June 14, 2016, - 10:45 am

VIDEO: Homeland Chief Pimps Gun Control – “Now Part of Homeland Security”; Wants to Kiss More Muslim Ass; Samantha Bee Piles On

By Debbie Schlussel



So, because Homeland Security chief Jeh (small) Johnson is a TOTAL FAILURE and he and the FBI haven’t done squat to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks on America (San Bernardino, Orlando, etc.), he’s now blaming it on guns–the usual, predictable bete noir and fall guy for the left when they refuse to deal with the real problem: ISLAM. Oh, and he wants to take your guns away. He said that gun control is “now part of Homeland Security,” which is funny ‘cuz, homeland security doesn’t seem to be part of Homeland Security.

Today, on “CBS This Morning,” Johnson let America know that he wants to take your guns, at the prompting of Oprah’s lover Gayle King (a multi-millionairess who lives in a very secure fancy Manhattan apartment with a doorman and works on the secure CBS News set, so she doesn’t need a gun). And Johnson wants to kiss more Muslim ass (not take Muslims’ guns away–just yours):

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When Jeh Johnson actually stops kissing Muslim ass and decides to stop MUSLIMS from owning guns, rather than the rest of us, then pigs will fly. They are not going to stop the Omar Mateens of America from getting guns. Just you. Muslims’ rights trump yours. This is just an excuse for more gun control. I’m all for stopping Muslims who are on the terrorist watch list from getting guns (the NRA boneheadedly opposes this, BTW – it’s dominated by board member and jihadist Muslim Grover Norquist). But that’s not what they’ll do. They’ll just stop you and apply added gun control measures for us all. And continue to allow the Omar Mateens to be armed.

Attention, Jeh Johnson: the problem here–the problem in Orlando, in San Bernardino, in Fort Hood, at the World Trade Center, at the military recruiting center in Arkansas, etc., ad nauseam–is ISLAM. Not guns. But Islam. Period.

(And, no, not the fraudulent euphemism Donald Trump insists on using while hypocritically calling Hillary Clinton out. It’s not “radical Islamist terrorism.” It’s just Islam, stupid. Islam is radical and there is no “Islamism,” a euphemism for phonies who refuse to call out the actual problem: Islam.)

Until and unless stopping Muslims from owning guns–which we’ll never do–is the policy, the problem won’t be fixed. And until and unless we stop Muslim immigration and deport those who are here–which, again, we will never do (Donald Trump’s phony pronouncements aside).


By the way, that idiot Samantha Bee, formerly of “The Daily Show” ranted for gun control on her unwatched late night show on one of the cable channels and all of the left is applauding. She said, yes, I do want to “take your guns away!” (Bee once interviewed me and tried–and failed–to make me look like a fool on The Daily Show. She spent two hours trying. She’s not funny . . . at all, but is a legend in her own mind.)

Bee is now extremely wealthy (in addition to her late night show, she and her husband also own (“produce”) a cable TV show, “Angie Tribeca,” starring Rashida Jones). And she lives in a fancy Manhattan apartment complete with top-notch security and a doorman. She also, you can bet, has strict security on the sets of her two TV shows. But she wants to take your guns, you sniveling little people without a fancy Manhattan set-up and money galore.

Yup, another mindless, elitist limousine liberal. So hackneyed. So common. So tired. Yaaaaawn.


One other thing: only one guy, an off-duty cop working security or something like that, had a gun at Pulse when it was attacked. Imagine if many more people at Pulse were armed. A lot fewer people probably would have died.

In Michigan, bars and clubs like that are zones where concealed guns are prohibited. Which means that people at those places are sitting ducks. We don’t need to make it harder for people to arm themselves. We need to make it easier.

Guys like Omar Mateen will always get their hands on weapons. We need to be able to respond in kind and defend ourselves from their jihad.

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The Middle East with its young and fairly well-educated population is poised to become a major economic powerhouse.The country is undoubtedly changing. As a along-term expatriate , I find myself getting irritated by the way that the kingdom is often misrepresented by Western mainstream journalism and television news. It gets little coverage except when there is a bad news story. This country has a lot of advantages you only hear about after living here. God bless the Saudi Government.

You should be ashamed of your self you are not qualified to judge.
It is not your right to verbally attacking Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is a strong country,imust point out to you that you have narrow political insight and a failed writer .

You do not have credibility when writing about people you do not know anything about them and recklessness when you describe them.
Saudis never said any thing about the American people or the American government, and this is proof that our government and our people have manners and morals that you do not have.

Many Westerners have delusions of superiority based on a highly manipulated education and self serving biased history. Not everything is written in a book yet they persist with believing it is and they remain the Wisest of the Wise.

Some like to dress up and put on a jolly good show with music and lights, but only in a comfortable environment (theatre). This is not the real world.

Don’t worry, they could never sell Sand to the Arabs, Oil to Greece and Snow to the Poles.

would like to give you the good news that the amount of potential Gold and minerals that was found in KSA dwarfs what they have in oil. They just do not want to touch it now. ???? Eat your heart out. here is the link for you.
KSA targets mega deals in key Silicon Valley talks


ali on June 20, 2016 at 12:49 am

So, the government can put your name on a list and you’re denied your 2nd Amendment rights. Why not deny prepare lists that deny people their 1st Amendment rights, including the right of freedom of the press (watch out NY Times and NBC) or a person’s right to vote? Once your name is on that no fly list, it is very difficult to get your name off of it. So much for due process. Johnson, Obama, Lynch, most Democrats and some RINO’s such as Pat Toomey want to take away your right of due process and your Second Amendment rights.

Concerned Citizen on June 20, 2016 at 11:06 pm

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