April 7, 2021, - 4:57 pm

The Truth on 60 Mins v. Ron DeSantis, Liberal Morons Trust the Science of HS Grad Morgan Freeman, Pastor Strikes Back @ COVID Nazis, Jill Biden’s 80s Hooker Outfit, Why You Shouldn’t Cheer Job-Killing Leftist Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy – #NoFilter With Debbie TV Show VIDEO

By Debbie Schlussel

Video evidence refuting “60 Minutes” hit piece on Ron DeSantis. Gretchen Whitmer’s mandates and lockdowns did WHAT?! Even the NYTimes reports these shocking statistics. Liberal Morons TRUST THE SCIENCE(?) from high school grad Dr. Morgan Freeman. Spirit Airlines COVID-hysterical flight attendant gets his comeuppance. Pastor strikes back at COVID Nazi police. Why you shouldn’t watch Job-Killing leftist Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy. Watch video of this latest, yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) episode of my TV show “No Filter With Debbie” on BEK News Channel, below, for that and other interesting commentary, news, stories, video, and other information you won’t find anywhere else . . . .

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2 Responses

Rich hypocrite lefty Cher only has a junior high diploma – and an arrest record. Google it.

And millions of Twitter followers who read her profanity-laced Tweets.

John on April 7, 2021 at 9:13 pm

Debbie I love your videos on YouTube from your No Filter TV show. Your show is both entertaining and informative. The segments that got my attention the most is Aaron Rodgers’ very boring hosting on my once favorite show Jeopardy. He has the charisma of a rock and should just stick to passing a football. Also I liked Morgan Freeman ever since he was Easy Reader in the Electric Company and most of his movies are very good. Like you however, I will not take medical advice from him or Hollywood morons like Cher. Keep up the good work Debbie as I now have found my new favor YT channel.

Ken B on April 12, 2021 at 10:21 am

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