Debbie Schlussel: WHY?: Bosnian Muslims Give Hero's Send-Off to Trolley Square Terrorist

By Debbie Schlussel

Reader KGS of the excellent and highly recommended Tundra Tabloids alerts me to the press coverage of the Bosnian funeral of Trolley Square Terrorist Sulejman Talovic. It's notable that 300 people, most of them strangers, came to honor this murderer of 5 Americans (who also seriously injured 5 more). And THEY (not the victims's families) forgave Talovic for his mass murder. Sickening.

KGS writes:

I wonder why a funeral for a cold blooded mass murder, would draw over three hundred well wishers who were complete strangers to the family?
Whatever the reason behind his monsterous deed, it still doesn't explain why hundreds of complete strangers turned out to "forgive him".

Why would 300 total strangers attend the funeral of a mass-murderer of innocent Americans? Could there be any reason other than that they think it's great that this man murdered Infidels jihadi-style? I don't know about you, but I don't make it a habit to attend funerals of murderers I don't know . . . just 'cuz.

Wake up, America. These "Religion of Peace" adherents are not peaceful. If the fact that they celebrate a "martyr" en masse anywhere in the world doesn't alert you to this fact, what will? Check out the photos of his funeral. They look like they could be a funeral for a HAMAS homicide bomber.


This is what we get for taking the side of Muslims against Christians in Bosnia. Just love how they thank us. We picked the wrong side. That should be apparent.

More from the Salt Lake Tribune, which oddly makes most of the article about the "horrible violence" against Bosnian Muslims, so I guess that makes it okay if one of them murders and/or seriously injures 10 Americans picking out Valentine's Day cards:

TALOVICI, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Sulejman Talovic, who shot and killed five people at Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City nearly three weeks ago, was buried Saturday in his family's war-ravaged hamlet.
More than 300 people - most of them strangers - paid their respects to his heartbroken parents, who expressed grief and sorrow as well as appreciation for the people of Utah.

Thanking the people of Utah after killing and/or injuring ten of them. Well, Thank Heaven for small favors.

Before the casket was taken to the cemetery, lead imam Sulejman Sulejmanovic asked all the gathered women if they would "halaliti" (forgive) all of Sulejman's sins before he departed to another world. By tradition, the question was repeated three times, and the women forgave Sulejman. . . .

No, Halaliti actually means "permit" or "permissible" or "I permit."

After the prayers led by three imams, the question: "Are we going to forgive?" was repeated three more times.

"He is forgiven!" said the men gathered.

"Only great Allah knows why Sulejman Talovic did this," Sulejmanovic said.

Yup, I'm sure Allah knows. But we know, too.

Posted by Debbie on March 7, 2007 10:19 AM to Debbie Schlussel