January 27, 2009, - 1:59 pm

Extreme Sign of the Times

By Debbie Schlussel
How bad is the economy? Well, in Michigan, it’s so bad that people who put up money for a reward for tips in a suburban Detroit murder case have taken their money back.

The reward fund for tips to solve the murders of Ron and Christine Jabalee has shrunk by $150,000, after officials said tough economic times have more people requesting their money back.
The money was the highest amount collected by Crime Stoppers for a reward fund when it hit $200,000, a record for the crime fighting organization. But the reward pot now sits at $50,000.


Ron & Christine Jabalee: Reward in Their Death Shrinks in Bad Economy

Several contributors to the fund have asked for their money back in the past six months, say Crime Stoppers of Michigan officials. John Broad, president of Crime Stoppers of Michigan, said donors sign a one-year contract to donate the money.
The Jabalees’ murder remains unsolved. . . .
The Jabalees, both 58, were found stabbed to death in October 2006 in the garage of their New Baltimore home.
Their murder remains unsolved.
A blood-scrawled message was found near their bodies on the floor of the garage near the couple’s 2006 Jeep Wrangler, said police, who theorize the message was left behind by the dying couple to help police identify their killer or killers.
A picture of the blood-written note was released in August 2007 by police in hopes of gathering more tips in the case. Police suspect the killer or killers tried to mop most of the message away.

Very sad. But people need the money to live. These people were generous in better times, and they should be recognized for that. Better to survive, than to go hungry or on public assistance because your money is tied up in what is basically a cold case. Still, many tips have come in on this case from good, decent people, who aren’t motivated by the money.

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2 Responses

It’s sad in both cases, for Michigan and for the family.
I think Michigan reached a point where it must be divided in two, right at Saginaw:
1- South Michigan.
2- North Michigan (Saginaw included, with the UP).
The state with its current shape can’t survive.
With the division, each part will have a better chance to prosper.
The North will not depend on the South or vice versa.
And the part that is deteriorating will not drag the other part with it.
Many Third World countries have a much better economy than Michigan, a better infrastructure and a higher standard of living.
It is sad to see such a state crumbling. And it has been happening for many decades, not just because of the current economic crisis.
The population is decreasing because no one can live there. There is no future. There are no jobs.
Only some retirees and the wealthy can afford to live in Michigan.
And of course those who don’t have enough money to move anywhere have no choice but to stay.
Ask any Michiganian: If you have the choice between staying or leaving and you can afford it, what would you do?
Sure, some will stay, in spite of everything because they love the state, but the majority will chose to leave if they can.
It used to be West Virginia or Louisiana that were in a bad shape.
No more.
I think Michigan will never recover unless some drastic change happens to the structure of the state itself.

Independent Conservative on January 27, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Just to be clear:
I am talking about dividing Michigan into two separate independent states:
1- North Michigan.
2- South Michigan.
Let it be 51 states in the Union, so what?
It’s not about numbers, it’s about quality of life that can be improved.

Independent Conservative on January 27, 2009 at 5:15 pm

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