October 7, 2005, - 2:09 pm

Robin Baker: Finally, An Immigration (ICE) Official We Can Applaud

It’s rare, these days, that I praise management officials of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Some are incompetent. Some are dishonest. And some are (or soon will be).
Worst of all, several–ie., a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz”–are shameless panderers to Islamists and “former” terrorists like (an FBI award revokee), to the point of shutting down all investigations involving their communities.
But all is not lost, apparently.

Baker: Finally, an ICE Official Stands Up to Hamadafat

Now comes news that there is an ICE official who does not wither away when it comes to enforcing immigration laws: Robin F. Baker, who heads ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) for Michigan and Ohio. In the heart of Islamic America, it appears that Robin Baker is willing to actually do his job, instead of pandering to the loud forces of radical Islam in the community, including “former” terrorist Hamad.
Baker’s agents arrested and then deported Mosbah Mahmoud Zahr, a Muslim Lebanese man convicted of cocaine possession, who was ordered deported nearly FIFTEEN(!) years ago. But, the press and the Islamic leadership–who claim they are “law-abiding”–have painted Baker as the villain for the unspeakable crime of enforcing the law.
Despite the fact that Zahr was here illegally and had no right to be here, the usual whining, bitching, and moaning of “former” terrorist Hamad filled the sympathetic pages of The Detroit News, this week. Hamad complained that Zahr now has a family–just as Hamad’s own lawyer whined when Hamad was supposed to be deported (but Janet Reno and Bill Clinton gave up fighting and allowed him to stay and become a citizen). The News treated us to several pics of Zahr’s hijab-encrusted, bawling family.
But here’s a tip to illegal immigrants: If you care so much about women and children, don’t marry them and have them (respectively). And don’t do coke and commit crimes. And here’s a word to the women who marry illegal immigrants and have kids with them: Tough! You got what you deserve. Many illegal immigrants marry and have kids, then try to use them and their unfortunate U.S. citizenship as an excuse to stay here–a reason why we should have laws here like they have in Britain (where parents must be British citizens for the offspring to get citizenship).
Baker’s office fought to deport Roger Ebert’s favorite Islamic terrorist, –a case which the Detroit U.S. Attorney’s office and the Justice Department later lost.
To his credit, I note that Baker was also NOT present at the recent, outrageous pandering “Town hall” meeting I attended at the . The other ICE official in town–Abu Moskowitz–was, along with a complete retinue of servile underlings.
ICE agents tell me that being a DRO Field Office Director, as is Baker, is tough work. “The rank and file DRO officers are the Log Dogs. They really are good people who work their butts off trying to keep America safe and who take out the garbage,” one agent, who lauded Baker, wrote me. “They deserve better.”
Yes, they do. And I applaud them–men like Rob Baker–for fighting the good fight and standing up to the pressures of those like Hamad who support our enemies.
They are the front lines in keeping our country safe from the cancerous invasion of illegal immigrants and the incompetent Homeland Security and ICE “leadership” who do nothing to stop it.

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Rob Baker is a good guy and dedicated federal official. However, the Parlak case was investigated by Moskowitz’s agents, and they were the ones that arrested him. Normally, ICE DRO only steps in after the individuals are placed into their custody by ICE OI. Their main repsonsibility is the detention and removal of aliens ordered deported.
Also, Parlak’s case was not prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. ICE has its own Counsel’s office that handle these cases.

pilgrim on October 7, 2005 at 4:09 pm

I followed the Parlak case very closely (and wrote a column about it linked above), and you are not correct. To wit, while ICE has its own attorneys that handle deportation issues, Parlak’s attorneys filed a habeas corpus petition, and those are, unfortunately, handled by the incompetent U.S. Attorney’s office. The Parlak petition, before Judge Avern Cohn, was handled by the USA’s office–and lost by them. Until that point, Mark Jebson, the ICE attorney had won at every step of the way in Immigration Court. As for whose agents arrested Parlak, big deal. That doesn’t mean Moskowitz took the initiative on it or had anything to do with it. Instead, the agents deserve the credit. It was Baker who took the heat in intense media scrutiny over Parlak, not Abu Moskowitz. In any case, there would be many more illegal Muslims being deported if a non-tainted individual were the ICE SAIC here instead of Islamist-cooptee Brian “Abu” Moskowitz. Under his aegis, DRO appears to be picking up illegals like Zahr, whose fate was decreed pre-Moskowitz–and which he cannot stop. I can tell you that current investigations into Muslim illegals have been all but shut down by Abu Moskowitz. The numbers bear this out, and I wrote a blogpost about that: During Moskowitz’s time in Michigan and Ohio, thus far, more than 75% of deportees are Latino, in the heart of Islamic America.
Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel on October 7, 2005 at 4:29 pm

