vader v. The Cult of Personality.
Otherwise Huckabee/Jindall or Jindall/Huckabee. I think you can’t underestimate the ability that Huckabee has with Christian evangelicals. KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA has the young volunteers that blew away McCain on the ground. Huckabee can mobilize millions of Christians through his network of church connections. If Romney lost Michigan to McCain, Huckabee would have won the nomination. I like Romney but too many see him as a rich guy buying an election. Like COBRAMA won’t be a billionaire when he leaves office.
Oh yeah they need a clock to say how many soldiers have died under the COBRAMA watch.

californiascreaming on January 22, 2009 at 2:32 am

Rather than just resign ourselves to eight years of Obama-Nation- hopefully independent thinkers can view the countdown as a call to arms. It was really no wonder that Obama won when the other ticket had no backbone and permitted infighting in the ranks. Organize, stand strong with our convictions and don’t be so scared of letting the other side bully us by name calling. And most importantly keep our dignity. After all this too shall pass.

MarySJ on January 22, 2009 at 5:29 am

Hi, I am new here….ran across this site quite by ‘accident’, or so I thought….and loved what I found!!
I am registered Republican…Southern born but US bred..but I have always voted for whom I think is the best candidate regardless of party affliation…..even if it is choosing between the best of the worst….and I certainly did NOT vote for Obama because there is just TOO much in his character and background that was totally ignored and swept under the rug, TOO many shady financial dealings that flooded into his campaign JUST to get the first HALF-black Prez (I am going to start writing it this way because no matter what HE has chosen to be…facts are facts and I have heard that he is even LESS than half black…..and I agree he chose black because of the sympathetic/woe is me from my slavery generations/I am black and I need another break or handout!!)like the offering plates in every black church across the US, Oprah, many black millionaires, the black athletes associations (the brothers), the arrowheads in Hollywood, on & on & on……unbelievable!!…and so much else that was just WRONG about this whole campaign.
I have heard a lot that O just ran this campaign as a forerunner of experience to really try for 2012, so he was surprised & stunned it worked out for 2008 instead!! Anyone else hear this? Another ‘unbelievable’!!
I have heard muted ripplings throughout O’s campaign he might be assassinated. Well, I would not wish this on anyone, but esp. not on Obama because either then, or now he is Prez, would definitely escalate him to Black Martyr, right along side the over exposed and celebrated MLK ..1 of the most womanizing, anti-white black person on Earth..please, no more reasons to give the blacks to put another of their martyrs continually in our faces!!
I, 99% of the time an optimistic & upbeat person, went into a funk on MLK and the Inauguration Day being broadcasted for 2 consequtive days ALL day , asking my God WHY He was allowing this to happen? But a revelation came to me on the 3rd day of my mourning….NO WAY he is going to last 4 or 8 years…why was I doubting and fretting…..the big O is going to put his own noose around his neck (no racist pun intended) and hang himself within the infamous ‘100 days’ or soon thereafter!!! So this is just all a setup for the big O to instead go down in history (and esp. in BLACK history) as the 1st HALF-black Prez to be IMPEACHED or be forced to step down!!! Now this would set the world straight in a NY heartbeat, wouldn’t it???? Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful!!
If we ALL think positive thoughts about this, it could become contagious & mind power COULD win!!
Now I know this would mean Biden would be Prez, but again….the best of the worst…he WOULD be better, looks more like, has more political experience, has more political friends and ties as a Prez than O has in his little black finger….& COULD pull it off the remaining 3.5 years.
My other great thought & wish: If my 1st wish does not come true….maybe, just maybe the background checks & investigations on O not revealed….finally come to the surface……& he is DISQUALIFIED to be a US Prez!! Wouldn’t this be wonderful???
BOTH of these scenarios really COULD come true!! Think positive about negative situations that easily could turn around to be extremely positive! Now I feel like I know WHY my God is doing what he is doing at this moment…those who quickly & deceitfully rise quickly….have the longest fall down!!
Want to share another website I found in my surfing tonight. Let’s have a discussion about this one, OK? It is http://www.science.co.il/arab-israeli-conflict/Articles/Anonymous-2008-10-27.asp …GREAT reading….comment back.
So glad I found my way HERE & able to be with/ express my opinions/anxieties with like minds over all of this hullabaloo!

pdf on January 25, 2009 at 5:07 am

Wanted to quickly comment again… altho’ I am from the South, I lived most of my adult life in the Midwest, was not raised to be or have EVER been a prejudiced person at all….so wanted to clarify this in case my 1st post might appear to be very prejudiced.
… I could care LESS what skin the big O has …..he is just NOT of a character, background or material for our US Prez or any other political position in our government….period. Secondly, I do not like or appreciate how this whole campaign went down….the biggest, most unbelievable black PUSH in American history …. AND with the media/public lashing of two great, upstanding & experienced people like McCain & Palin.
A very sad personal thing that has happened because of all of this….my closest black friends I have had for 12-15 years…most… not all…certainly showed their true colors (pun intended) in this campaign….I have, unfortunately, seen them in a totally different light now….& have quietly removed their friendships from my life. Very sad.
As for 2012, I would LOVE to see Palin run again. I think she is a very wise, diplomatic and stately (not to mention she has BALLS even bigger than Hillary’s) woman, who was just literally thrown too quickly in the public eye by McCain, had little to no time to prepare before campaigning, daughter was ALREADY pregnant (please), etc. She just never was allowed to get her footing at all.
I feel she is already boning up & studying like mad (since the day they lost) to show her true colors (pun not intended), guts and power in 2012. The media just shredded her to pieces, but I know she mends quickly, & very well, & will NEVER let them overpower her in 2012 or anytime again. I really, really like her….not only to be our FIRST woman Prez, but one who can get in the middle of the best of them and stand her ground!!

pdf on January 25, 2009 at 5:43 am

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