November 11, 2005, - 12:15 am

Update on Thursday’s Extensive Rush Limbaugh Mentions of Me and This Site

I mentioned, Thursday, that Rush Limbaugh–on his nationally syndicated radio show–. (It should be noted that not only did David Cole represent members of the Al-Arian family of Islamic Jihad terror clan, including Al-Arian and his bro-in-law, Mazen Al-Najjar, but he has represented a series of extremist Muslims and “accused” terrorists.)
Here’s the transcript as posted on (they posted my pic and a link to this site–THANKS, Rush & Rush’s Webmaster!):
RUSH: Stop right there. That’s the point, because my memory is true Zarqawi is Jordanian. In fact, Debbie Schlussel tells me that Zarqawi is Jordanian Palestinian, a Jordanian Palestinian — one of the 70% of the population that Rockefeller is so concerned about.
RUSH: Debbie Schlussel just sent me a note. This sound bite we played from David Cole, the Georgetown University law professor, in which he said basically it’s the way we responded to 9/11 that made the world hate us. Debbie Schlussel tells me that this man was once Sami Al-Arian’s attorney. The name Sami Al-Arian ring a bell? They just had closing arguments in his trial yesterday in Tampa. This was a computer professor at a Florida University who was undercover working as a fund-raiser and leader in this country of the Islamic Jihad.

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Rush is great but I think you need to do all of his research from now on. His team should have been on top of this as you were.

Thee_Bruno on November 11, 2005 at 9:07 am

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