Parlak – 2 separate issues. The habeaus dealt with his continued detention during the pendency of his appeal of the deportation order. It has nothing to do with the case in chief, in which he was ordered deported by the Immigration Judge for his immigration violations.
ICE DRO fugitive squads only go after those individuals who were ordered deported and failed to appear for their removal. The DRO fugitive squads are comprised of Deportation Officers, not Agents. All of DRO’s cases stem from arrests made by other agencies (mainly ICE investigations and Border Patrol, although some from CBP Inspections). Parlak was investigated and arrested by ICE Office of Investigations. That is what started the deportation process.
W/regard to Moskowitz, never seen a case that he shut down relating any type of illegals, including Muslims. Think you have some bad sources that have personal agendas.

pilgrim on October 7, 2005 at 5:28 pm

“But here’s a tip to illegal immigrants: If you care so much about women and children, don’t marry them and have them (respectively). And don’t do coke and commit crimes. And here’s a word to the women who marry illegal immigrants and have kids with them: Tough! You got what you deserve. Many illegal immigrants marry and have kids–a reason why we should have laws here like they have in Britain (where parents must be British citizens for the offspring to get citizenship).”
I agree! If Baker reads this, find out where http://www.aikoaiko.net is, deport her now for going on the Howard Stern Show to ask a man to marry her so that she could get a green card! Deport that Korean whore (Korean?) Yup she is.

KOAJaps on October 7, 2005 at 10:33 pm

I don’t want to get into a running debate with you. You are obviously one of Abu Moskowitz’s agents, but you are dead wrong about a few things:
1) The U.S. Attorney’s loss of the habeas case made it so that the Parlak appeal of the Immigration Court decision to deport him will now take years (instead of being expedited), and he will be much more likely allowed to stay. So it is, indeed, significant–not “unrelated,” as you claim–that the USA’s office LOST the habeas petition decision to allow Parlak released from prison. Read all the articles about it. Immigration legal experts (and I am an attorney) are all quoted as agreeing with me that the Parlak appeal will now take years b/c of the habeas loss.
2)You apparently have not been reading this site closely. We have documented the many instances and cases in which Abu Moskowitz has avoided and even shut down investigations into Islamic America. Why, a week ago, when the agents did a round-up of illegals, was Dearborn deliberately avoided? Why were only female Latinas picked up, no Muslims? Why did Abu Moskowitz target Chinese restaurants, looking for illegal workers? Are you saying there are NO illegals at Middle Eastern restaurants in Dearborn? Dream on. Speaking of restaurants, why did Abu Moskowitz not investigate La Shish restaurant, instead of constantly dining there with ICE and DHS officials and his Islamist buddies? Why did it take an IRS raid to get some leadership on that issue? You did not answer my point, above, about the disproportionate numbers of Latinos deported versus very few Mid-Easterners. The Wall Street Journal reported several months ago that targeting Hawalas (Islamic money laundering systems) is an ICE priority nationwide and cited raids and prosecutions of illegal Hawalas in every region, but for the two states under Abu Moskowitz’s hegemony. Why is that? Gee, before Abu Moskowitz got to town, there were some very prominent raids of known Hawalas. Nothing now that he’s here.
I know of a lot more, but I will not be baited into revealing it. Abu Moskowitz’s too-close-for-comfort relationship with “former” terrorist Imad Hamad, as well as his association with similar others I specifically know of, is a disgrace and it has made the Muslim community here expressly off-limits, by his and his cronies’ design.

Debbie Schlussel on October 8, 2005 at 8:57 pm

W/regard to #1, I never said they were unrelated as you indicated I did, I said they were separate. Two different judicial bodies making two completely separate decisions on completely difference issues. Did the govt. lose the habeas? Certainly, but in your first post about this issue, you said, with regard to the Parlak case “the Detroit U.S. Attorney’s office and the Justice Department later lost”. They did not lose the case in chief (or even litigate it, for that matter), although you are right that this will definitely slow down the deportation appeal process. However, I think your outrage is misplaced – should be against the judges of the 6th Circuit, not the US Atty.’s office. If you have any left over, take on the Executive Office of Immigration Review which allows cases such as this to languish for years. Do some research into that and see what a sham it is.
#2 – If “documented” to you means sweeping generalizations and alleged insider info that contains no specifics, then yes, you have done a fine job of documentating Moskowitz’s work. However, I still have yet to see you mention a case that Moskowitz shut down. If you have credible info of ongoing criminal activity, then as a true American, I assume you have forwarded it to ICE for investigation.
I did see this case in the paper this week, but I guess you were too busy to mention it.
3 plead guilty in Zig-Zag papers plot, October 6, 2005, BY DAVID ASHENFELTER, Detroit Free Press

