Debbie Schlussel: Mein Fuhrer, Media Matters: Thanks, Keith Olbermann and Nazi George Soros

By Debbie Schlussel

Yesterday, Keith Olbermann--MSNBC resident uber-left crank and bizarro--picked me for the bronze for his daily "Worst Person in the World Award." Damn--Only bronze?

Yes, with all the terrorists, murderers, and assorted other malefactors in the world, I am the third worst person in the world. As usual, the nutty, angry Olby's got his priorities and sense of proportion straight. Well, at least, his puppet masters at the aprocryphally named, far-left "Media Matter for America" have their priorities straight. When they say jump, Olbermann asks "how low." (And FYI, in case you haven't heard, there are all kinds of rumors that Olbermann stalked then-WNBA player Rebecca Lobo, when she was no longer interested in him. Only a girlie-man would stalk a manly-girl.)

Soros, Olbermann: Nazis 'R' Us
(George Soros Dr. Evil Image from Moonbattery)

Media Matters bragged to the Wall Street Journal that it was responsible for taking down Don Imus. I suppose now that Don Imus is gone, they've assigned the vegan lesbian transsexual "interspecies erotica" devotee they had monitoring the Imus show to monitor my site.

For like the fourth time or so in the last year, yesterday, Media Matters decided to send out a mass conniption, er . . . e-mail attacking me. I'm quadruply honored. More on that later.

But first, a little note on who's behind Media Matters. It's run by David Brock--you know, the "journalist," who wrote a whole book attacking the Clintons and exposing Clintonesque free love, courtesy of the Arkansas State Troopers. Then, he said he lied and made the whole thing up. Hmmm . . . Interesting that this lying media member is now the self-anointed media watchdog. Hey, David Brock, you can't be a Pitbull, when you've always been a bitch. The same bitch tried to join my "friends" list at my Facebook account. (FYI, he's a close friend of pseudo-conservative Laura Ingraham. You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep.)

Then, there is the funder of Media Matters, billionaire George Soros. As my friend David Horowitz has painstakingly detailed in his book, "The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party," the Jewish Soros is a fake Holocaust survivor, who--instead of "surviving" the Holocaust--helped the Nazis perpetrate it.

Horowitz details how Soros bragged on CBS' "60 Minutes" of helping his adopted father round up Jews to send them to their deaths at the camps and confiscate their property. Before that, he enjoyed his job as a "courier" delivering notices to Jews instructing them to pack up food for a two-day retreat, which was really their round-up for the death camps. He found this "exhilarating."

Yes, this war criminal and proud Jewish Nazi is the money bags behind America's new self-anointed "Media Watchdog."

The first time they attacked me, the folks at Media Matters for attacking Hillary Clinton for doing nothing while Suha Arafat, then the Palestinian first "lady" (I'd call her the Palestinian first artifically-inseminated) spouted off about how Jews infect Palestinians with cancer. The nerve of me to mention one of future Prez Rodham Cankles' most memorable moments.

Then, they got upset when I pointed out B. Hussein Obama's Muslim background and loyalties--all of which have since been borne out in spades. Gee, the chutzpah of someone to point out the loyalties of a man who wants to be President to the Religion of the 19 Hijackers. And since I wrote the piece in question, more and more and more and more has come out about Obama's Muslim background, all of which he keeps trying to cover up.

Then, the Media Matters people got upset that I gave an interview to a Colorado radio station attacking the media for covering up the Muslim background of the Trolley Square terrorist, who murdered several people, execution-style, while they were picking out Valentine's Day cards at a Salt Lake City mall. How dare I point out the Muslim attacks on America. Why, everyone knows the Samoans and Fijians committed 9/11. They're the real security threat to America. Just ask Vijay Singh (he's a native Fijian, and he's always swinging these long dangerous metal sticks at such nice manicured lawns).

And a-day-and-a-half after I speculated who the VTU massacre perpetrator might be--a full day after I corrected the info with updated links and new reports that it was a South Korean student, Media Matters was on my case about that, too. And, in fact, they claimed I reported that the shooter was a Chinese national on a student visa. Uh, no, I didn't report that--I linked to a Chicago Sun-Times report which reported that. Did Media Matters mention that or condemn the Sun-Times or any of the many mainstream media outlets that picked up on that report? Of course, not. It wouldn't fit into their agenda of sliming conservatives.

And, thus, Olby got his latest Reichstag marching orders from "former" Nazi George Soros' regime. Heil Soros!

Best site documenting the freak show that is Olbermann: Olby Watch. Also check Soros Monitor.

Here are some of the e-mails I got from Olby's and Media Matters' enlightened stooge-like (with apologies to Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shemp) followers. Not only are the sponsors of Media Matters Nazi collaborators, but the followers of this "liberal, open-minded" organization are also:


Date: Apr 18, 2007 9:54 AM

Subject: right on, debbie

To: ""

you are sooooo right, debbie. there are waaaay too many immigrants in this country, and this boy is just one more example. we should seal off the borders! enough is enough!

then, we should get rid of the jews. they own the liberal media and have most of the money. they think they're so smart! let them all go to israel. we don't need them here!

you are right on the money. i wish more people would listen to people like you and me!

white power!!! you go, debbie

I guess Nazis are allergic to capital letters.


From: P. Sterrett

Date: Apr 18, 2007 8:42 AM

Subject: VTech Shooter


Since you thought it prudent to bandy about the word "Paki" on your blog, I thought I'd take a few seconds to remind you that no matter how much peroxide you pour on your hair, you're still a big nosed kike.


From: Schnuck

Date: Apr 17, 2007 8:51 AM

Subject: vt


fucking jew.

But my absolute favorite is the one from the kindly Pakistani (not being facetious, his letter was nice . . . for someone from the nation of infidel-killers) who told me I need to go to Pakistan before I can comment on the country--sort of like committing suicide first before you condemn the joys of suicide:

From: Ali Zaki

Date: Apr 17, 2007 4:17 PM

Subject: Why the hate?


Dear Ms. Schlussel,

Reading through your post on the VA shootings, the first thing that came to my mind is "What does she have against Pakistanis?" Being one, I ask, have you ever been to Pakistan? Have you ever met a Pakistani before, in fact? Or do you just condemn an entire population based on clinches and stereotypes. . . .


Ali Zaki

My response:

Don't need to go there to know all about it. Daniel Pearl already went to Pakistan for me.

Posted by Debbie on April 18, 2007 04:55 PM to Debbie Schlussel