June 2, 2009, - 3:27 pm

ABC Tonight: The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling– More Green/Global Warming BS

By Debbie Schlussel
Tonight, ABC brings you yet another one of its shrieking “the earth is being destroyed and you will die” BS “news” specials. “Earth 2100” is two hours of predictable global warming hype brought to you by the liberal elite eco-hypocrites at ABC News.
Here’s the description of the show, from ABC’s site:

Is This the Final Century of Our Civilization?
Experts say over the next hundred years the “perfect storm” of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results.

Which experts? Wait, don’t tell me. That was a rhetorical question because we know that the usual far-left suspects will be trotted out by host and ABC News “reporter” Bob Woodward. The same ones who don’t want us to get plastic bags upon checkout at a supermarket and who want us to split 2-ply toilet paper.


Earth and the human race will be around long after the year 2100, if we aren’t destroyed by the global warming and green baloney that is infesting civilization, including this 2-hour TV garbage. ABC’s painful-to-watch “The Bachelorette” is far more scientific and less phony than this. And that’s saying a lot.
The ABC webpage for this show is filled with dire warnings about how the frogs, polar bears, and orchids are all gonna die. It reminds me of Bill Murray telling someone in “Stripes,” “You can’t leave. All the plants are gonna die.”
And it’s about as humorous here. Read more about this silly show labeled as “news,” but which should be called what it is: propaganda.

Imagine a world in which cities are abandoned and our population has dropped by 90 percent. A world in which we have wreaked havoc on our delicate ecosystems and nature has begun to reclaim Earth. Once-bustling cities have fallen silent except for the rustle of the wind through the grass and trees that have cracked through the collapsing pavement. Humans have not walked these urban streets for years.
Does it seem like the stuff of science fiction? According to the world’s top scientists, it could very well be the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren. They say we are at a turning point, that the choices we make today will determine if the human race, as we know it, will survive.

I’ve seen a gazillion movies which make the same doomsday predictions. Plus, I heard the nutty Ted Turner make the same claim.
Every dead scamming tarot card reader is turning over in her grave, since each of them could have been an ABC News reporter like Bob Woodruff. And been just as right.
Like I said, we’ll be around . . . if we ignore this utter fertilizer that is nothing more than a useless, harmful fad.
The blatant, empty scare tactics are getting old.
Here’s the trailer:

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8 Responses

“A world in which we have wreaked havoc on our delicate ecosystems and nature has begun to reclaim Earth. ”
contradicts itself. If we destroyed the ecosystem then how is it taking back the earth?

ender on June 2, 2009 at 8:52 pm

They’ll try and get all public schools to watch this crap during school hours
The death buster principal will get students to watch this garbage tonight and they’ll get extra credit if they point out one thing they learned from it.

Squirrel3D on June 2, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Iran could bring the world to an end through nuclear war well before 2100. Just don’t tell the ABC lefties about the real doomsday just around the corner.

NormanF on June 2, 2009 at 10:27 pm

Damn it! I was going to plant a tree tomorrow…but now…

Southernops on June 2, 2009 at 10:41 pm

The old Hippy in the intro was a nice touch. Nothing like a few more cliches from the nitwits in Hollywood.

Rich B on June 3, 2009 at 12:18 am

I am always amazed at how in the liberal mind, the dogma of global warming, “destroy all humans”, etc is so pervasive. Even more dismaying is the indoctrination of the scientific community led by the “non scientist” and hypocrite Al Gore, have sacrificed the principles of the scientific method to reverse engineer a case- in other words, “Make the data fit the hypothesis”. I seriously doubt many of these people, especially Mr. Gore have any clue about the workings of the laws of thermodynamics, or those that do who have swallowed the Kool-aid choose to ignore it. The earth’s climate is cyclic. Despite all that we do, we really can neither destroy or save the planet. Nature, has a way of doing what it will in any case. 30 years ago the screaming was about “global cooling”. Contradictory evidence is ignored by the GW crowd as a “statistical abberation” when they are tryign to analyze systems that are millenia in the making and the smallest data point ignored can disprove all the GW theories.
Now, should we be responsible stewards of the planet as charged by God? of course. But as it also says in Ecclesiastes (Wisdom of Solomon)-
“One generation goes and another generation comes, but the earth abides forever.
Ecclesiastes 1:4”

Mistress_Dee on June 3, 2009 at 8:24 am

Don’t fall for the video
They treat weather forcasts as facts. Joseph romm at climateprogress.org is all over this. Calls people like me are deniers and dangerous.
Example. They say acidity in the ocean is killing life. They bragged about a report.
The ph of the ocean is 8.1 or alkaline and NOY acidic. Ph under 7.0 is very mildly acidic. They calim CO@ has made the ocean acidic and facts say is isn’t even close.
I was raised on and owned an organic farm. I believe in conservation.
I have issues with government minds living in huge appartment buildings claiming they know how the planet should be operated and taxed.

seven on June 3, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Re acidity of sea water due to CO2.. the myth that CO2 causes water to become acidic is crapola in the extreme- again an area where a little scientific knowledge isnt’ enough and is actually quite dangerous. I’m a physicist by degree and profession, and we always contend that chemistry is too hard for chemists anyway 😀 – here’s how it works…
1. CO2 enters water through interfacing with the atmosphere and the biological processes of the krebs cycle, a part photosynthesis where the creation of sugars yeilds carbon dioxide- yes folks, despite the assertion that plants consume CO2 and make oxygen, in the creation of sugars they make CO2- they use it by taking it back when they break down the sugars in the absence of light.
2. Aqueous carbon dioxide, CO2 (aq), reacts with water forming carbonic acid, H2CO3 (aq).
3 Carbonic acid binds electons and makes free protons avaialble in solute to form bicarbonate. in short, the fre protons are uptaken by the water, since the electrons released in the process are covalently bound, thus reducing the pH level of the aqueous solution.
The complex chemical balance is described by using acid/base equilibrium equations- The acid equilibrium constant accounts for the CO2 (aq) – H2CO3 (aq) equilibrium. the water will concequently will have a high pKa.
The fractional amount of unbonded carbon in a particulate form will recipitate or fall out of solution.
Bottom line is that CO2 presence will make ocean water MORE alkaline/base over time and not Acidic. These Eco-crazies confuse this with the pehnomenon of ACID RAIN, where sulphur based compounds WILL create acdic precipitation.
Oh well, who says you need to really be a scientist to expound on science anyway??

Mistress_Dee on June 3, 2009 at 3:15 pm

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