pilgrim on October 9, 2005 at 3:48 pm

So basically, you took three long posts to “deny” but basically admit that I was right. As I said before, the US Atty’s office LOST the case. At every step of the way ’til then, ICE lawyer Mark Jebson won. Case closed.
As for the rest, wrong again. The article you cite was based on PRE-Abu Moskowitz work, and much of it in Dallas. (I am deleting the article by Ashenfelter and posting the link. We discourage full articles here–unless written by me–for several good reasons.)
Show me something significant initiated under HIS (Abu Moskowitz’s) watch in the Islamic community. We’re all still waiting with baited breath. I’ve given plenty of specifics, as many specifics as I care to give here at this time–b/c as I’ve said above, I won’t be baited into telling more. When the timing is right I will. You have not answered any questions about the facts, figures, stats, restaurants, etc. I’ve raised above, because you can’t. There’s no legit answer.
If there weren’t anything to my comments–and there’s quite a bit to them (he and I both know that, and I think you do to; thou doth protest too much)–Abu Moskowitz wouldn’t have wasted a whole day and taxpayer funds to hold a “unify the agents against Debbie with hot dogs and burgers” picnic, which didn’t work incidentally (except maybe with you).
Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel on October 9, 2005 at 7:30 pm

How hard is it to find illegals and deport them? I can pinpoint them in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Sheesh!

KOAJaps on October 9, 2005 at 11:48 pm

An Immigration Official to Applaud

“It’s rare, these days, that I praise management officials of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Some are incompetent. Some are…

Stein Report on October 11, 2005 at 10:52 am

Hard to have a rational discussion when one party refuses to accept facts. The U.S. Atty did not lose the Parlak case. They lost a motion relating to the case. Parlak has been ordered deported, and that appeal is pending before the BIA.
W/regard to the picnic, someone is selling you a line of goods. Moskowitz spoke for probably an hour, and you maybe got 20 seconds of mention.
W/regard to cases, here are a few that I pulled off the ICE website. Hard to imagine what you will have to complain about with regard to these cases, but I’m sure you’ll find something.
News Release
April 18, 2005
March 10, 2005

pilgrim on October 11, 2005 at 5:37 pm

“pilgrim” or Moskowitz or Mick or Matt or whoever you are (b/c we know you’re not just any agent):
We’ve taken down your full article posts, b/c as we said we discourage that. We will respond after the holiday to each of those. In the meantime, here’s what one agent wrote about the picnic, which echos what many others also said in response to you:
“His comments about the picnic are incorrect. Moskowitz did make a long speech, like Pilgrim mentioned, but you had more than 20 seconds in the spotlight. At the end of his work related speech, he asked “So, does anyone have any questions they would like to ask me?” Dead silence. There were no questions because no one wanted to hear him go on anymore, it was mind-numbing. He is the one who said, “I know there’s got to be some Schlussel questions out there.” Then there was a good 20 minutes of rambling about how you have your facts wrong, but he doesn’t feel he should give you an interview because no matter what he says, you’ll twist it around. He went on about how he has no idea why you singled him out and we shouldn’t feed you information because it will only make the Agency look bad, blah blah blah. WRONG, it will only make Moskowitz look bad, and that’s all he’s concerned about. Then there was his “I have thick skin” bullshit. He went on about how your column doesn’t bother him, and he’s not going to let you get to him.
Looking back at the picnic, it was all a big show. He tried mingling, playing horse-shoes and volleyball with us “common-folk” but you could tell he just wanted to get us on his side. On a normal working day, you’d be lucky if you got a “Hello” from him.”

Debbie Schlussel on October 12, 2005 at 4:44 pm

I could only wish that Los Angeles DRO had the same type of leadership that Mr Baker exudes. In Los Angeles the less education you have and the more trouble you get into, the quicker you rise through the ranks. Its an infestation.

Politically Inept on October 14, 2005 at 12:17 am

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