February 17, 2009, - 1:53 pm

Illegal Alien Supporters Protest “Homeland Security”

By Debbie Schlussel
I’m no fan of reality TV shows. But as they go, ABC’s “Homeland Security USA” is the only useful one. I like it because it shows only a fraction of the illegal aliens–quite a few of them, Muslim and Arabic–who try to lie their way into America. (Though the show doesn’t tell you who these people are, but you can put two and two together when a belly dancer from Turkey tries to defraud her way in. She’s from the “Religion of Peace.”)
And apparently, America agrees. The show is doing relatively well in the ratings. The marketplace has spoken.
The show–which airs another episode at 8:00 p.m. Eastern tonight–also illustrates how much time and effort and how many chances to get in, thankless Customs and Border Protection inspectors must exhaust to keep out a single illegal alien. To me, that’s the only thing to get out of the show–that we must expend so much effort to keep out a single illegal alien (while tens of thousands try to get in), that we can only lose.


And I find it laughable and hilarious that illegal alien activists are protesting this show and trying to get ABC to dump it. Unlike most “reality” shows, this one isn’t scripted behind the scenes to create phony situations.
If anything it’s edited to understate the problems we face at our borders. The show only focuses on those who are kept out, but not on the many illegal aliens who get in not by sneaking, but just by coming to America’s ports, borders, and airports and being let in by Customs and Border Protection. And as such it gives an artificial sense of security–that we are tougher at the borders, when we actually are less tough than pre-9/11. And it doesn’t show the cornucopia of bureaucrats in the Department of Homeland Security who nix these agents at every step of the way and let many illegal aliens into the country.
But illegal alien activists can’t stand this bit of sunshine showing on ABC every week.
Gee I wonder why. The truth hurts.

Orange County residents on both sides of the illegal immigration debate will square off in front of ABC Disney studios in Burbank on Sunday, one group in protest and another in support of the network’s television program “Homeland Security USA.” . . .
Critics of the show . . . have called the series government propaganda, saying that it only portrays one side of a complex and controversial issue, especially regarding illegal immigration.
Tina Shull, a UCI graduate student, said she plans to be at the protest with at least 30 others – mostly students – because she said the show misrepresents what happens to illegal immigrants by demonizing them.
“They’re not some other class of human beings. They are family members. They are my husband,” she said.
Shull’s husband, an Albanian [DS probably Muslim] who came to the country illegally and unsuccessfully applied for asylum, was detained for three months before he was eventually deported.
She’s lived apart from him for a year and half, she said, adding that she isn’t the only person who has been affected by U.S. immigration policies.

Good, I hope she’s not the only one. If she were, we’d be in even worse shape than we already are.

“Because I’ve seen it first hand, there is a whole other layer of what DHS does that most of the general public doesn’t know about [DS: secret magic tricks and scientific experiments performed by aliens from outer space?] and the show perpetuates the stereotype,” she said.
Shull, who started a Facebook page slamming the show, got hundreds of comments just in the first days of its debut and circulated a petition that was sent to ABC executives.

Good luck.
The Latin American Herald-Tribune announces that “Hispanics Object” to the show. Really? That’s interesting ‘cuz many of the agents stopping illegal aliens on the show are Hispanic, themselves. Do they hate themselves?
I don’t think so. A better headline, “Illegal Aliens Object to Border Patrol Reality TV Show.”

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5 Responses

I live in Los Angeles. I’m anglo but I know lots of Hispanics. Mostly Mexican, but heck a Guatamalan woman cuts my hair. The Hispanics I know are all firmly against illegal immigration. None of them look like the crotch-grabbing (paying homage to Rosie O’Donnell?), bird-flipping thugs in the photo though.
My Guatamalan barber? Her son was just called up for a second tour in the Army. Illegal immigration does not benefit those here legally. Think hard about who is complaining. Tina Schull. Her husband got caught and sent back. Boo freaking hoo!
But you can expect Obama to get around to amnesty soon. Keep your eyes open, he likes to sneak this stuff through when no one is looking, like HR45. Remember, amnesty for illegal immigration=democratic voters.

Richard on February 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm

Isn’t this the ultimate in derangement that these groups are protesting that America is protecting itself? What the hell are we supposed to do? Obviously nothing according to them. One question these illegal aliens groups will never answer is “Name one thing that illegal aliens shouldn’t be able to have that Americans have?” They will never answer because they want it all. The illegal alien activist groups are treasonous hard core che Guevara Marxists through and through. Ethnocentric victimization will be one of the major reason for the fall of America.

californiascreaming on February 18, 2009 at 1:31 am

Hey there, Homeland Security, a DVR’d favorite show actually makes me worried because in some of the rest of the cars online at border are people w/drugs, evil plans. But I like the agents (yes many Hispanics)& the plodding way they do their job, lame lies of those shouldn’t come in.
Bottom line: there are 2 countries. One is a decent, sane country of people working hard for their families, generally obey rules & care for others. In this sane country patriotism is a necessary unifying positive feeling & heroes are service people (border agents are that) that protect citizens & preserve USA. In the other country they will protest anything that does NOT insult USA, openly display hatred to all who disagree with them, hate religion (but no, not Islam) especially Chrisian holidays & Jews. They speak of tyrants as though they were victims & believe those who break the law deserve the reward of others’ hard earned money. Sounds insane to you?…..then you are with me!
If we were divided by geography, I would think it was time they thought about seceding.

crazycatkids on February 18, 2009 at 9:41 am

i hate mexicans a lot

bob smith on January 27, 2011 at 12:42 pm

o i hate mexicans too they take all of the welfare

steve mijers on January 27, 2011 at 12:46 pm

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