May 15, 2009, - 10:52 am

It Takes a Torture Video to Bring U.S. (Temporarily) To Its Senses; VIDEO UPDATED

By Debbie Schlussel
Last year, I told you about Bush Administration plans to give the United Arab Emirates our nuclear technology, even though the UAE does a ton of business with Iran and is a transfer point for vital components in Iran’s nuke development. I called it “Son of Dubai Ports.” (I also told you a month ago about a video of a UAE prince horribly torturing a man. More on that below.)
It’s not just the fact the the UAE was central to money laundering, bank accounts, and identity documents for the 9/11 hijackers and their murder of 3,000 Americans, and that the UAE refused to cooperate with the FBI for months afterward. And it’s not just that the UAE continued to recognize the Taliban into December 2001, despite our outcry. Nor that, in addition to funding Bush’s loser brother, Neil Bush, the confederation of seven emirates also funded anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speakers, books, and programs implicating Israel, the U.S., the Jews, and the CIA in 9/11, not Bin Laden.

It’s that it’s extremely stupid to give our nuclear technology to any Islamic nation that has a history of anti-American behavior and a simultaneous, continuing history of cozying up to the Iranian madmen leaders and their Ayatollahs. I call this, “Son of Dubai Ports.” But sadly there isn’t the outrage the Dubai Ports attempt to control our ports stirred up throughout America.
Also sad, the Obama Administration has been aggressively following through on the Bush plan to sign a treaty with the UAE and give them our nuke secrets.
But something has delayed all that. Yes, it takes a torture video. You’ll recall that a month ago, I brought you the video of UAE Prince, Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, torturing an Afghan grain farmer, whom he claims cheated him out of $5,000. The video–which he made, so he could watch it later as entertainment–shows the prince forcing the man to eat sand, beating him, hitting him with a wooden plank with a nail in it, pouring gasoline on the man’s testicles and setting them on fire, driving nails into the man’s anal flesh, electrocuting him with a cattle prod, shooting at him, and driving back and forth over him with a Land Rover SUV. I’ve re-posted brief excerpts of the video, above.
Well, apparently, the Obama Administration is disturbed enough by this video–which isn’t news to anyone who follows the torture and inhuman behavior of these Gulf Arab states–that it is delaying the legislation currently before Congress to ratify the UAE-US nuclear pact. Credit goes to Democrat James McGovern–not the Republicans–for raising concerns about giving our nukes to this torturing, barbaric country. But this video shouldn’t have been the impetus. The UAE’s behavior is well-known and long-term.
And, as we know, this is only momentary, unless there is an outcry from Americans at large, the way there was when Dubai sought to control our ports.
You see, General Electric, Westinghouse Electric, and several foreign companies (from France and South Korea) are seeking to build the Emirates’ first fleet of nuclear reactors. It’s worth $20 billion-plus to them. And they will grease the skids of enough Congressman and Senators to get this through, and sell us down the river.
At that point, it will be only a matter of how fast Iran gets its hands on our most vital nuclear technology.

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Welcome to the sick, demented world of islam. And, we’re flagellating ourselves over waterboarding these barbarians?!
The West better wake up and acknowledge who our enemies are and what they are capable of doing. The 7th century savages in that tape take pleasure in what they do. But, what else would a bunch of Satan-worshipping degenerates take pleasure in except torture, beatings, and murder?
Islam = the religion of evil, brutality, and murder.
In a little while I’m going to go home, walk my dog, and clean up his mess with pages torn from the qu ‘ran (islam’s unholy book). Order your free copy today from CAIR and desecrate it. Be creative…take pictures of it and post it on the net.

Thee_Bruno on May 15, 2009 at 1:01 pm

I donít understand why we give these disgusting savages anything! I donít care how bad they want ìpeaceful nuclear powerî, theyíve proven time and again that they canít even be trusted with guns, trucks or cattle prods and yet our govít is considering something that could create an atomic bomb??? Compare what you see in the above video to any of the taped waterboarding sessions. The two are not even in the same league. Thatís one of many glaring differences between us (humans) and them (sewer rats eating their young). Someone can be responsible for murdering 3000+ Americans and we dunk their head in the pool. Someone owes a couple grand in the UAE and they torture and mutilate them to near death! I hope the images in this video disturbed you all as much as they did me, and I want you to remember this next time you hear about the ìreligion of peaceî being treated unfairly when we need information regarding THEIR THREATS! These barbarians will never respect our sovereignty and authority if we continue to look the other way while they prepare to annihilate us! We have to stop giving them western technology, money and weapons until they act like civilized humans, which will probably never happen. For every US citizen or soldier they kill, I want a hundred of theirs vaporized. For every innocent person they torture, I want to see ten sheikís heads on pikes. For every whine and grip about free qurans and respect for islam, I want fifty tons of pig feces dropped on every mosque within bombing distance! Those worthless savages need to know we are bigger and tougher than they are, and weíre not going to watch them revert the entire world back to 7th century!!!

DontTreadOnMe on May 15, 2009 at 2:35 pm

It’s all about money and power NOT National Security.
Safe nuclear power? Puleeezzzz.
The Arabs are NOT our friends.

SamAdams on May 15, 2009 at 4:36 pm

I’m sure the sheik can get Francis Boyle to represent him in court. He already has experience with Islamic terrorists, having represented the PLO and offering to represent Iran against the US.

Greg on May 17, 2009 at 9:37 pm

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