July 8, 2009, - 11:15 am

Fantastic Read of the Day: The Jacksons Who Really Served America

By Debbie Schlussel
Check out this great column, “They Died for Us: A Jackson Five You Never Knew, ” by Chuck Goudie, chief investigative reporter for Chicago’s ABC 7 News/WLS-TV.
An excerpt:

The cause of Mr. Jackson’s death was obvious to anyone who saw him.
Really, no autopsy was necessary.
It was cardiac arrest. Caused by a roadside bomb.
I’m not talking about Michael Jackson, the supposedly drug-addled entertainer whose death has dominated every waking moment these past few days.
Instead, . . . I found a few other Jacksons whose deaths didn’t receive the attention they should have.
Let’s start with Army Spec. Marlon P. Jackson, who was the first American soldier named Jackson to be killed in Iraq.

An unoriginal, more prominent columnist has an inferior copy of this column, out today. But Chuck Goudie wrote this original last week, before Independence Day. Read the rest. Thanks to reader Mike for the tip.

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So true, I saw a version of this today. To those Jacksons, RIP

mindy1 on July 8, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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