January 26, 2009, - 11:07 am

Barbarians Inside the Gate: ACLU Lawyer Was Bush National Intelligence Lawyer for 2 Years, Top Secret Clearance

By Debbie Schlussel
President Bush bent over backward so far for the civil liberties of extremist Muslims, it looked more like he was bent over forward. Given this, I guess it should be no surprise to learn that, for the last two years, the lawyer for Bush’s National Intelligence Director, Mike McConnell, was and continues to be former ACLU lawyer Tim Edgar.
He says he’s alarmed by some of the things he’s seen in his job but can’t comment to the media (on the record) about it. Don’t kid yourself, though. This guy has top secret security clearance, and he was a big critic of government surveillance of Muslim suspects. If you think he hasn’t told his ACLU and Muslim pals what our intelligence agencies are doing, I have some land where the Twin Towers once stood to sell you. He meets regularly with them on your dime.


Tim Edgar: Bush Brought in ACLU Terrorists’ Lawyer

to Oversee National Intelligence Agencies

Tim Edgar, lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, never imagined he’d be Tim Edgar, lawyer for the director of national intelligence. Many in the intelligence establishment certainly never thought that Edgar, one of their community’s fiercest critics, would be a co-worker.
Edgar now works for Mike McConnell, the outgoing director of national intelligence, as a civil liberties officer. With a top security clearance, Edgar reviews classified intelligence programs to ensure the mandate to root out terrorists is balanced with the need to guard people’s rights and privacy.
So, does Edgar feel there are proper controls on the government’s warrantless surveillance program and other initiatives launched under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which he derided at the ACLU as “a massive tool for secret surveillance?” Does he still think the Justice Department, overseen partly by his boss, the intelligence director, is “quick to label people as connected to terrorism and slow to clear them?”
Edgar prefers to keep his opinions inside the government now. “If you go tell Congress, the press, whatever, ‘Boy, they had this really lunatic idea, at this horrible office over here and we stopped them’ . . . that’s obviously not going to engender (colleagues’) trust.”

Translation: Of course, he still has his ACLU-bred, far-left opinions on how to (not) protect America. He just doesn’t want to repeat them at this point, lest one of these idiots who gave him this job catch a brain cell and realize Edgar shouldn’t be there.

The intelligence director’s office is one of eight departments and agencies required by law to have civil liberties officers, though not all have complied. Edgar, who pushed for the requirement as an ACLU lawyer, stands out because of his high profile in the civil liberties world. “I was surprised to be offered the job and maybe surprised that I took it,” he says. McConnell’s invitation in 2006 signaled a commitment to civil liberties, he adds. “It was better to have someone like me in this position.” . . .
Edgar meets regularly with civil liberties groups and organizations representing Muslims, South Asians and other groups who fear their rights are threatened by the war on terrorism.
“We have to maintain a level of trust and confidence with all of those outside constituencies . . .” he says.

Uh, no we don’t. We have to maintain a level of fear and respect with those “constituencies” (which are really enemies bent on our destruction, living on our soil). They are laughing at this “trust and confidence” our idiotic government gives them.
Flashback to 1941: Wouldn’t it have been great if we hired the German-American Bund’s lawyer to oversee the activities of the OSI and regularly meet with German and Japanese sympathizers and spies?

Edgar says his office has had notable successes. Among those he can discuss, he cites . . . his office’s involvement in setting new guidelines for what sort of information the FBI can collect on people with suspected terrorist ties before opening a formal investigation.

Wow, he made it that much tougher for an already politically correct FBI to identify and investigate terrorists. Give him a (Cuban) cigar.

But he still sees much to change: “If I wasn’t alarmed by some of the things I’m looking at, I wouldn’t be doing my job.”

The alarm is that we hired the enemies’ lawyer and let this inmate run our intelligence asylum.
Bush may be gone, but the idiocy of whom he hired and what he did over the last eight years keeps on giving (in addition to giving us Barack Obama). This guy is still there, and I’ll bet he stays on for the Obama administration.
On the other hand, now that his boys are in, he may feel his infiltration and weakening of America is now in even more “capable” hands.
Don’t you worry, though. Once Mr. Edgar leaves (and makes a bee line back to the ACLU), there’s really nothing stopping him from using all he learned at the Office of the National Intelligence Director . . . on behalf of Islamic terrorist defendants.
We have rules requiring former officeholders and government officials to wait before they become lobbyists, but there’s no waiting period for them to go back to representing terrorists.

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5 Responses

You think Edgar is bad? Guess who is the White House Counsel. It is none other than Greg Craig.
Remember him? (And I am not referring to his role during the impeachment).

i_am_me on January 26, 2009 at 11:38 am

Note to self: Do not try to bend over backwards to appease your enemies (as Former President Bush did here by hiring this ACLU lawyer to help keep his DCI on the “strait and narrow”).
The result? President Bush lost twice: Once, because this lawyer probably weakened our national security; and, twice, because his enemies still loathed him until the very minute he left office.
The verdict? Very, VERY dumb move, Mr. (Ex-)President!

gunjam on January 26, 2009 at 12:10 pm

I think COBRAMA may get rid of him. For the fact that if someone is a threat or can turn on him he will be gone. Smoooooth Barry is good at silencing his enemies or making sure they are marginalized by his buddies in the media. Won’t be surprised if he is under the bus. COBRAMA demands loyalty, but gives it to no one. No one has yet to put up a challenge to KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA? He is so arrogant he is going after Rush. Will he take on the Pope?

californiascreaming on January 26, 2009 at 3:25 pm

This is the same George W.Bush who freed the Muslim terrorists from Guantanamo so they can go back and kill more Americans.
And presidents swear to defend and protect this country.

Independent Conservative on January 26, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Looks like Mr. Edgar might have paid a visit or two to the Heart Attack Grill, but maybe only ordered a single or double bypass, not a quadruple one.
You wrote another post about learning disabilities. It seems like some kind of learning disability when seemingly educated people think George Bush is more of a mass murderer than the Muslim terrorists, or are more concerned about torturing (sic) prisoners than finding out what we need to know to prevent terrorism.
Of course, there’s another possibility. Some of these creeps, including Edgar, may really know better, but they might be careerists, seeing that protesting like this will help their careers, and they put this ahead of honor and integrity. Some of these people have been doing this for years, just like lawyers and lobbyists who can represent both sides of an issue from one day to the next.
We really need someone like Joe McCarthy today. Can you imagine, if Joe McCarthy II came along, and just exposed all the traitors that have been in the government for the last few decades?

c f on January 26, 2009 at 5:07 pm

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