October 20, 2005, - 10:10 am

Denver Paper Cites Me in Al-Jazeera Grab of American “Talent”

By Debbie Schlussel
Recently, we detailed Al Jazeera’s hiring of American boob and former Marine, Josh Rushing.
The latest American recruited for the Terrorist News Network’s English language propaganda channel is Gabriel Elizondo, a news assignment editor for Denver’s ABC affiliate, KMGH/Channel 7. He will now be a programming producer for the Terrorist New Network. Like the others, Elizondo speaks of “values” and claims it’s about some lofty journalistic career. But I’m sure the bottom line was $$$$, which the Qatari royal family’s endless funds (which exclusively fund Al-Jazeera) effortlessly satisfy. Nobody said the news business was void of whores.


Traitor: Al Jazeera’s new American producer, Gabriel Elizondo

The article about Elizondo in Denver’s weekly “alternative” paper, “Westword,” also quotes me about Rushing and his turn to Al-Jazeera:
” ‘When I’ve been outside the States, people have for the most part had a very positive view of the network,’ he [Elizondo] says.”
“Not so here, where Rushing’s recent media blitz was met with derision by commentators who aren’t buying Al-Jazeera’s recent reputation-softening efforts. Typical was ‘A Marine’s Dishonorable Service for Al-Jazeera,’ an October 7 Front Page Magazine piece in which scribe Debbie Schlussel called Rushing ‘a bigger boob than Anna Nicole Smith’s entire chest combined,’ and pointed out that onetime Al-Jazeera correspondent Taysir Alluni had recently been convicted in Spain of, in her words, ‘financing, recruiting and logistically supporting Al Qaeda.’ Al-Jazeera stands behind Alluni and has announced plans to appeal the verdict.”
Elizondo told “Westword” that, under him, “We’re [Al-Jazeera] going to offer a truly 360-degree view of the world.”
Yes, 360 degrees of Bin Laden.

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