March 27, 2007, - 12:35 pm

Shame on You, Gen. Holmes: Top CENTCOM Official Fetes Extremist Muslims

By Debbie Schlussel
Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has a Latin sign on his desk, “Illegitimus Non Carborundum“–Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down. The guys running Central Command probably subscribe to a different version: Get Down and Kiss the Bastards’ Asses.
Yesterday, cheap David Letterman look-alike and Miami Vice-wardrobed Brigadier General Robert Holmes–one of the top Generals at Central Command–gushed over Muslim Arab extremists he met with in Dearbornistan. And you–the American taxpayer–paid for the trip.


No, This Joker Ain’t Letterman. He’s . . .

Brigadier General Robert Holmes, CENTCOM’s Chief Islamist Ass-Kisser

According to the Detroit Free Press, Holmes, the deputy director of operations with U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) claimed:

It’s very important that we involve Arab Americans. Arab Americans play a huge role today, and play a very important role in where we have got to go.

But Holmes didn’t meet with Christian Arab leaders in town. Instead, he carefully chose only the most extremist Muslim Arabs in town–the ones who openly endorse terrorist groups and homicide bombings.
Brig. Gen. Holmes met with Osama Siblani–publisher of the anti-Semitic, anti-American Arab American News–and even visited the AAN’s offices. But Siblani’s paper openly praises Hezbollah–including its murder of over 300 U.S. Marines and officials in Beirut in 1983–and HAMAS–including its homicide bombings. Siblani has openly praised “the Hezbollah martyrs” and delivered prayers for them at rallies throughout Dearbornistan, this summer. His Arab-American PAC (of which he is President) featured an officer who sent me death threats and denied the Holocaust. He refused to denounce or condemn her comments.
Holmes also met with FBI award revokee Imad Hamad, a “former” Islamic terrorist who endorses Palestinian TV broadcasts urging 3-year-olds to become homicide bombers. Hamad is involved with an Islamic charity, raided by the U.S. military and the FBI, because it is believed to be funding insurgent terrorists who are murdering our troops (and Iraqi civilians).
And Holmes met with Abed Hammoud, another man who openly praises Hezbollah and HAMAS homicide bombings and activities and compares Jews to Nazis. And he met with Nasser Beydoun–yet another open Hezbollah supporter–who is on the small board of a charity with a man involved in a financial web funding Hezbollah. The charity, which ostensibly sends money to Lebanon for legitimate purposes is under investigation. Beydoun organized an Arab economic conference featuring a business believed to have financed the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa.
Holmes told all of these exremists he wants to “work with [them].” That’s frightening, but the same loser path virtually all of our lazy, PC top officials in all aspects of government have been taking.
And Holmes must have really kissed the asses of Siblani, Hamad, Hammoud, and Beydoun. They gushed over him, which they rarely do regarding U.S. officials:

“He was really reaching out,” said Siblani. “It reflects a new, positive attitude of the U.S. armed forces.” . . .
“It was the type of dialogue we like to see,” Hamad said.

If terrorist supporters and a “former” terrorist liked Brig. Gen. Holmes’ words, that should be a hint to the rest of us that whatever he said isn’t good for America.
Detroit Free Press resident Islamist reporter, Niraj Warikoo, predictably didn’t bother to ask Brig. Gen. Holmes why he didn’t meet with, say, Maronite Christian Arab leaders and other Arabs in town who don’t have wet dreams over terrorists. He didn’t ask the Brigadier General why he’s meeting with the most extremist Muslim Arabs he can find in Detroit.
When our top generals overseeing our military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere openly lick the boots of our worst enemies within–all in the name of a phony “outreach”–we shouldn’t be surprised that we’re losing all over the world.
When you kiss the asses of your enemies, you get spanked (and worse). Apparently, they need to change the name of Central Command to Central Pander.
BTW, since I know many top officials at CENTCOM read this site, please kindly send this piece to your friend, Brig. Gen. Holmes. He needs a dressing down.

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