December 1, 2015, - 1:58 pm

The GOP Will Try to Screw Trump Out of Nomination: Here’s How It Goes Down

By Debbie Schlussel


Donald Trump will probably win the vast majority of delegates in state Republican primaries and caucuses. So, GOP establishment types have a plan: to screw him out the nomination. And here’s how they’re gonna do it.

Trump has led in the national polls consistently for over six months. That isn’t going to change, unless someone finds a dead body and he’s holding the bloody knife. Even if that happens, his supporters probably still won’t care. I’ve been saying for months now that I believe Donald Trump will be the Republican Party nominee and that he will lose the Presidential election to Hillary because the Democrat party will engage in their usual sleaze and fraud by getting all the dead people, illegal aliens, and other ineligible ghosts to vote, and by engaging in other smoke and mirrors with election night vote-counting, absentee ballots, and the like.

But I believe the real race for the Republican nomination will happen at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. This is why I believe John Ellis Bush Bush a/k/a Jeb Bush is staying in the race. Normally at this stage, a loser like that, who never picked up steam and keeps deflating would get some class and drop out, admitting it’s over for him. But despite his blue blood, noblesse oblige upbringing, he has as much class and dignity as a street fighter on crack (ditto for the rest of the pretentious Bush family–remember, Prescott Bush did biz with Hitler). Jeb’s thinking like Leslie Gore. “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to . . . when I want to.” Bush was the frontrunner at the beginning of the race before Trump entered and was the prettier girl at the party, taking all the attention away. And all of the GOP establishment donors bet the house on him, donating big bucks. This has enabled his campaign to stay afloat, where others were forced to drop out. And he’s laid off enough staff and done enough to just stay afloat until the convention.

And that’s where the plan will be hatched. Unlike the Democrat Party, the Republican Party doesn’t have superdelegates who can swing it for Bush. But it does have an equivalent: each state has at least three “unpledged” delegates, delegates that are usually the Republican State Chairman (I hate that word, “Chair” but the RNC is as PC as the Dems) and the two Republican National Committee members. Those are mostly Bush establishment types. For example, Michigan’s Republican Party chief is an inexperienced liberal RINO chick who got the job because she exited the right vaginal canal. Ronna Romney McDaniel is the niece of Mitt Romney. Her mother is Ronna Romnehy, the anti-Semitic, slutty gold-digger who was once married to Scott Romney (her father), the liberal Republican, pro-abortion brother of Mitt. Ronna Junior is in the tank for Jeb. And so are most of her ilk. That’s 150 delegates who can and will mostly vote against Trump when this goes to the convention. And I predict it will.

This won’t be one of the typical Republican conventions in which the liberal establishment and the media accept Donald Trump as the nominee. They will fight tooth and nail to deny him. He knows that, and it’s why he’s backing away from his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. And while Trump is leading in the polls, he generally is getting between 30 and 40 percent of those polls. Who is getting the rest? Other GOP candidates and “nobody/unsure.” As the field narrows, John Kasich and HAMAS Chris ChrispieCreme will have to quit the race. They don’t have Jeb’s financial reserves. They will pledge their delegates to Bush or Senate Amnesty-Pimp Marco Boobio Rubio. And the GOP establishment will try to get the “unsure” and “I don’t know” delegates to vote for Bush or Rubio.

And then there are other delegates. Just because you are elected a “Trump delegate,” doesn’t mean you are required to vote that way at the convention. And there will be some fakes: pretenders who pretend to be Trumpians but turn traitor at the convention. Then, there are the Trump delegates who get picked off by promises from GOP insiders. Remember, politics is the business of whores and pimps, even on the Republican side of the aisle. Maybe, especially on the GOP side of the aisle.

And the GOP has a bad habit of giving delegate positions to officeholders, who generally tend to be establishment RINOs. For instance, conservative pretender Bill Schuette, who is Michigan’s Attorney General and poses as a Tea Party conservative (he is anything but) because he wants to be Governor and believes he’ll be President (it’ll never happen). If he were such a right-winger, why did he endorse Jeb, even while Jeb was sinking like a rock? Check out Schuette’s voting record as a Congressman. He was one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress and one of the few GOP Members of the House to oppose Ronald Reagan on aid to the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters. Yup, Schuette was on the side of the brutal, anti-Semitic, Soviet-sponsored Sandinista Marxists (and when he campaigned for Attorney General, he proudly held a fundraiser with Hezbollah agents and supporters in Dearbornistan). He’ll be a GOP delegate, and he’ll vote for Bush. There are many other GOP officeholders like him who will vote for Bush on the first ballot, and the second one. Yes, I think there will be multiple ballots on this thing . . . even if–no, even when–Donald Trump cleans up on Super Tuesday.

The GOP establishment is not going to give up on this thing. And if there’s a way they can screw Donald Trump out of the nomination at the Quicken Loans Arena in mid-July, they’ll do it. That’ll be a huge mistake because Trump supporters will rightly feel robbed, and they’ll stay home on election day. And the GOP, which is so concerned about reaching minorities, will have screwed over the candidate who most appeals to Blacks, Hispanics, women, and others: Trump. So, good luck with that, RINO establishment gang-bangers.

We know the GOP is going to try to rob Trump. The question is, what will Trump do to stave them off? We know he won’t go quietly and he never wimps out on a fight. That’s what makes him one of the most attractive candidates for Prez.