March 16, 2009, - 1:26 pm

Extremist Makeover: “Terrorist-Beard-B-Gone” Arrives Just in Time for Smiling Terrorist Megahed Trial

By Debbie Schlussel
Tomorrow, the federal trial begins for one half of the Smiling Terrorist “Just Fireworks” duo, Youssef Megahed.
And just in time for the trial, Megahed shaved off his extremist Muslim facial hair. Yup, the beard is gone, as noted by Tampa Bay radio personality Dan York, who–in the spirit of TV infomercialdom’s Billy Mays–calls it

“Terrorist Beard B Gone” . . . Shave it and forget it!



Extremist Makeover, Mosque Edition:

Islamic Terrorist Youssef Megahed Shaved Clean for Trial


“Oxiclean” Has New Meaning for Youssef Megahed’s Mega-Shave

I hope that bumbling federal prosecutors–who are on the way to losing this trial and were dying for Megahed to take a plea deal–point this out. But, don’t worry, they won’t. As you can see, Muhajid Megahed looks a whole lot less menacing without his Islamic facial hair.
As you’ll recall, Megahed (which is the Egyptian pronunciation of Mujahid–or jihadist/jihad warrior) and Ahmed Mohammed–both Islamic foreign student aliens at the University of South Florida–were stopped for speeding by South Carolina Deputy Sheriff Lamar Blakely, back in August 2007, who noticed that they had pipe bombs in their trunk. They repeatedly lied and changed their stories, alternately claiming the pipe bombs were “just fireworks,” and that they planned to grill at the beach. This, despite the fact that they could not name a beach and were driving out of the way.


As it later turned out, the duo lived at a home once owned by Islamic Jihad terrorist group founder and American front man Sami Al-Arian, posted videos on YouTube instructing how to turn remote control toys into bombs on airplanes and practiced shooting guns at a gun range, in violation of their student visas. As it also turned out, a fellow Muslim shooting buddy of theirs–Karim Moussaoui, who was apparently working with them–was caught in New York City, trying to flee the country and was engaged in a sham marriage to an American woman with whom he never lived.
But, hey, given all this, I’m sure they’re just innocent, regular guys, and we’re just prejudiced against Muslim people.
Let’s hope that we don’t have an O.J.-style jury in this case that thinks that way.
But don’t hold your breath. I predict the feds will lose this. They have a terrible track record in prosecuting terrorists, not because they don’t have good cases, but because they’re not good prosecutors. But, hey, at least they’re consistent. . . consistent losers.
Sadly, with that, so is America’s national security.
By the way, Osama Bin Laden, too, would look a whole lot less menacing to a jury minus his beard.

In case you forgot, the other half of the “Just Fireworks” Smiling Terrorists, Ahmed Mohamed, pleaded guilty last year. So desperate were the feds not to try and lose the case against him that they gave him a plea deal that did not require the normal “cooperation with prosecution” in the Megahed case.

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7 Responses

Not serious in the war on Islamofascism. Communism and Islam both stand for totalitarianism and absolute impoverishment. If you wonder why millions of Muslims come to the West, its to escape their own hell. But unfortunately, in their midst are agents and fellow travelers for Islamism who want to recreate that same hell here in the West. No – the Feds don’t get it. 9/11, despite what people think, changed nothing in the perspective of the authorities, about those who want to see us all dead. When it comes to America’s national security the truth is we’re still not at war and now even that pretense has been dropped under the Obama Administration.

NormanF on March 16, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Fans of Mad magazine and Alfred E. Nueman should recognize the guy with out the beard. C’mon Debbie, I can’t believe you missed it! This guy looks just like that goof Alfred E. Nueman. It’s obvious.
Too bad the jury system in this country is based on a “pick’em principal. It should be based on a lotto type system where all jurors are paid well and have to be pre-qualified. Defense gets no say and the prosecution gets no say. Mentally ill or retarded are disqualified.

samurai on March 16, 2009 at 5:55 pm

Islamist girly-men. If a man needs to shuck his beard, he’s not much of a man. And unlike Jewish men, Islamists are perfectly free to dispense with tradition (like wearing beards, not drinking alcohol and not blending in with Western society, to mention just a few examples when taqiyyah is not practiced) if it helps to fool the infidels. FWIW, the 19 terrorists of 9/11 fame all looked like assimilated Westerners. You couldn’t see the true darkness hidden in their hearts. Appearances teach us nothing about a person’s values and we must never forget it. My point is the enemy is not always readily identifiable and like the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the danger he presents may not be caught until it is too late.

NormanF on March 16, 2009 at 7:05 pm

I don’t care about the age, the gender and the race, I’d say: profile everybody at the airports and at any ports of entry in America.
Let it be equal opportunity profiling.
And those who cry foul, screw you!
If you still don’t know what the Muslim terrorists are capable of doing or how they can use babies, old women and handicaps, Europeans, Asians, Africans or Martians to fulfill their plots, then I suggest you go screw yourselves or find somebody to do it for you until you realize that appeasement, complacency, political correctness and making peace with the Muslim terrorists will only earn you the respect of Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin, and you’re going to end up like them, you scumbags, morons!

Independent Conservative on March 16, 2009 at 8:15 pm

Independent, our politically correct profiling and refusal to face the enemy’s identity is exactly why our security is ineffective. Debbie pointed out last week how easy it is to get forged ID – like passports. Then there’s the fact Islamists continue to work in airports, even in highly sensitive areas. Finally, we must face up to the fact those who help Islamists are not on the Left; they’re on the Right, too. Two reasons come to mind. First, there’s the Bush Administration’s prosecution of Richard Convertino for going after Islamic terrorists. Second, Pamela Geller observed that the recent Conservative Political Action Conference last month had not one workshop or symposium on Islam. The reason for that is Grover Norquist. So ignorance of the enemy and abetting treason is very much a bipartisan affair in this country. Its time to face the facts – we’re looking to appease Islam, not to fight it.

NormanF on March 16, 2009 at 9:17 pm

I don’t care who’s in charge. This country is going to get screwed again because the morons who rules and are ruling this country don’t give a damn about its security. All what they worried and still worry about is pleasing the world, i.e., the Europeans and the Muslims.
The leaders of this country were once great. They had the guts to call a spade a spade, they took tough decisions to defend this country even if when they knew that there were collateral damages.
Patriotism died in America.
We have wusses, cowards, empty-suits, and traitors in Washington D.C.

Independent Conservative on March 16, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Wow what a diff on OBL too! OBL with straggly beard is the model for zig-zag rolling paper.

BB on March 17, 2009 at 10:30 pm

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