February 17, 2009, - 3:18 pm

HA! At Least One Clinton Gets It (Temporarily)

By Debbie Schlussel
Too bad it’s the wrong Clinton.
With Barack Obama’s FBI and National Intelligence chiefs claiming that finance, not terrorism, is the number one national security problem facing America, it’s good to hear a Clinton get it.
Unfortunately, it’s not the Clinton working for Obama. And unfortunately, it’s the Clinton who’s taken gazillions from the countries and individuals that support Islamic terrorism. But you know what they say about a broken clock.

Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he thinks the country will surmount the current economic crisis, but sees the threat of terrorism and global instability as a longer-term problem.

If only, he was as concerned with terrorism when he was President. On the other hand, while he gave up opportunities to kill Bin Laden, Bush welcomed thousands of new Muslim legal aliens to America and made a special civil rights section of the Justice Department just to go after free speech of those commenting against Muslims.
Even worse, Obama is a bad combination of the worst of the two on this issue.

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All we need to do to end terrorism is legalize drugs, heroin in particular. A drug program like what they have in England would cut Al-Qaeda’s Afghani source of income.

EminemsRevenge on February 17, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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