May 27, 2009, - 7:20 am

Obama Indicts Bernard Kerik for Lying to Bush in 2004: Why Now? Here’s Why, Plus the Return of “The ICE Princess”

By Debbie Schlussel
Late yesterday, the feds announced something that seems petty and far too late, but it is extremely politically motivated: the indictment of former Rudy Giuliani New York City Police Chief and one-time Homeland Security Secretary nominee Bernard Kerik.
Kerik was indicted by the Obama Justice Department for lying to the Bush Administration Office of Personnel Management, the recruiters and “vetters” for the White House, when Bush nominated him for DHS Secretary.
So, why now? Well, everything’s political in Washington, especially with this administration. And the Obama minions and the rest of the greater Democrat Party want to put the final nail in the coffin of Giuliani’s career.



“The ICE Princess” Strikes Again:

Julie L. Myers Helps Obama Take Down Giuliani (& Kerik)

(Julie Myers Bag Lady Photoshop by David Lunde/Lundesigns)
Giuliani is thinking of running for Governor of New York, and polls show he could win. Just two weeks ago, polls showed Giuliani picking up steam and likely Democrat opponent Andrew Cuomo losing that steam. And the Democrats want to finish him off. With this trial going on in the background, it could keep him out or, if he chooses to run, hurt him tremendously as a “parallel” opposition campaign. Giuliani was the one who got the Bushies to nominate Kerik initially. And even though there is absolutely no evidence he knew of Kerik’s double life, some Republicans tried to hang him with Kerik when he was running for President in 2008.
Republicans like Julie L. Myers, the incompetent, unqualified former Bush Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) a/k/a “The ICE Princess.” As I noted when Giuliani was running for Prez, Myers was the apparent source of a Washington Post story attempting to savage his integrity. She was an official at the White House Office of Personnel Management and claimed to have interviewed Kerik. She claimed to the Post that she authored memos against Kerik and impugning Giuliani.
It’s funny to hear this fraud-ette, who extensively lied to OPM in her own right, when she picked herself as ICE chieftess at DHS. And that’s not to mention the extreme conflict of interest and improper conduct completely in violation of many rules governing the conduct of an attorney. Sadly, no indictment for “The ICE Princess.”
But in any event, this spoiled brat–the niece of retired General Richard Myers, who worked the Bushies hard to get her a plum job for which she was woefully unqualified–has given herself a way to return, once again, from “nobody” status in Kansas City, where she lived on a paid vacation from last May to December courtesy of the American taxpayer. Again, sadly, no indictment for this kind of conduct.
But Myers will be a key witness–or wants to be, to resurrect her empty, unmemorable career–if her leaking to the Post at the beginning of the Presidential race is any indication. Again, she claimed to the Washington Post to have written the memos asserting that Kerik lied and impugning Giuliani.
And now she will assert herself in creating yet another of her many messes in taking down the GOP’s best chance to retake New York. Hmmm . . . is she on the Cuomo payroll now? She might as well be.
But, don’t worry, despite her usual sleazy role in all of this, Julie L. Myers, the former “ICE Princess,” and eternal miserable excuse for a human being, will find a way to continue to get the unearned respect of the bozos at FOX News and the Lou Dobbs Show on CNN. It’s kind of ironic: the key witness against Kerik in an indictment for lying to the government, is a woman who’s lied to the government at every instance and never held to account. I hope Kerik fights this, goes to trial, and savages her on the stand the way the U.S. Senate and the House Homeland Security Committee never had the guts to.
Sad but true, this opportunist with zero talent took down very few illegal aliens while the problem festered on her watch and she enjoyed being chauffeured around by ICE agents fetching her Diet Cokes on their dime and extended tax-funded vacation trips to South America.
But now she may finally take down something. And write her unnoteworthy political epitaph with it.
I hope Julie L. Myers enjoys her star turn as the key witness. It will be the last time she’s the star of anything. And the first and only time she’ll be the key to anything.
Here’s the key excerpt of the Washington Post story from 2007, which I noted on this site at the time. The identity of the source of this “heroic” portrayal of Julie Myers to the Washington Post is quite obvious: Myers, herself. Remember, at that point (April 2007), Giuliani led the Republican horserace for the White House by a mile, and Myers was working for someone who wanted him taken out . . . another candidate from whom Myers was seeking another plum job for which she wasn’t qualified, like perhaps her blind supporter for the ICE job, John McCain:

The White House had the perfect person to question Kerik about his relationship with [federal indictee Lawrence] Ray: Julie Myers, who arrived in the White House personnel office in November 2004 and had worked in the same U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn that prosecuted Ray. She flagged the relationship and other concerns about Kerik for her White House colleagues, sources said [DS: Sources? More like “source” a/k/a the self-promoting Julie L. Myers, herself]. She aggressively questioned Kerik about Ray and other affiliations. He bristled at her tone, sources said.
In an interview last week, Ray said he had told the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office as early as 1999, as he tried to stave off indictment, that he had incriminating information about Kerik. After his guilty plea in 2001, Ray said, he told the FBI that Kerik had agreed to help Interstate Industrial and its owners, the DiTomasso family, try to win city business despite their alleged ties with organized crime. At the time, Kerik solicited and received gifts from company sources, including $165,000 in renovations for his apartment.
“They knew 100 percent of it,” Ray said. “There was no way they didn’t. I was driving the ball on that.”
Kerik told the White House that the allegations were untrue, sources said. “He was told many times, ‘Be honest,’ ” said one person familiar with the process. Myers, presidential personnel director Dina Powell [DS: An Egyptian woman from Texas and one of Bush’s pandering “voices” to the Muslim world] and others raised concerns in the West Wing, according to the sources. They were “very, very adamant about how serious the vetting needed to be,” one source said.

Yes, Julie Myers telling someone to be honest. Hilarious. Maybe one day, she’ll tell that to her mirror and actually take the advice. On second thought, nah. She’s Julie Myers. And, now, she’s playing for Team Obama.

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Excellent points Debbie. You are right about everything. Myers is trash and is probably looking for some type of appointment by J.NO. However, if it brings down a RINO in Guilliani, good riddance. This guy will be another Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who needs another liberal Republican? He was considered liberal next to McCain. He wants to be governor to position himself for President in 2016. KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA is using this for political reasons no doubt. If the Repubicans were smart they would have played the Blagojevich scandal the right way. They played it wrong and the Dems got a new Governor and new Senator without an election. When every poll in Illinois wanted elections. Talk about stupid politics. No elections to muddy up the waters. They could have ran a campaign to connect Blago, Burris, Jesse Jackson Jr. with Dems, Obama and Rezko.

californiascreaming on May 27, 2009 at 11:51 am

So, Obama wants to punish someone who lied to get a job?
Great! I hope he goes next after that guy who lied about his citizenship status when he ran for POTUS!

Amillennialist on May 28, 2009 at 5:14 pm

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