April 3, 2009, - 4:21 pm

Awesome: Obama Hires “Adjusting Numbers Up” Dude as New Census Chief; UPDATE: Census Collectors Already “Massaging” Info Collection

By Debbie Schlussel
When I was an undergrad at The University of Michigan, one of my favorite professors was a guy named Gregory Markus. He was very liberal, but unlike the rest of the academics at Michigan, he judged me on how I thought, not what I thought. And that’s why I got “A”s in both the classes I took from him. He was the kind of liberal professor you want and don’t get much of in America’s universities. Greg Markus was also the chief of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research (ISR) and did a lot of interesting political surveys there.
Now, however, the guy who’s been heading ISR is a far-left ideologue who is the exact opposite of Professor Markus. Robert Groves isn’t interested in hard numbers, but in “adjustments” and other figments of the imagination.
And unfortunately, he’s Barack Obama’s new Census Bureau director. When he was at the Census previously, from 1990 to 1992, Groves recommended that the 1990 Census be “adjusted up” to make up for an alleged undercount of five million people who are allegedly minorities and the poor a/k/a Obama voters. Thankfully, then-Commerce Secretary and Republican, Robert Mosbacher, overruled him and called this attempt “political tampering.”


Fuzzy Math: Robert Groves to Head Census

The liberal sanitized euphemism for this tampering is “statistical sampling,” which the Supreme Court held to be illegal, but provided that some “adjusting” could be made. And that’s where the giant chasm for trouble lies. Huge “adjustments” will be made to keep liberal Democrats in power forever.
Sadly for us, the tamperer is now the Tamperer-in-Chief of the Census, with a Commerce Secretary who is on board with Obama goals of doing exactly this kind of exaggeration in Census data collection.
Kiss America as we know it good-bye.
**** UPDATE: Reader David provides yet another example of how the Census is more like nonsense

We are getting our census here in Alaska already.
We have quite a few rental properties that we own. I have found it interesting that our phones are ringing off the hook for information about our tenants!!!??
Census people are calling our cells and home numbers and asking for the census information on each one of our rentals. Our response is “that is private information we can’t give out (landlord/tenant laws), but you can do your job and go conduct a census at the residence.” Instead, our phones still ring, messages are left over and over, and they won‚Äôt go to the residence to perform their job.
If this is what is taking place in Alaska, I wonder what is taking place or will take place in bigger cities. And depending on the politics of the landlord, the information could be slanted.
I have verified that the census people are also calling property managers for the information too.

The era of Obamatatorship is being cemented.

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Having worked for the US Census, when I was younger as one of my parents was a Supervisor with the Census, I can attest that what is going on now is a FULL BLOWN ATTACK to ensure that (a) minorities are wholly “enlarged” per their numeric count in every major city (b) ACORN and LaRaza are helping/threatening behind the scenes to ensure that the percentage of minority population is enlarged by 50% or more (c) Democratic Cities receive a larger population count thereby ensuring that they have MORE representation in Congress (d) States like Kentucky, which is growing while playing by the rules, does NOT get increased Congressional Representation as it is not a “lockstep Democratic State” and (e) NO ILLEGAL ALIEN is deported during this Census count and afterward Obama will give them full Citizenship just in time for the 2012 Elections.
If this was not so “real” I would think it was just a bad NIGHTMARE!
These ILLEGAL ALIENS will have full immunity and be able to bring their “family members” over thereby instantly increasing the US Population by another 30-60 Million.
This is going to DESTROY our Country and it is NOT racism…it is facts.
To anyone who says otherwise I say to them what if there were 15-30 million WHITE PEOPLE who came here uninvited and stole our jobs, ss#, identitys, and overwhelmed our schools and hospitals. Then, when caught, they screamed RACIST? Would the Democrats suppport them? NO. Why not? Becuase the Democrats CONTROL, like puppets, the minority Vote. Again, these are FACTS.
I am SICKENED about this and I know that between Obama, and ACORN, that this Census Count will be nothing short of a “all bases covered” effort to ensure that the White Population is undercounted and the minority population is increased by the MAXIMUM AMOUNT that they think they can “get by” with using.
THere has to be some LEGAL SCHOLARS SOMEWHERE who are willing to fight this battle in the Courts NOW before this Census is…given credence.
Every “stat”, for funding/benefits/representation/etc., derives from the US Census and if the count is wrong there is NO WAY to put the “toothpaste back into the tube”.
If the Republicans/Conservatives/American Citizens don’t stand up NOW then every Election in America will be won by Democrats before the first Vote is cast. That includes the Presidency, Congress, State and Local.
Generations of American Citizens will be lost and their rights DESTROYED.
Obama, and the Democrats, already control most of the US Courts so where will a US Citizen go for assistance? NO WHERE.
America PLEASE wake up to these facts and start complaining now. Only through our numbers will our voices (sadly) be heard.
Jeffrey Schrembs, American Citizen

Nostradamus on April 3, 2009 at 11:42 pm

[which the Supreme Court held to be illegal, but provided that some “adjusting” could be made.]
I am not a lawyer so I did not read the opinion, but I thought that Supreme Court made it pretty clear that only those actually “enumerated” (i.e. counted) could be used.
At any rate, I can’t see this Supreme Court permitting and drastic changes to the number actually enumerated.
However, I do believe that there is a significant threat from Acorn driven fraud.

i_am_me on April 4, 2009 at 11:23 pm

I live just outside of Orlando, FL. Was mowing the lawn Thursday morning, and a guy came by showing me a badge that he was from the census bureau, and wouldn’t bother me but just needed to stand by my front door for a minute to record the GPS coordinates of my front door… He went on his way stopping at every home down the street and standing at their front doors. Why does the census bureau need the coordinates of my front door?

longa50 on April 5, 2009 at 8:42 pm

Sweet. Just as in Deutschland back in the ’20’s and ’30’s, the government at the time (NAZIs) used old census counts to “verify” purity of the people. Now, we see the same ideology at play.
So, if the white “minority” can’t gget into school, find a job, gets called “honky” et al etc…does that mean they will have the SAME protection under the law as in “Hate Crime” protection, Affirmative Action, and be considered “Special Needs” at the drop of a hat?
With the rate of reproduction that non-whites have versus European Americans, I say we are certainly done for. Sad, but true.
Welcome to the jungle…oops, I mean “Rain Forest.”

SickBoy on April 6, 2009 at 11:43 am

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