May 25, 2014, - 11:07 pm

Anti-American PBS’ Phony Memorial Day Patriotism . . . Again

By Debbie Schlussel

So, as I begin to write this, it is the eve of Memorial Day 2014, when America remembers (or is supposed to remember) those who made the ultimate sacrifice: our military men (and women–though it’s mostly men) who gave their lives in service to America. And PBS a/k/a Palestinian Broadcasting System is at it again with its twice-a-year phony patriotism. The tax-funded network’s Memorial Day concert is running for the second consecutive time tonight. I write about this almost every year, and the chutzpah of this anti-American network never fades.


Wait . . . isn’t this the same network that just last week or the week before ran a BBC “documentary” against America, Israel, and the UK, claiming that the efforts of all three to combat Islamic terrorism were just phony? Yup, same network. Same network that, tonight during the concert, cited 9/11, showed a picture of the towers being attacked, and mourned the fallen in “the War on Terror,” but last week or the week before was attacking the successful prosecution of the Duka Family, members of which plotted to shoot up Fort Dix, posing as pizza deliverymen. I watched that documentary with disgust from beginning to end, knowing that while PBS broadcasts this anti-American, pro-terrorist hate parading as “news” 363 nights of the year, the network will pull at your and my heartstrings tonight and on Independence Day, pretending the place is American Patriotism Central. It ain’t.

The same network that constantly pimps us on Islam and presents Muslim extremists on our own soil as “moderates”? Yup, same network. It promotes the cause of the Islamic terrorists around the world on our own soil, then purports to remember the shortened lives of those who died fighting those same Islamic terrorists and/or their equivalents in a previous generation.

I understand that actors Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna–who host this event now in its 25th hypocritical year–are truly patriots and really do care about the wounded soldiers and the falled we will remember tomorrow. But not everyone on stage at this concert necessarily feels the same way. Why, isn’t that Jackie Evancho singing “God Bless America” on stage? Hey, the same actress who just recently acted in “The Company You Keep,” the Robert Redford movie that glorified the Weather Underground–the domestic terrorist group that murdered people and protested against and spit on our Vietnam soldiers? Yup, same chick. What the hell was she doing on stage? And why does no one call her out for these choices, or at least call out her meal ticket holder parents? This chick, Ms. Evancho, is Jane-Fonda-in-development.

And then there’s that opportunist schmuck Colin Powell on the stage. Yes, he served, and I respect that. But there’s little else to respect about that jerk. And is that another schmuck I spied in the front row–Congressman Eric Cantor, the Republican whip? Eric Cantor, who wants to transform the military men’s deaths into something that was in vain, as he tries to open our borders wide and grant amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens? Same guy. Happy Memorial Day, Eric. To our fallen, and because of people like you, to our country.

And, while there were some touching moments during the PBS concert–heck, it’s Memorial Day, so there always are–it’s a band-aid covering up the crap this anti-American network broadcasts most nights of the year. Like lipstick on a pig. In this case, the lipstick is red, white, and blue, but the pick is still not kosher. Again, this is the network that attacks our valiant soldiers and their efforts. It sides with our sworn enemies, Islamic terrorists and so on–serving up apologist crap regularly.

Don’t be fooled by PBS’ patriotic broadcast tonight. If the network actually gave a crap about America’s fallen soldiers, it would stop urinating on their graves the rest of the year via its programming.

So, now, as I finish writing this, the PBS Memorial Day concert is over . . . and an anti-American documentary about the 1967 graduating class at West Point and the Vietnam War is beginning. G-d Bless the veterans on this special, one of whom lost his leg in Vietnam. But, really, this is what I’m talking about: West Point sucks, America sucks, the Vietnam War sucks, some of the men were so depressed, they lost everything. One lost his wife to divorce, another his fiancee–and he was so depressed he didn’t return to America.

In some respects, the documentary is important, because it documents how horribly these men were treated when they got home. (My late father was drafted out of medical school to serve in the Army during Vietnam, and he always gave Vietnam Vets free medical treatment because he was so rightly disgusted at how they were treated.) It shows the men’s sacrifices in life (again, many lost everything), and the horrors they saw. Some cry over the men they lost, and that is poignant. But, damn, this sure reeks of something I’d see on Al-Jazeera’s “American” broadcast. Ominous music plays the entire time, even as their time at West Point is being described and denigrated. Thirty men from this class–the Class of 1967 at West Point–were killed in Vietnam. I’m not quite sure this was the way to remember them.

Now, that documentary has ended, and another Vietnam anti-American special is on PBS (paid for by the Ho Chunk and Oneida Nations?!–yes, the American Indians were very anti-war). Wow. I see a pattern here, don’t you? It’s as if the network wants you to think all deaths of American military men were in vain. Well, guess what? They were not in vain, and in most American Wars, the deaths were for a noble cause–whether it was independence from the British, maintaining a union, or fighting the Nazis. These men were good men fighting the good fight.

If you really want to learn about America’s fallen and mourn and celebrate them, visit a military cemetery, read a book, talk to a military veteran who survived combat while many of his buddies did not. And forget PBS. The way the network “reports” on our wars and, through that “reporting,” the efforts of our fallen heroes shows little respect for these perished souls the rest of the year.

The ghosts of America’s fallen military men and women are crying out and wondering why this network is still funded by your tax dollars.

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9 Responses

Funny you should say ghosts in your last sentence, Debbie. I still can’t afford TV service down here on the farm, and thank The Lord I’m still able to eat well while spending about four bucks a day average at the supermarket. I know you have no choice, because it’s your job to report on this stuff. But for me, PBS stands for Phantom Broadcasting System, as in, even if I had TV service, they still wouldn’t exist to me. And when I am in the presence of TV, I always go right past them on the remote.

Shame on Amerika, for paying a single dollar to this overhyped, overrated, overblown fraud of a “network.” Hey, overblown, like the non-kosher pig Debbie mentioned. Hey PBS, you’re like a pig, ready for the slaughter. Why don’t you make like a tree, . . .

and leave (the airwaves)?

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on May 26, 2014 at 1:37 am

I remember when the Republican Party would make a pretense of defunding PBS, even if they didn’t mean it. They at least acknowledged verbally that this network was just another liberal conduit.

Now, Eric Cantor is sitting in the front row, and there is no talk of defunding.

Little Al on May 26, 2014 at 2:43 am

    And I wonder whether Cantor would have been there if he were not facing a tough primary from a conservative challenger in a couple of weeks.

    Little Al on May 26, 2014 at 8:19 am

Putrid Balkanizing Subversives

DS_ROCKS! on May 26, 2014 at 6:10 am


Can always count on you to bring us the truth.

Ed on May 26, 2014 at 6:49 am

hey DS

thank you.

HK on May 26, 2014 at 10:09 am

BBC has lots of goodies in store for the US. This is partly what their media blanket has been able to accomplish in the UK.

Frankz on May 26, 2014 at 12:56 pm

PUBLIC Broadcasting System.

You’re an attorney. Have we decided that all copyright for works that the PUBLIC funds have developed belong to leftists? It would seem to me that it would be a simple pull to say that any organization that takes public money for broadcasting is broadcasting PUBLIC information. UN-copyrighted.

Think how that would affect Bill Moyers income. Think how it would affect their ability to get content.

SenatorMark4 on May 26, 2014 at 2:08 pm

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